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We all look for comfort and ease, especially when we live in a rented and shared accommodation. These aspects become even more important if you have to shift into someone else’s rented setup, or you have to welcome a new flatmate to share yours or when you choose coliving. One of the main reasons of living in a shared accommodation is to save on rent, other important aspects are making new friends and familiarizing yourself to domesticity. But can you guarantee your relation with your flatmates will be amicable? You cannot right but trying is always an open option. Well, here comes some help.

Landing Up With Terrible Flatmates

We all are different from each other, and this means that you may be in for a surprise, or be happy, to be with a flatmate. This mainly depends on the kind of person and their habits. If you are really unfortunate you might end up with a bad flatmate who can make your life far away from being easy. Apart from developing personal issues, having to deal with a bad flatmate can also have adverse effects on other aspects too, such as your professional life.

CoLive eases the process of finding a good roommate, there innovative “Algorithmic Compatibility Engine,” can root out the bad apples from the vast potential list of flatmates. Basically, help you to find a flatmate who is similar to you when it comes to preferences and likes.

Maintain Amicable Relation With Flatmates – Follow These 7 Tips

Psychologists and behavioral experts have some effective advice when it comes to dealing with a bad flatmate in shared accommodation. Here are 7 simple tips which can help to improve the situation and maintain a healthy relationship with your current flatmates:

1. Respect

Ensure that you live up to the expectations set by your roommates for you. In case the house rules need to be bypassed for special circumstances, discuss this with your flatmates and reach an agreement. Showing respect to your roommates will help make a stronger relationship with them.

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2. Be Honest

We all know honesty is a great virtue. Being honest from the beginning helps to build a strong rapport with new flatmates and makes your relationship inherently healthier.

3. Give and Share Space

When you are living in shared accommodation, sharing of spaces is often one of the major points of dispute. Discuss and discretely mark your own boundaries in shared spaces beforehand.

4. Hangout Together

You have to know a person before forming an opinion about them. Although your potential or current, roommate may look gloomy and reserved, you may never know that in reality, they are only formal out of respect to you. Hanging out together, as much as possible, leads you to know and understand each other better.

5. Set Logical Expectations

A proper discussion on the likes and dislikes of each individual roommate is the best way to set realistic and logical expectations for each other. Discuss every little thing that you will be sharing with them, such as space, appliances, furniture, time, etc.

6. Always Ask Permission Where Needed

Be very careful about your roommates’ personal space and their stuff. Privacy is cherished when you live in shared accommodation, but you may often need to use something which is theirs. Don’t hesitate to ask permission wherever required and help to strengthen their trust.

7. Talk It Out

Living with another person, no matter how compatible, will eventually lead to confrontational situations. It is best to keep tempers in control, have a level tone of voice and discuss the issue like grown-ups, instead of sulking or throwing a tantrum.

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Final Word

It’s never easy to know a person in the best way, only with a few meetings, Colive definitely reduces the risk when you are in the search of that perfect roommate. Let us help you find a flatmate who is most compatible with you and will help to make living more comfortable.