Types of Roommates You will Meet in a PG or Shared Space

An independent life is everyone’s dream these days. Whether you’re a student or a working person, you will have to move out of the comforts of your hometown someday to lead an independent life. And, most importantly the obvious reason behind it would be making your career or pursuing your dreams. Deciding on shifting to a PG, a shared room or an apartment will be the new choice to make, you’ll come across when you leave behind your hometown. But where would you be living in? Would be living alone? And, if not which kind of roommates would you prefer living in with?

Let’s elaborate on the challenges of shifting to a new town first. So, as we discussed above, depending upon the career you’ve pursued and your job location, you’ll have to shift to a new and unfamiliar town. And, millennials these days prefer Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore —  which are the major IT hubs in the But your challenges do not end there! 

Brace yourself for the challenge of finding a suitable home for you. First of all, you’ll cross paths with the issue of finding an abode located near your office. Looking out for a home near one’s workplace is the most urgent need because believe me if you live in metropolitan cities like Bangalore you’ll find yourself stuck in heavy traffic jams for hours. The second issue is finding a budget-friendly home that should not only be pocket-friendly but also with basic amenities. But finding a suitable home fulfilling both these conditions will be really hard. Then you’ll be left with no choice other than settling down for a PG or a shared room for your personal space. And living in PG or shared room, you can’t know what kinds of roommates you are going to end up with?

This may seem funny at first —  trying to figure out the kinds of roommates with whom you will have to spend a considerable amount of time. But we need to understand that we can’t change our rooms every time we end up with roommates who aren’t like-minded. Often depending upon the type of roommates you choose to live, you will also need to adapt and make some adjustments from your end too! 

Some roommates can be cool, some can be unhygienic, some can have anger issues and some can be over-friendly too! Here are 15 types of roommates you would definitely meet if you have plans to shift to a PG or shared space. 

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  1. The ones with OCD
The Roommates with OCD
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

There are many instances where you end up with roommates who have an obsession with cleaning the things around you until they are totally satisfied with their jobs or in other words, the ones with an OCD. Such roommates won’t even tolerate a few locks of hair on the floor or even would sometimes freak out if you accidentally drip a drop of coffee on the table. Moreover, not cleaning your dishes properly can even result in frequent quarrels between you and your roommate. 

But you surely can learn to maintain more cleanliness with such a roommate. 

  1. The wanna be musicians
Wanna be Musicians Roommates
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

You surely come across such roommates who have a keen interest in music. Some of them are good listeners with a good choice in music and you can develop their taste too. But others can be wanna be musicians or might have a hobby of playing a musical instrument like a guitar. Sometimes you might feel happy to have a melody in the air around you but at times you would find it be infuriating, especially when you are working from home. 

  1. The noisy ones
Noisy ones
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Are you a peace lover? If yes, you are really going to face difficulties in adjusting with a noisy roommate. He / She might have a habit of making noise especially when they plug-in their earphones and sing along. Some even have a habit of talking loudly on the phone, making noise while doing the dishes and being bathroom singers. We surely can’t miss out considering the sufferings of the ones who live with roommates who snore at night and laugh loudly while binge-watching a TV series.

  1. The lazy ones
The Lazy Ones
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Everybody loves to take a good amount of rest on the weekends. But it is also the best time to do some chores like cleaning your room, doing laundry or visiting the nearby grocery store. But you will always find such roommates who love rest rather than helping you out. Moreover, they can often ruin your weekend plans like going to restaurants or movie together as they would prefer to only sleep or binge-watching movies throughout the day.

  1. Bring me something when you go out
Bring me something when you go out
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

You will find a variety of roommates but especially the ones falling under this category can bring certain disagreements. Imagine a situation where you want to go out for some fresh air and you suddenly get a call from your roommate who wants you to get something for him or her as they are too lazy to go out themselves. This can be really frustrating for you once it becomes a habitual action. Though it can be understood that you need a certain level of adjustments once you move-in with someone but this, in the long run, can’t be good either for you or your roomie. 

