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College life is special. It’s probably the phase when you make close friends, important decisions and most notably enjoy your life to the fullest. There is something about college life which cannot be explained in words, well, school is definitely special but with time many of those school memories do fade away. Coming to college life, it’s a phase that arrives when we are just matured enough to understand, comprehend and most importantly experience and cherish things that come our way.

For some of us college life becomes a totally new journey, yes, we migrate to new cities and start living a new life that too – INDEPENDENTLY. Again, independent living comprises a lot of things, your new home (hostel, PG, or a shared accommodation), new neighborhood, new language, new food, late night parties, group studies and most importantly – Your Roommate.

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Roommate – The 9 Interesting Categories


college life, college life experience, roommate, living with roommates
When it comes to roommates, did you know they can be of many different kinds? Read on:


1. Mr. India

The first roommate which comes to mind is our very own Mr. India. Yes, just like Anil Kapoor in the movie Mr. India went invisible, these roommates are practically never seen. The only time you would probably see them is in the morning when they leave and, in the night, when they come back.


2. Swatch Bharat Candidate

Some roommates are obsessed about cleaning and you might find them cleaning almost every possible thing they get, yes, they won’t mind even its your head. These obsessed cleaners might end up cleaning your room due to their extreme cleaning mania. Hygiene is definitely important and you should certainly clean your room but these roommates are on another level which might drive you crazy after a while.


3. The Slob

One set of roommates are slobs. They are so lethargic that you can’t expect anything from them. When you live in a hostel, you have to share responsibilities or else it becomes difficult to live in. If you get a roommate like the slob then it’s going to be a tough time for you.


4. The Scrounger

There are a set of roommates who are financially broke and would ask you for monetary help from time to time. It is a good idea to help the needy, but when you are in college you yourself are deprived and have to make expenses wisely. The reality is you can’t afford to help such scroungers every single time.


5. The Sharer

Sharers are one of the best set of roommates you will ever come across. They are extremely sweet and make sure that whatever they bring, you have access to it. They are extremely gentle and you will be lucky if you have a roommate like them.


6. Disco Deewana

This is one of the most common sets of roommates you will come across during your college life. I had mentioned in the beginning of this article that college life involves a lot of late night parties and the Disco Deewana has a major role to play in this regard.


7. Over Attached

Some roommates are extremely over attached. In a short period of time they might get very attached to you and tell you almost everything about their personal life. This set of roommates are extremely gentle and will never make you feel emotionally volatile.


8. Over Talkative

If you love talking, then you are going to love this set of roommates. But if you are the silent one, then trust me its going to be a tough time ahead.  These set of roommates can talk tirelessly for hours without food and water, so beware!


9. The Food Bandit

Some roommates like to spend a majority of their time hunting for food. If you are a foodie then you can join the hunt and if not then expect your mother’s delicious packed food to get robbed anytime soon.


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College cannot be the same experience without roommates. While living with other people is hard, having a roommate who thinks like you can be worthwhile. CoLive to connect with like-minded people who are just perfect to be friends with, hang out every now and then and also ones who give you the much-needed space when needed.