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So, it’s a long holiday break and you are all excited. But do you have any plan on how you want to spend it? Note, its very easy to get into a lazy mode where you can simply sit down and do nothing with these days, or even celebrate a nap fest. I feel holiday breaks are both boom and bane, boom because you get a break from that regular routine and bane because you are often perplexed on what to do with all that extra time. This again brings us back to the question, “What To Do In Holidays?” Well, fret no more, as I have the perfect answer to your question.


What To Do In Holidays? – Here Are 6 Cool Things


1. Exercise

While most the commonly adopted trend is Lazing around, I would recommend to totally ditch it. Take a step towards staying healthy, also one of the best ways to combat that holiday lethargy is by keeping up with a regular exercise routine. This will make you more confident, you will look and more importantly, feel better.

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2. Redesign Your Room

Since your room is the place where you spend most of your time, why not redesign it? Nope, I am not asking you to call up an interior designer for this. Its time for you to add a bit of personalization to your room, paste printouts of your favourite books, movies, TV shows, and bands, make a huge collage of your favourite photos, you can even try your hands-on wall art. The idea is to contemplate yourself as an artist and treat your room as your canvas.


3. Volunteer For A Good Cause

Life has given you so much to appreciate, why not spread some happiness. Holidays are a great time to volunteer, and when it’s for a good cause, believe me, the options are endless. The benefits of volunteering in your free time are many, not only you get a chance to help the needy, but you also learn valuable life skills like working in a team and taking directions. And, don’t mix up volunteering with teaching kids how to read and write, there are NGOs which deal with a multitude of activities like sports, dance, music, animal welfare – choose a cause that’s most close to your heart.


4. Learn Some New Skill

Playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, dancing, baking, there are so many new skills you can add to your knowledge. Today learning new skills is even easier, you really don’t need to join courses with heavy fees– you can simply rely on YouTube videos and other free, online courses and forums.


5. Spend Time With Family & Friends

As you grow older, you get to spend very less time with your family and friends. What’s even more ironic is the fact that you realize the importance of family and friends only when you’re older and live all by your own. Soon, you might have to move away for studies or a job, so make the most of this time and spend it with your near and dear ones.


6. Bring Out The Chef In You

What better to get you in the holiday spirit than cooking? I feel cooking is truly therapeutic, it can de-stress you in no time. Think of the delicious aromas your home will be filled with and its surely going to be a great gift for your family and guest that stop by. Alert, aroma thing is applicable only for good cooks, for those who are novice into cooking the house can even be filled with smoke, be careful.

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Final Thoughts

This is from our end on what to do in holidays. If you have any new, innovative ways of spending time during the holiday breaks do let us know in the comments section below!