Semi or fully furnished flat

Selecting an apartment to stay is determined by several factors such as location, amenities, construction quality, facilities, affordability, etc. Amongst all these, there is another major determinant that takes a high priority, which is whether the apartment is semi-furnished or fully-furnished.

Although your decision to pick a semi-furnished or a fully-furnished rented apartment is largely driven by the cost factor, the stage of your buying preference also influences the choice.

Will the presence of wooden cabinets in the kitchen influence your choice? Or would you like to invest in a simple property and decorate your own house? Each has its pros and cons.

However, what may look like an expensive choice — a fully-furnished apartment — may actually help you save better. It is a good idea to venture into the pros and cons and know how one is different from the other.

Semi-Furnished Apartment

In a semi-furnished apartment, the availability of amenities like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, etc depends on your landlord.

The Advantages

  • You can buy and fix furniture and appliances of your choice or bring in the old ones that you have been using in your previous apartment.
  • The rent will most probably be lower than a furnished apartment.
  • You can design and decorate the home as per your wish.
  • You are not answerable to your landlord in case of any damages to the household items as most of the items belong to you.

The Disadvantages

  • When you vacate the rented apartment, you have to carry most household items along, which may prove to be difficult, especially if you are leaving the city.
  • A semi-furnished apartment means you end up spending an additional amount on several household items before you settle in.

Fully-Furnished Apartment

A fully-furnished apartment is one which is equipped with all the required items that one needs in a house. From sofa to a table lamp, a bed to a dresser and even electronic appliances, utensils, and glassware in the kitchen – a fully-furnished apartment has everything required for your day-to-day life. All you have to do is just have to move in with your personal belongings and start living here.

The Advantages

  • You don’t need to spend time or money on buying necessary things, which saves you a lot of money.
  • Moving out is easy in fully-furnished apartments.

The Disadvantages

  • You have to pay more for a fully-furnished apartment or deposit a higher security amount.
  • With the existing furniture, empty spaces may be limited.
  • Maintaining a fully-furnished can be quite cumbersome.
  • You don’t get much liberty in decorating a fully-furnished apartment as the spaces are already occupied.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of semi-furnished and fully furnished apartments, you can choose the one that best fits your preference. To know more visit,