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Have you finally bid adieu to high school and are all agog about college? Well, you are definitely excited about so many aspects about college but unfortunately, it is not a merry ride always. College life represents your first step towards adulthood. Making a move from high school to college can be hard, as the change in environment is drastic and you are going to face a sea of new faces & have to start making connections and friends from scratch. High school is often seen as a stepping stone and prep for college and this shift may intimidate many students. But don’t worry. We have got some tips and tricks to offer that you help you transition from High School to college with ease.


High School To College – 10 Differences


High school, college, high school to college, college life, college life experience, high school life

Here are the 10 notable differences between high school and college:


1. No more Mummy, Mummy

Finally, it’s time to become independent. It’s no more mummy this and mummy that. You are pretty much on your own from now on for the rest of your life. You’ve got to be your own alarm clock and reminder, as your parents won’t be around to help you anymore. It may seem quite liberating at first since you no longer need to ask permission or answer to anyone, but soon you will also realize the self-less way in which your parents cared for you.


2. Additional Freedom

A word that sounds like music to the ears of teenagers is freedom. Transitioning from high school to college offers you plenty of freedom. You are free to make your life choices. However, it is very important that you enjoy this new found freedom in a responsible manner to get the best out of college life.


3. No Strict Teachers

One of the biggest downers in high school life are the excessively strict teachers. Moving into college means that teachers/professors are more lenient and friendly and they trust you to make your own decisions on your education.


4. Attendance & Bunking

One of the greatest feelings in college life experience that every teen dreams of is bunking their classes. With high school being rigid with its attendance structure, the college offers more flexibility in this aspect. However, be careful that you don’t misuse this freedom and end up at the bottom of the class, which doesn’t have the requisite attendance figures.


5. Goodbye to Uniforms

Come on, it’s finally time to escape from the drudgery of uniforms and dress codes. You don’t need to wear the same old boring clothes to your class. Now, is the time to show to the world what a fashionista you are.


6. Living With Friends

Life with friends in high school is limited through curfews at home. When you move to a college you get to live with your friends 24×7. Get ready for all night parties yearlong.


7. Lesser Homework and Examinations

Colleges are less strict when administering the curriculum to students, so that means you won’t be having homework & assignments every day or monthly cycle tests and exams.


8. Food Apprehensions

You get to eat what you chose to eat. The dictatorship of your parents in deciding what you will eat or not eat is finally over. You can visit your local food joints and enjoy your favorite foods all day long. However, if you have opted for a hostel then you will soon realize the true meaning of the phrase – “Maa ke Haath ka Khana!”


9. Early To Bed, Early To Rise – Old Concept

No more alarms bells ringing before the sun rises up. You can stay up as late as you want in college, and also get up whenever you feel like. Missed a morning lab class because you overslept. No problem, the class teacher is not going to shout at you and ask you to get your leave sanctioned by the Principal any longer.


10. Wish To Go Back In time

Despite all the fun in college, nostalgia will always take you back to your high school life and you will always long to go back in time and have fun with your family and friends, whom you have known almost all your life.


College life is perhaps one of the most interesting phases of your life and when older, you are definitely going to look back at this time period with endless nostalgia. The unforgettable memories that you will conjure up in this period will stay with you forever!