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Are you planning a grand event in the vibrant city of Bangalore and searching for the perfect event management partner? Welcome to the lively city of Bangalore, where each day brings new stories and celebrations. Here, events aren’t just occasions; they’re moments etched in our hearts. 

As the Silicon Valley of India buzzes with life, finding the right partner amongst the best event management companies in Bangalore is a journey to make dreams come true. Colive, known for easy living, teams up with the city’s best event experts to create anything but ordinary experiences. Step into a world where every celebration is a blank canvas, ready for the artistic touch of Bangalore’s finest event creators.

Why Hire an Event Management Planner?

Event planning may be stressful, but it takes careful thought and work to make it effective. Event planners are specialists in their field since they manage events regularly and have a plethora of knowledge. Using an event planner is a smart move for the following reasons:

  • Professionals with Experience: Proven experts with years of expertise are event coordinators. They are great partners in event planning because of their well-organized approach and ability to handle various situations.
  • Individualization Budget: Event management companies in Bangalore operate under set financial constraints to ensure that clients don’t overspend. The organizer can create a customized plan that fits financial objectives by talking about budgetary restrictions.
  • Knowledge of Venue Selection: There are several aspects to consider while choosing a location. Event coordinators can assist in locating the ideal location that satisfies parking, capacity, and location needs, thanks to their connections in the business.
  • Theme and Decoration: It takes work to decide on a theme and decorate the space. Putting creativity front and center, event planners handle everything from seating arrangements to materials.
  • Catering services: Take care of preparing and serving food, but event planners work with caterers to ensure guests are completely satisfied with the food and beverages.
  • Event organizers possess strong guest management techniques to prevent unorganized mayhem at the final minute. They plan events with activities to keep attendees happy and involved all through the celebration.
  • Observing Event Activities: Event planners are thorough in every detail, from planning to execution. Their attention to detail guarantees a flawless experience for clients and visitors on the event day.

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Types of Events Organized by Event Organizers

Bangalore event planners handle various events, such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Fundraisers
  • Fairs
  • Conferences
  • Ceremonies
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Business meetings
  • Cultural events, etc. 

Their versatility in handling various events guarantees their clients a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Event Management Companies in Bangalore: Crafting Memorable Moments

One of the leading event management companies in Bangalore is

Event-U-All: Transforming Occasions into Unusual Experiences

Since 2006

Specialties: Launch events, employee engagement, branding and activations, mice events, and corporate gifting are among our specialties.

Timings: Sun-Closed; all other days, 10 am to 6 pm.

In Bangalore, Event-U-All is the most favored event management business. They are a unique option because of their dedication to transforming aspirations into unforgettable experiences. Their main priorities are originality and creativity, guaranteeing that every aspect—from the cuisine to the location—is managed with skill and attention to detail.

  • Kanasu Events: Affordable Extravagance in Every Detail

Since the year 2017

Specialties: Cutouts, Customized Properties, Led Par Light, Arch, Bunches, and Balloon Pillar.

Timings: Daily: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Reputable in Bangalore’s event management industry, Kanasu Events blends refinement and affordability. They prioritize customer pleasure and provide the most spectacular events at reasonable prices. They have balloon pillars, archways, bunches, and much more covered.

  • Navavarn Events: Making Memorable Moments

Since 2018

Expertise: Investigation, Arrangement, Supervision, Locating Locations, Amusement, Booking Artists, Manufacturing, and Additional.

Timings: Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm, Sunday: 12:30 pm to 2 pm, and all other days: 9 am to 9 pm.

Making special occasions genuinely unforgettable is the specialty of Kasturi Nagar’s Navavarn Events. From business to social gatherings, they put the needs and desires of their clients first, planning every detail following their particular requirements. Their all-inclusive services include everything from food to set design.

  • Inferno Event Management: Where Quality and Affordability Collide

Since 2008

Expertise: Business gatherings, new product introductions, displays, branding, roadshow events, engagements, and wedding coordination.

Timings: Daily: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Located in the city’s center, Inferno Event Management is a great option for people looking for quality at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, their committed and well-trained staff ensures it’s unforgettable. They manage every aspect with the highest accuracy, from preparation to implementation.

