How to survive in a big city/metro city? Money Management Tips
How to survive in a big city/metro city? Money Management Tips

City life is not for everyone, but only for those who wish to exceptionally thrive. Life in a big city has distinct vibes. There is so much to do once you step in. 

But to manage and balance fun activities with a regular routine, you have to have time along with the other most important thing, money. 

Here are a few tips for you to survive in a big city to save some dough while you navigate your way in the hustle and rumble of city life. 

Surviving in a Big City (Tips to Consider)

Cut your ‘Convenience’ Cost

A favorite part of anyone’s life in a big city is convenience. When the services you get are so seamless to access, it’s natural that you unconsciously learn to make it a habit.  

When you can get the chef’s special sushi to an irresistibly delicious-looking pizza at your doorstep, we know how difficult it is to resist the temptation. If this slowly becomes your routine, you’ll pay a huge cost for your laziness

This enchantment of easy choices is not only restricted to treats and delicacies, next on our list of ‘convenience traps’ are the cabs. Even their use ends up on being a slippery slope, starting from ‘once in a while luxuries’ to becoming ‘everyday necessities’

Put yourself in ‘Public Transport’

Public transportation is the most inexpensive convenience that a city can gracefully offer. This easy service should often make you question every time you feel the itch to book a cab.

When you have a legitimate reason, jump into one without hesitation. But when you are fit and fine, feeling optimistic about your day and confident about yourself, start walking towards your destination, if not, go for the good old public transport.

Find the nearest place to your destination having a bus stop or a metro station, you not only will reach the place but will also be knowledgeable about the surrounding places and the routes.

Bring your Lunch to Work

This may sound lame, but it can prove to be a much-needed gospel. If you are aiming to save a few bucks, then buying lunch on a daily basis will dilute your savings. 

Whether it’s out of your overpriced company cafeteria, or the local lunch spot with attractive interiors, what you spend on them will add up to surprise and shock you one fine day. 

We’re not even discussing having your food delivered to your doors. It’s sensible to avoid spending on it and crumbling your financial spirit.

Find a Right Roommate 

Housing will eat a major chunk of your expenses, if you manage to successfully cut its costs down, you’ll have a bit more freedom with your budget. 

The best thing to achieve that is by getting the best roommate. They will be very much responsible for your happiness when you see the housing costs slashed.

Of course, you need to choose a place to stay that is nice and healthy. 

It doesn’t mean you have to barge in a penthouse suite, you should carefully screen the area before you move in and comfortably enjoy it.

Finding that special someone might be tricky, but be sure that roomie is trustworthy and easy to get along with

If you’re just concerned about finding a great place to live that lets you be yourself, Colive is here to bring you professionally managed homes. We provide you with affordable options to live in amazing places. 

Our warm, embracing, and inclusive living spaces will give you a sense of comfort and community.

Make a Monthly Budget

Coming up with a monthly budget doesn’t have to be a complicated number churning exercise. 

Some generous souls have developed many easy apps that you can directly download on your smartphone. This could be done even with a very simple planner. 

The idea behind the whole exercise is to keep track of your monthly expenses. Based on your entries, you can easily make out where you are unnecessarily spending. 

You can start by clearly listing your fixed or regular expenditures like transportation, food, electricity, etc. 

You ought to keep some money aside for these. Then you can freely do all the fun with the balance left, be it shopping, gifting, or partying. 

Properly Plan Your Shopping

Big cities are synonymous with high-end shopping choices. If you unconsciously indulge yourself in this exciting activity, prepare yourself to witness significant destruction of your budget.

Shopping can be fun, but don’t do it for fun. You can make the most out of what you buy, only when you do it after carefully considering why it’s needed. Big cities enhance the shopping temptations, it’s wise to always make a list and stick to it when you go out.

Be a smart shopper and be vigilant in identifying many useful online stores that are sure to offer amazing discounts during the festival seasons.

Final Thoughts

Survive and make your big city experience worth it with Colive. Be a part of an amazing living space that lets you interact and engage with dynamic millennials with passion and purpose. With Colive, affordable living syncs perfectly with stylish living.