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Patience is a virtue you can definitely find in a person who lives as a paying guest. These are people who have to reach into their deep pool of patience daily and adjust to the quirky and weird problems that each new day brings.

One of the biggest disadvantages reported by paying guests is the restriction put on bringing over friends to your room. This rule is more common than you may imagine and the reasons vary with each landlord. Some might say that the increased noise level is a problem, while others may even restrict entries of boys for girls, and vice versa, touting ‘moral’ reasons.

This, and many other such, problems make a paying guest learn the value and importance of being extremely patient.


Exposing The Realities Of A PG Accommodation


Here are few of the main scenarios you are likely to face if you ever choose to live as a paying guest:

1. Living In A Small Congested Area

Get ready to be disappointed by subversive advertisement. Often landlords may promote their PG accommodation as being more spacious and larger than they usually are. All in all, don’t be ready to believe whatever you may read in an advertisement for a paying guest accommodation, until and unless you check for yourself.

2. Personal Space – Don’t Even Think About It

Personal privacy becomes a dream when you have to share your room with other roommates as a paying guest. Personal space might be restricted to your own bed, often times. Don’t make the mistake of expecting the comfort of a home just because the house seems cozy.

3. Savings? Really

If you are under the misconception that you will be able to at least save on food expenses, as most PG houses offer in-house meals, then think again. Most of the time, the food might not be to your liking and you will eventually spend more by frequently eating out.

4. Living With Weird People

We are all different and there is a high chance that your roommate and you might be poles apart when it comes to choices, preferences, and habits. Sometimes your worst nightmare could be in the form of your weird roommate who has specific quirks which tend to be distracting, in the least.

5. Restrictions, Restrictions & Restrictions

Living as a paying guest might feel more restricted when you lived at home with your family. Some of the weirdest restrictions reported include not allowing girls to have a ceiling fan in their rooms, for fear of the girl committing suicide, and even as inane as not being allowed to talk loudly at night.

Nevertheless, living under such restrictions is not acceptable by everybody and this brings us to Co Living.


Heard Of Co Living?


Co Living is the latest concept of shared living. It varies from PG accommodation in several aspects. If you think that millennials are too pampered then you’ll be surprised to know that the concept of shared community living has been revived by these youngsters. These are the express benefits that you get when you choose a co living space over a paying guest accommodation:

  • Communal activities
  • Well-planned communal living layout
  • Tenure flexibility
  • Fosters social mixing and improves compatibility
  • Well-furnished living space
  • Single payment covers for all expenses

These are just the most common advantages you will get when you choose to live with others in a communal setting. No matter, if you are an introvert or an extrovert, co living will ensure that you are comfortable and safe within your abode. Ditch PG and Switch to Co Living, find our more at