Pune vs Hyderabad

The Urban Choice: Pune vs Hyderabad in Lifestyle

Are you debating about the cost of living in Pune vs Hyderabad? When armed with thorough insights into critical issues, the decision-making process becomes substantially more manageable. We’ll cover topics like money, housing, food pleasures, transit, education, culture, and more in this complete blog given to you by Propex. 

The blog’s goal is to provide you with useful information to help you make an informed decision between Pune and Hyderabad.

Understanding Pune: Getting to Know Pune

Maharashtra is a state in India that contains the large city of Pune. This city is the second biggest in the state and the sixth largest in the country. Pune is the industry, education, information technology, and industrial output hub. 

Pune is considered a center of Marathi and Warkari culture in particular. 

Understanding Hyderabad: Investigating the Soul of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is a delicate dancer between the binary rhythms of technology and the pages of history. With the famous Charminar and the IT giants tucked away, Hyderabad offers a fusion of the ancient and the modern. 

It stands tall as a major IT hub and gives life to stories about the Qutubshahi and Nizam periods.

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Cracking the GDP Code at Economic Frontiers,

The GDP measures the strength and vitality of a city’s economy. Hyderabad secures the third place with an amazing $75 billion nationwide. Pune has a remarkable $69 billion, placing it in sixth place. 

Cityscapes: Graphing Urban Dynamics

Finding the ideal place to live starts with calculating the Pune vs Hyderabad area dynamics, similar to complex puzzles. Pune is the next largest city with 7,256.46 km2, after Hyderabad, which covers 7,257 km². A city’s physical design provides information concerning housing supply and potential future growth.

People and Houses: Examining Population Trends

The fourth biggest city, Hyderabad, is home to 1.1 crore (11 million) people and provides diverse housing alternatives. Pune reveals its distinct real estate story. Pune is the ninth-largest city, home to almost 70 lakhs (7 million).

Analyzing the Data: Comparing the Cost of Living in Pune vs Hyderabad

Let’s look at the figures to analyze the cost of living in these places. Although Pune’s lifestyle is marginally more affordable, Hyderabad’s inexpensive way of life gives it a larger purchasing power. It is clear from the table below how much things cost in each of the cities.

Hyderabad vs Pune: A Detailed Breakdown


Indices Difference Info
Consumer Prices in Pune are 1.5% higher than in Hyderabad (without rent)
Consumer Prices, Including Rent in Pune, are 4.7% higher than in Hyderabad
Rent Prices in Pune are 18.3% higher than in Hyderabad
Restaurant Prices in Pune are 26.4% higher than in Hyderabad
Groceries Prices in Pune are 3.3% lower than in Hyderabad
Local Purchasing Power in Pune 25.8% higher than in Hyderabad


Cost of living in Pune vs Hyderabad: Financial Index

In Pune, you would require around Rs. 136,068.5; in Hyderabad, you would need about Rs. 130,000, assuming you rent in both cities, to maintain the same living level. A detailed picture of the dynamics of the cost of living is given by the indexes below:

  • Pune has 1.5% higher consumer prices than Hyderabad (rent-free).
  • Pune has 4.7% more consumer prices—including rent—than Hyderabad.
  • Pune’s rent prices are 18.3% more than Hyderabad’s.
  • Pune’s local purchasing power exceeds Hyderabad’s by 25.8%.

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Exploring Culinary Flavours

Every city boasts unique flavors, and taking a culinary journey is like savoring the city’s essence. Hyderabad lures food enthusiasts with delights like Qubani-K-Meetha and Hyderabadi Biryani. Meanwhile, Pune’s culinary wonders, such as Puneri Missal and Bhakarwadi, are a feast for the taste buds.

Achieving Educational Excellence through Quality Education

Families must prioritize education. Pune has a little higher literacy rate (86.15%) than Hyderabad (82.96%). Both regions have reputable colleges that cater to a wide range of educational needs. 

Your home is more than just a place to live; it is the beginning point for your goals.

Affordability Beyond Rent: A Lifestyle Comparison between Pune vs Hyderabad Area

Let’s explore key lifestyle aspects and their cost variances:

Lifestyle  Metric Hyderabad Pune Difference
Meal Inexpensive Restaurant Rs. 250 Rs. 425 +70.0%
Meal for 2 People Mid-range Restaurant, Three Course Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 1,900.00 +58.3%
McMeal at McDonald’s Rs. 500 Rs. 350 -30.0%
Basic Utilities (Monthly) Rs. 3,019.01 Rs. 2,832.22 -6.2%
Fitness Club Monthly Fee for 1 Adult Rs. 1,730.30 Rs. 1,556.11 -10.1%
Apartment (1 bedroom) City Centre Rs. 17,750.00 Rs. 22,187.50 +25.0%

Real Estate Market In Hyderabad

Due to the city’s success in information technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, Hyderabad’s housing market is expanding. Consider living in a contemporary, well-connected metropolis with highways, an intelligent metro system, and a flying airport. The Telangana RERA Act! The government announces, “Let’s make real estate more open, honest, and accountable.” 

Consider the following places for Hyderabad real estate investment:

  1. West Hyderabad: Hub for IT companies and businesses.
  2. Central Hyderabad: Home to educational institutions and government offices.
  3. East Hyderabad: Residential areas with good connectivity.

Real Estate Market In Pune

Pune’s well-connected vibe is even more exciting–it has smooth roads, a cool metro system, and an international airport that adds a dash of glam.

And guess what? The government is making sure things are crystal clear and responsible with the Maharashtra RERA Act, adding an extra layer of trust for investors.

Now, if you’re thinking about where the real estate magic is happening, check out these cool places in Pune:

  1. Hinjewadi: The IT hub of dreams with many tech companies and cool living spots.
  2. Kharadi: Another IT gem with a mix of tech companies and comfy living spaces.
  3. Wagholi: This area is like a rising star in Pune, growing with awesome places to live and do business.
  4. Pimpri-Chinchwad: Imagine a city within a city – that’s what it is. Full of industries and companies making things happen.

If you’re considering living in either Pune or Hyderabad, explore the options available on the Colive PG app. It’s a convenient way to find comfortable and affordable co-living spaces tailored to your needs.

Pune vs Hyderabad Area Property Price Comparison

The average price per square foot in Hyderabad is $5,500, whereas it is $6,500 in Pune. Hyderabad will expand at a 10% annual pace in the coming year, while Pune will increase at a 7% annual rate.

Prices in High-End Neighborhoods

  • Banjara Hills in Hyderabad has a price per square foot of USD 9,615.
  • $9,328 per square foot in Gachibowli.
  • Hitech City costs $10,079 per square foot.
  • Pune, Kalyani Nagar: 11,117 per sq. ft.
  • Koregaon Park costs Rs. 12,569 per square foot.
  • Model Colony costs $16,138 per square foot.

Tourist Trails: Discovering Points of Interest

Every city is a treasure waiting to be explored. Hyderabad showcases iconic sites like Charminar and Golconda Fort. Pune invites exploration of Shaniwar Wada and Sinhagad Fort. These historical landmarks are like bookmarks in the narrative of your city exploration.


Choosing a city comprises more than simply picking where to live; it also requires you to personalize your lifestyle. Propex is a one-stop shop for information on Hyderabad’s IT industry or Pune’s industrial environment. You should compare the cost of living in Pune vs Hyderabad because your house is more than just bricks and mortar.

Propex can help you find a great real estate experience in Pune and Hyderabad. The choice between Pune and Hyderabad is like choosing colors for a painting. Allow Propex to help you through this exciting journey, ensuring that your dream home is more than just a place – it’s your story.