  • Dreams Events & Services: Creating Unexpected Experiences

Since 2013

Specialties: Event planners, weddings, corporate gatherings, balloon decorations, digital marketing, and brand activation are among their specialties.

Timings: Sun: Sun: Closed; Sat: 9 am – 5 pm; All Other Days: 9 am – 7 pm

Dreams Events and Services is proud to be the go-to event management provider in Bangalore, providing services throughout India. Their primary focus is delivering exceptional client experiences and branding possibilities that surpass their expectations. Their vast portfolio encompasses weddings, business events, and balloon decorations.

  • Liquid Space Entertainment: Crafting Experiences Since 2009

Since 2009

Specialties: Liquid Space Entertainment has been a major force in the event-organizing industry since its founding in 2009. They specialize in various events, including corporate symposiums, sports galas, and musical concerts, all emphasizing creating unforgettable experiences.

Timings: Flexible based on event requirements.

Bangalore-based Liquid Space Entertainment has become a major player in the event management industry. With more than ten years of experience, they guarantee that every event is an immersive experience by putting originality and accuracy front and center. Their dedication to quality work has won clients like Apple, Infosys, and Coca-Cola.

  • Sankey Events: Curating Experiences Since 1996

Since 1996

Specialties: Sankey Events is a leader who has been involved in conferences, product launches, brand marketing, and more since 1996. Their hallmarks are flawless execution and meticulous planning.

Timings: Operational hours are tailored to event schedules.

Since 1996, Sankey Events has been a trailblazer in event management. Focusing on conferences, product launches, and brand marketing, they elevate careful planning and flawless execution. Giants in the industry, like Mahindra, Canon, and Samsung, rely on Sankey Events because of their dedication to quality.

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Event Planners in Bangalore: Your Trusted Partners

The years of experience and satisfying services event planners provide in Bangalore are well-known. They create memorable events because they have a thorough understanding of the ideas and needs of their clientele. The event management businesses in Bangalore possess the necessary skills to manage any event, including weddings, theme décor, and entertainment.

Difference between event management companies and corporate event management companies in bangalore

Event management companies and corporate event management companies in Bangalore both fall under the umbrella of event planning and execution, but they differ in their scope, focus, and target clientele. Here are the key distinctions between the two:

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Event Management Companies

Scope of Services

    • Event management companies cater to a broad range of events, including weddings, social gatherings, concerts, festivals, and more. They handle both personal and corporate events.


    • Their clientele is diverse and includes individuals, families, government organizations, and businesses from various industries.

Event Types

    • They specialize in organizing events of different scales and purposes, ensuring a wide-ranging portfolio that caters to various client needs.


    • Event management companies possess versatile skills to plan and execute events across different sectors. They often have expertise in managing diverse types of events.

Corporate Event Management Companies

Scope of Services

    • Corporate event management companies, on the other hand, specifically focus on planning and executing events for businesses and organizations. Their services are tailored to meet corporate needs.


    • Their primary clientele consists of businesses, corporations, and organizations looking to organize events such as conferences, seminars, product launches, team-building activities, and corporate galas.

Event Types

    • They specialize in corporate events, which may include annual meetings, conferences, trade shows, product launches, training sessions, and corporate celebrations.


    • Corporate event management companies typically have a deep understanding of the corporate world and are well-versed in the specific requirements and protocols associated with business events.
Colive: Your Ideal Accommodation Partner

Consider your guests’ comfort and convenience when organizing your event in Bangalore. Prominent accommodation company Colive provides luxurious apartments that guarantee visitors a pleasurable and comfortable stay. Colive is the best option for people looking for a home away from home because of its well-furnished apartments and dedication to high-quality living.


Amongst the best event management companies in Bangalore, choosing the one that fits your requirements is essential for organizing a successful event in Bangalore. The best event management firms in Bangalore listed here offer a wide range of services. These companies guarantee that your event meets and surpasses your expectations. 

These businesses have the know-how to make your vision a reality, whether for a corporate event or a wedding. Thus, instead of settling for mediocrity, why not embrace excellence? Find Bangalore’s top event management businesses to help turn your gathering into a remarkable occasion

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