How to enjoy life as an introvert at coliving space?
How to enjoy life as an introvert at coliving space?

Living independently and alone is an introvert’s paradise. Personally, I don’t like to be labeled despite being an introvert, though introverts are desperate to sink deep within the realm of zero communication, at times we do prefer to interact with people whom we can vibe with.

It sounds oxymoronic but co-living spaces are the perfect place to be for an introvert, as being around like-minded people or millennials feels rather comforting to the introverted soul compared to living on your own in unfamiliar surroundings.

Especially if you are new to the city, being around new people can feel tiring, awkward, hectic, or might fill you up with anxiety.

Even while living in co-living spaces, you may feel that your privacy and personal space is constantly being invaded. Introverts need a lot of personal space, which might seem rude.

Sharing a co-living space with a roommate might feel little or very intimidating in the beginning, as your way of living is affected by sharing your personal space and the anxiety levels might go through the roof.

Introverts need to be alone to recharge their energy and take control of their lives. They might have some unusual behaviors that complement their art of living and not having someone around constantly watching you might make you uncomfortable as you might think that you are being judged continuously.

But once you get accustomed to the living space, you might actually start enjoying your stay. Here are a few pointers that might help you to enjoy staying in co-living spaces as an introvert.

  1. Get to know your roommate 

Start small and get accustomed to the person with whom you are going to share the space. Being an introvert it might be hard to start a conversation or be upfront about what you want.

But getting to know the other person and sharing things about yourself can ease the overall transition and make you feel comfortable around that person to start enjoying the stay.

2. A little socializing once in a while is not bad

Introverts are dependent on their extroverted friends to deal with social life. Having such companions around might provide you with the resolve to enjoy and interact with the group or enjoy partying with them without having to leave your home.

You may incidentally make some friends for a lifetime and who knows if you would cherish their company rather than being on your own at times.

3. Discover more about yourself

We are more than what we are labeled or what we think about ourselves. Living in a co-living environment would help you to discover new things about yourself and unravel sides that you have not seen yet. So start experimenting and expand your boundaries to live life to your fullest.

4. Don’t miss out on the fun

Introverts face a fear of missing out on things because they lack the willpower to be upfront. While the rest of the group is out dancing for the night, visiting new places, or trying new cuisines, introverts would secretly regret not asking to hope to recharge their batteries at home.

5. Plan a movie or game night

Figure out what type of shows, movies, or games your coliving companions prefer and plan a movie marathon with them. You will soon learn about each other’s preferences and the electricity of bonding for the first time would definitely make it a night to remember. You might have people with whom you can laugh, cry, share ideas or analyze the movie or shows.

6. Enjoy amenities together

Coliving spaces feature various amenities such as foosball, table tennis, PlayStations, etc. Playing indoor games with new people will eventually let you socialize whilst enjoying yourself. It also allows you to rejuvenate your energy in the company of others.

Colive offers a dynamic coliving space that fosters the personal growth of anyone who wants to discover a new way of life.

The spaces are perfect for every personality and they offer a sense of belonging that is simply unmatched compared to living in other communities. Get ready to explore, learn and grow every day, as each one is going to add a new experience to your life.