  1. The misers
The Misers
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Believe it or not, living in a shared space where you are the only one spending and your roommate likes to remain idle can be really frustrating. When you decide to move-in with someone as a roommate, you have some expectations like equal sharing not only in terms of money but also in the duties. But a miser roommate can be a nightmare for you as to whether it is the essential items or the luxury items, you will be the only one paying.

  1. The health-conscious ones
The Health Freaks
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Remember, we just talked about a particular category of the ones with OCD. Similar can be the case with the ones who are overly health-conscious. Though it may not seem a problem to you, some of their habits like loading up with some advice like eating healthy and going to a gym might seem unfeasible to you in the long run. Lucky is he/she if you too are a health freak and so are you to have them as your roommates. 

  1. The ones who bring uninvited guests
The Ones who bring uninvited guests
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

This category is the most relatable. You are always going to find such roommates who like to bring in uninvited guests home whether they are their friends, their relatives or their girlfriend/boyfriend. Though by now you and your roommate might have become good friends, you might feel left out when he/she brings uninvited guests home. 

  1. The unhygienic Ones
The Unhygienic Ones
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Though we just discussed the category of roommates —  the ones with an OCD issue yet if it’s the other way around and you are the one who likes to be too hygienic, it might lead to some disagreements between the two. An unhygienic roommate can be a nightmare for you then, who doesn’t keeps things in their proper places, keeps the room dirty, and many other habits you simply can’t ignore. 

  1. The Masterchefs
The Masterchefs
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

We all have known people who are foodies and love to cook at home. Though the millennial generation barely gets time to pursue their hobby of cooking, often we come across people who love to cook. Have you ever come across a roommate who loves to cook? You got yourself lucky as you will get to satiate your tastebuds with new and exciting recipes to taste and moreover, you can even get to learn them yourself.

  1. The bro types
The Bro Types
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Living outside your hometown, you might be missing your old school friends and siblings. Yet if you have roommates who are the bro types, you will get not only to be good friends but also much-like siblings. You can plan your weekends together, share your interests and even plan a tour. 

  1. The ones who drag you into everything
The Ones Who Drag You Into Everything
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

As we discussed two types of roommates above who seem to be favourable to all, let’s discuss this type who like to drag you into everything. Though introverts might like such roommates who offer them to take part in everything they do, people who love privacy might find this frustrating. If you have such a roommate, he/she will often force you to go out with them even without your will and you will often face many disagreements.

  1. The ones who want you to share everything
The ones Who Want You To Share Everything
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

Ever came across a roommate who wants you to share everything ranging from your comb to your deodorant, and even your clothes? Well, this may seem apt to you when you expected the same from your sibling but can you share everything with your roommate? 

  1. The weird ones
The Wierd Ones
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

There are many people in and around us who have weird habits. Sharing a space with someone in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad is a need if you live on tight budgets but you can’t guess what kind of roommates you are going to end up with. They too might have habits that you may find weird ranging from the ones who crack bad puns, the ones who sing too loudly or the even ones whom you will always find too talkative or even scratching their body parts!

  1. The ones with anger issues
The ones with anger issues
Source: TV Series ‘Friends’

These are the worst roommates, you can ever imagine getting to live with. They will get annoyed at each and everything you do and you will surely end up having a fight with them. And moreover, such roommates will always be looking for an excuse to yell and freak at out at you. The best solution will then be to either move out immediately or consider doing some adjustments —  as we Indians are used to! 

So, how many of these kinds of roommates have you ever come across in your life? And what should be the solution to not ending up with some unfavourable roommates we just discussed above? The best solution can be to choose your roommate and your living space wisely. And what would provide you with a chance to live in a community of like-minded people? It’s definitely Coliving —  which now has become a way of living for the millennial generation in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. 

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