Electronic City houses many IT companies, making it the Silicon City of India. Since its inception in the year 1978, this district has become the hub of renowned technology companies over time. Traced to Southern Bangalore, Electronic City covers 800 acres of land and offers a range of activities to residents. Also, there are many places near Electronic City that you can visit to unwind after a long day at work. Moreover, this modern and high-tech center boasts an extensive network of roads and highways.

The various reasons why Electronic City is the best place to live in Bangalore are studied herein.

1)  Offers Employment Opportunities

With several reputed IT companies having their offices in Electronic City, tech professionals can avail a range of career opportunities herein. Hewlett Packard, TCS, and Wipro are some IT firms operating from this Bangalorean hub, opening up vacancies in the fields of cyber security, data science, and software development.

2)  Provides Avenues for Career Growth

As a tech expert, you can explore places near Electronic city for companies offering professional development opportunities. The internal training programs of tech companies can give your career a boost. Besides getting to work on challenging projects, you gain exposure to advanced technologies. Such collaborations nurturing knowledge sharing can be the stepping stones for career advancement.

3)  Fosters Entrepreneurial Spirit

There are many places to visit in bangalore near Electronic City to explore business opportunities. Its incubator programs, co-working spaces, and angel investors make it a haven for start-ups. The easy availability of seamless loans and expert guidance create a welcoming atmosphere for budding entrepreneurs.

4)  Enhances Quality of Life

Electronic City boasts eminent academic institutions, quality medical care facilities, and a host of leisure activities. Additionally, some places to visit near Electronic City for your enjoyment include entertainment arenas, cafes, and restaurants.

5)  Boasts of Good Connectivity

Its well-developed road network and web connectivity infrastructure make Electronic City one of the most sought-after places to live in Bangalore. Besides, its proximity to the Bommasandra Metro Station makes your commute within the city interiors hassle-free.

6)  Ensures Safety

The residential areas of Electronic City are equipped with CCTV cameras, providing a sense of security to the homeowners and tenants. Furthermore, the presence of IT companies with enhanced security measures is another reason for this Bangalore suburb to be touted as one of the safest places to reside in.

7)  Comes with the Benefit of High Capital Values

Although the apartments in Electronic City are not as expensive as the ones within the city interiors, they have higher growth potential. That’s because of the major infrastructural push and more IT companies mushrooming therein.

8)  Nurtures a Cosmopolitan Culture

Electronic City has people from all over the world trickling in, making way for a cosmopolitan culture. Plus, there are many places to visit near Electronic City where you can interact with people from other backgrounds, which goes a long way in broadening your horizons.

9)  Presents an array of Investment Options

Electronic City is home to several multinational companies while many more are planning to open offices therein. By investing in areas where the government is building infrastructure to attract investment from global companies, you can add to your treasure trove.


Electronic City offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals, students, and families. Also, there are a host of places to visit in bangalore near Electronic City for your entertainment. In a nutshell, Electronic City’s proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, tourist spots, and entertainment areas make it a popular residential area.