Co-living spaces at Colive have been rising on the trend meter in the country and possibly for the right reasons. It is a modern solution that helps deal with all kinds of problems millennials face while finding comfortable and affordable housing options. With the current scenario where millennials leave their hometowns for better career options and meet the rising demands of accommodations, Co-living spaces have many benefits, including opportunities to socialize, exchange ideas, deal with responsibilities, and a lot more fun activities to keep you busy and happy. 

Colive spaces are well-ventilated, stunningly designed, with plenty of storage spaces, zero lock-in period, in-room essentials, 24×7 maintenance support, and all the facilities for smart and quality living. A living space should not just be limited to facilities for food, it should have a lot more facilities and features that make a place worth living at. Co-living can mean many things to various people. For many professionals, it is an opportunity to expand their personal network or take part in team-building activities in a new setting.  

Co-living takes on a more personal meaning for certain people. It can be an opportunity to re-establish a balance in a hectic work schedule or a chance to foster new relationships through sharing. More than ever before, workers are questioning the logic and purpose of their jobs. Younger generations have had to embrace change and adapt to less-than-ideal economic conditions fast. However, the requirement for rapid change has resulted in several beneficial results, including the growth of a thriving worldwide coworking scene and, more lately, co-living. 

As the concept of collaboration over competition has gained traction, a global network of professionals has emerged who wouldn’t have it any other way. This adaptable and creative workforce is eager to push the modern workplace’s boundaries and will share more than simply a desk. Workers want to bring the delights of the weekend into the workplace rather than just working for the weekend. 

Pocket-Friendly Option

Other significant benefits include. A lower Security Deposit is helpful for millennials who want to be independent but without having to pay high-security amounts that sometimes even get stuck because of owner problems when vacating flats and PGs. It is also one way to cut down on expenses by living in shared accommodation without compromising on the quality, location, and amenities in the housing location. Splitting electricity, water, internet, grocery bills with like-minded people can make these spaces a cost-effective solution for you. These spaces come with more freedom, a sense of independence, and responsibility, which help you grow. 

Tenants can come and go at any hour of the day, choose the time of their meals without any interference of owners or landlords. This gives you your personal space and helps you learn many important lessons in life, and helps leave the secure shell and explore new things. They also come with many essential amenities that cut on a significant portion of expenditure compared to PGs and flats. Furnished rooms, food options, meals, internet facility, laundry, housekeeping services to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the premises. These basic amenities are of the best quality to make it all worth it to top it all up. To make the experience even better, many entertainments, fitness-based spaces, and equipment are installed that make these spaces worth every single penny of yours. 

Socialising Space 

Renting out a place with strangers can be a little intimidating. The priority is always someone we know and share a bond with. But, what if we allow you to share a room with your friend and then give you space where you could make friends, find opportunities and end up with friends that become a family away from home? Yes, you heard it right! All of this is very much possible and is what Colive offers to every millennial out there. Colive gives you space and chances to bond with multiple people living within the same property as you. People from different backgrounds, fields, career paths from all around the country. If this isn’t a perfect opportunity for you to make bonds, share opportunities, and grab chances, we don’t know what is? Considering how millennials are on little pocket money or even starting compensatory packages from work, this is the best solution for everyone looking for accommodation! 

Community Building Activities

Colive is a space that will provide you with ample chances to meet your friends who will listen to your banter about work and offer you advice regarding the same but what’s even better is, you have time to bond with new people almost every day within a safe space. The Colive spaces have been designed so that you don’t feel FOMO because you won’t miss out on anything important. Watch sports and movies on Netflix and Prime Video in the cinema room, because what’s better than a discussion on films and your favorite sports? They bring people together, help understand each other’s tastes and likings, which can help you decide who you want to bond with. 

Colive not only gives you multiple spaces to evade your boredom but also a well-thought-out zone for co-working to experience a hassle-free work-from-home day with your fellow co-livers. We also understand how challenging it might be for introverts to engage in conversations and bonding activities, which is why the spaces have been made insta-worthy with an ambiance to relax and give you a chance to open up and make friends.  

Your Getaway Destination

The common spaces offer you a great vibe to meet up with people without leaving the property and spending extra cash on restaurants and cafes. Find your workout partner at the gym, game together at the gaming lounge, read your favorite books and discuss your favorite authors in the reading room, get away from the world in the music room and do everything that you would want to do without keeping your wallet at stake! What more would you like a perfect living space to offer?  

All of this is enough to tell you why we should be your next home but wait, let us give you more reasons, so you don’t have second thoughts! The weekends are my favorite time of the week. 

And to make them even more fun and memorable, we have got activities that will rejuvenate and motivate you to go back to work on Monday. The weekends are filled with barbeque parties, stand-up comedy, singing, dancing, open-themed parties, special screenings in the Cinema Room, and much more stuff to look forward to. The weekend parties are a great space and offer opportunities for you to meet new people, understand their work, culture, and everything they do. Having meals together, watching favorite shows, and doing favorite pastime activities together is a great way to know people.  

All-round Growth

This space also enables you to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotion parties, get-togethers, or even just a party without reason so you could vent it out after a tiring week at work! Colive is a space filled with people from various cultures, which gives you a chance to know other communities and religions by celebrating their festivals, be it, EID, Diwali, Holi and New Year, etc., which is a great way to share memories and family recipes. 

While all of this happens, we also like our tenants to be healthy, and fit, so the spaces have a Fitness Room, which offers Group Sessions in Yoga, Zumba, Kick-boxing, Dance, and Choreography. To feed the healthy competitor in you, Colive also hosts Championships in Quarterly Tournaments for Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Food-ball, FIFA, etc.   

Your Ultimate Choice

These fantastic facilities and you think that this living space will burn a hole in your pocket. No! All the Colive spaces have been designed so that people from different places can co-exist at affordable prices without it being heavy on your wallet. The Colive community understands how important it is to socialize and live in a safe, clean, organized, and well-facilitated space. Looking for PGs or flats might seem like an effortless task, but what comes after is setting up everything according to your needs, which can be very difficult for you, but with Colive, we got you covered!  

Millennials are more drawn towards lifestyle choices and communities, so they prefer more social and flexible spaces. They want their spaces to be fun, exciting, and something they want to come back to. Colive is the perfect example of Comfort, community, and convenience that an ideal living space should offer. Co-living spaces are new because of multiple reasons and are worth exploring when experiencing the spaces. 

So, if you’re looking for a home away from home, Colive is the perfect space for you! Visit and explore the amazing range of Colive properties at your desired location in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune & Chennai.