Top 6 One day trip places in Bangalore | Must visit places during weekends

One day trip places in Bangalore [Must visit during weekends]
One day trip places in Bangalore [Must visit during weekends]

Bangalore is a fascinating city that always has something amazing to offer. Be it the exciting events in the many happening places of the city, or the opportunity to escape from the busy routine to someplace serene.

In Bangalore, you get to experience a vibrant culture and a dynamic crowd. But the city is also notoriously known for its never-ending traffic and the feeling it constantly gives of hustle-bustle.

If you’ve made Bangalore your home, temporary or permanent, then you might be desperate to have a weekend escape. It’s a much-needed tonic for your mind to unwind and refresh.

We’re here to give ideas about calming one day trip places in Bangalore. Grab your backpack and get ready to go on unforgettable scenic escapades. But these trips are also best enjoyed with your travel playlist and some two to three fellow Homo sapiens you call friends.

We’re here to give ideas about calming one-day trips from Bangalore. Grab your backpack and get ready to go on unforgettable scenic escapades. But these trips are also best enjoyed with your travel playlist and some two to three fellow Homo sapiens you call friends.

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**Here’s a list of the best one day trip places in Bangalore:


Kicking off our list is the extraordinary city that has a historical and cultural legacy. The city has got many attractions to enchant you. There is enough to cater to the history buff inside you and bring a sense of calm through lush green gardens.

There are magnificent palaces to mesmerize you. The extensive culture and the satisfying food can make your trip one of the many bests. Experience the true essence and feel of this city, stay there for a couple of days and drive around.

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Nandi Hills

This is the most popular and crowd favorite. Nandi hills might be mostly known for its breath-taking scenic views, but it also houses one of the oldest temples.

The sunrise experience at Nandi hills is one of the most treasured Bangalore experiences as well. This destination is best enjoyed with your friends. Drag them while you go on this ultimate one day trip from Bangalore.

Nandi Hills is a serene gateway from the rumbling city vibes of Bangalore city.


The beautifully majestic Shivanasamudram nestles gently on the serene banks of the Kaveri River.

It is most well-known for its segmented waterfalls.  Gracefully fed by the river, the magnificent view of the water gushing down from a great height is truly spectacular.

The eastern branch of the flowing water is named Bharachukki Falls, The western branch is called Gaganachukki.

Totally surrounded by lush greenery. You also get to go on a coracle ride and experience the flow and beauty of the river.


You don’t have to be a geology nerd to be marveled at this unique natural creation. Just over an hour and a half drive from Bangalore places you in the lap of Asia’s largest monolith hill.

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Savandurga rises to an elevation of 1266 meters above sea level. Two hills constitute the place, a black hill, appropriately called Karigudda, and the white hill Biligudda. You can trek to the top.

There is Narasimha Swamy Temple and Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Temple to experience the spiritual trance at the base of the surrounding high-walled hills.

While you are lost in the magnificence of the place, don’t forget to keep your eyes open to see the beautiful and attractive birds like yellow-throated bulbuls, white-backed vultures, and long-billed vultures.

Hogenakkal Falls

After a three-hour memorable ride from Bangalore, the road will lead you to a destination that is an absolute wonder, Hogenakkal Waterfalls.

You need to have a panoramic view to experience the visual beauty of the flowing waters, therefore it is called Niagara Falls of India.

The literal meaning behind the word Hogenakkal is Smoking Rocks, and the word perfectly captures the scene witnessed there.

River Kaveri graciously feeds the water to this natural marvel. The water swiftly gushing down the rocks appear like white smoke emanating from the rocks.

Only a coracle ride will let you soak the beauty of this place in its entirety.

But avoid planning your visit to this place during monsoons. The waterfall turns ferocious and wild, and no boat rides are allowed.


When you travel 114 miles to the west of Bangalore, you’ll find yourself in Hassan, a serene place brimming with many ancient monuments and intricately carved temples. And all of them can be explored in a day.

You can jump into a car and drive on NH75 to reach Hassan, or you are a sucker for train journeys, you have that opportunity too.

One of the standout spots in the place is the Gothic style Shettihalli Rosary Church. It partially gets immersed in water from July till October. Other notable highlights include Dravidian Style Hasanamba Temple, Hoysala Temples, and the amazing Gorur Dam.

Concluding Thoughts

Depending on your budget and the time available, you can happily drive off to many fascinating one day trip places in Bangalore for your one day trip from Bangalore. Just check the weather conditions before you start your journey.