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Living with roommates is an overall awesome experience, but for those who think it’s just about fun and games, here’s a reality check. Living with roommates means fun, but it also entails sharing responsibilities, like cleaning, shopping, paying for home bills, and of course, cooking. Learning to share responsibilities among roommates is a skill, and learning it takes a lot of time.

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A Shared Kitchen Space Is A HOTSPOT



Regardless of who and how many roommates you live with, a shared kitchen space is a HOTSPOT. Well, don’t confuse this hotspot with something that is trendy, here a hotspot means Clutter, Chaos, and Conflict.

Even when you live with incredibly considerate and tidy people, and even when you have a particularly effective system and rules in the shared kitchen like, “top shelf is mine, bottom shelf is yours” or “you use it, you clean it,” few conflicts and challenges keep on popping in from time to time.


The Struggles Of Sharing A Kitchen


Struggles are inevitable to occur in a shared kitchen space, the ones that happen for most obvious reasons are:



  1. The Sink Overload – Things begin to get stacked up, and it happens before you notice it. Seeing a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink is often enough of a reason to fire up things between roommates.
  2. Overcrowded Space – Ok it isn’t just the common area and bathroom that gets crowded, sometimes it’s even the kitchen. When a kitchen space gets overcrowded, it might be a long wait for you to cook yourself a comforting meal until the crowd clears.
  3. Food Robs – Well, one of the most common challenges one faces is keeping your own food safe from those food thief’s. Well, you cannot go and fight on a missing carrot, but when basic necessities go missing fights are sure to occur.
  4. Taking Out Thrash – Most of the times, thrash goes heavy and stinky and yes most of you do try to avoid the garbage day, don’t you? So, who’s gonna take all that thrash out? And… the arguments begin…
  5. Having Different Definitions Of ‘Clean’ – Only because you think licking the counter makes it real clean doesn’t really mean it does. Only an extra clean freak would understand what we mean here.

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These were just a few, trust me there are many more reasons like these that can heat up things in the kitchen.


Making Things Work In A Shared Kitchen Space


Shared kitchens can become catastrophic if left unchecked. While sharing kitchen spaces is often a bit of a nightmare, here are 9 tips to help you successfully share one.


1. Always Wash Your Dishes (With Soap)



I guess there is no one in this world who likes washing dishes, but again, nobody likes to see your pile of dirty dishes in the sink for days. It is important to always remember, that you are sharing your home with your roommate, but they are not there to clean up after you. Hence, washing your own dishes and cleaning up after yourself is key to maintain an amicable relation between roommates.


2. Keep Your Belongings Separate



When things start to turn nasty in the kitchen and you cannot handle it, simply start keeping your belongings separate. When the fight is over your bowl, you simply need to bring your own bowl to the kitchen, use it, wash it up and then return it to your room. When you leave your belongings to linger around, it’s bound to get used in common.


3. Don’t Eat Your Roommates Food



Eating your roomie’s food without telling them and then further not replacing it, can be annoying. Whom to blame here? The rule is simple, if you didn’t buy it, don’t eat it. Well, irrespective of having good intentions to replace your roomie’s food ASAP, its best not to take it.


4. Keep The Dialogue Going



We’ve said this many time before, communication is key to maintain a healthy relation between roommates. And of course, communication is the single most tool to happily sharing a kitchen. Well, it doesn’t matter if you know your roommate for 10 years or 10 minutes, always talk about your expectations and set standards early on. Communication can make things easy even when things are swelling up.


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5. Be Reasonable



There might be occasions when your roommate leaves a saucepan in the sink to ‘soak’ for a few days. Yes, it can be annoying, but if your roomie is great most of the time there can be something you are not aware of. Maybe a tight work schedule or sick days, be reasonable for a few times. At least until this becomes a common scene.


6. Have Clear Rules



As mentioned every individual has different definitions and standards of cleaning, hence it is important to have blanket rules that everyone knows and follows in terms of keeping the kitchen clean. Stick the rules list on a place that is visible to all on the go, fridge, for example, is a great place.


7. Share The Load



If one-person cooks, it’s quite evident that the other should do the dishes or at least help. When both of you are sharing the load of cooking, make sure you share the responsibility of cleaning up the sink, the counter, and the stove-tops too.


8. Treat The Stove, Oven, And Counter As Separate Spaces



Ok, so you are using the stove, but that doesn’t mean that you would conquer other spaces on the counter and the oven too. It’s best to choose one place and work there and don’t create clutter in other zones. Your roommate might want to make tea while you are chopping vegetables on the counter.


9. Start CoLiving


Shared kitchen Space Rules

Shared kitchen spaces come with a set of essential rules that help ensure a harmonious and functional environment for all users. These guidelines are crucial to maintain cleanliness, organization, and a respectful atmosphere within the shared space.

Firstly, cleanliness is paramount. Every user should clean up after themselves, including washing dishes, utensils, and countertops immediately after use. This not only maintains a hygienic space but also makes it ready for the next user.

Secondly, proper storage practices are key. Labeling personal items and storing them in designated areas prevents confusion and promotes fair use of the shared resources. Clear communication about sharing perishables and common ingredients is also important to avoid any misunderstandings.

Respect for each other’s space and time is another essential rule. Users should be mindful of noise levels, especially during off-peak hours, to ensure a peaceful environment. Additionally, adhering to allocated time slots, if any, for cooking and cleaning is essential to prevent overcrowding and delays.

Safety measures must not be overlooked. Users should be familiar with basic kitchen safety practices, such as handling sharp tools, using appliances correctly, and keeping fire safety equipment accessible and functional.

Lastly, open communication is vital. If any issues arise, users should feel comfortable addressing them with fellow users or the management, if necessary, to maintain a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Shared kitchen space rules are designed to create a cooperative and efficient environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of a communal cooking area while ensuring that respect, cleanliness, and safety remain top priorities.

Coliving doesn’t only guarantee you a decent cooking space, but also offers you an opportunity to live with like-minded people who think exactly like you and like staying exactly as you do. Such like-mindedness works great in shared kitchen space, as together you and your roommates can cook scrumptious meals and keep the kitchen spotless.

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So, have you ever shared a kitchen space with roommates? What are your greatest instructions at making it work well? Do share it with us at comments below.


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