Planning to move in with your Bae? Colive cuddle homes are the perfect solution in BTM or across Bangalore
Planning to move in with your Bae? Colive cuddle homes are the perfect solution in BTM or across Bangalore

Living in Bengaluru can itself be called a heroic effort. By ‘living’, we mean having a room or a PG to go back to at the end of the day. Lucky are the ones who live in this beautiful city, let’s keep aside the traffic for a moment here, with their families. But it’s a welcoming city and a melting pot of cultures from across the country which should make it easier to live there, right? The answer can’t be that straightforward.

So we are talking about living in Bengaluru with your bae, or partner, in a paying guest (PG) and living there without any hassles. It may sound too optimistic but it is definitely possible.

Why live in a couple-friendly house?

Living with your partner before, say marriage, can be helpful. Though the blog is not about marriage vs living together before marriage, that is the X-factor in the case of Colive Cuddle. It is for those who want to experience freedom in a relationship before it gets inked formally. 

How are Colive Cuddle homes better than normal rental PGs?

BTM Layout is filled with rental properties and there is no dearth of people to fill in those houses and PGs. However, it’s not possible to live in a rental property as if you own it in those conventional rental houses. The owners will very likely keep visiting you every few days just to check on ‘things’.

Here are some of the ways Colive Cuddle is cooler than the rest:

  1. Your neighbors will be chilled out just like you unlike the detective aunties and uncles with their ears always to the walls in regular rented houses.
  2. Every single thing you wanted for yourself or had in your house, you will have them all here. And yes, nobody will come knocking on your door just like that. Your Choice house will be truly and completely yours.
  3. It a commonplace for all the tenants to come together and spend some time socializing.
  4. Tech-enabled 24*7 security. 

These aren’t the only ways Cuddle homes are better, there’s a lot more to it!

For those who say ‘marriage can wait

When we are moving to a new place for studies or employment, most of us feel the warmth of our homes and will eventually become homesick. Some get over it pretty quickly, others can’t. During such times it’s nothing short of a blessing to have your partner living with you.

We can go on and on about the advantages of living with the person you love spending time with, like not having the need to put effort to get along with a stranger, having someone to talk with, feeling safe and secure, etc.

Colive Cuddle homes for couples and their privacy

If you are planning to move in with your partner in Bengaluru, Colive Cuddle is the best option you will come across. These are designed for couples, their comfort, and most importantly, their privacy. Even now across the country, couples living together, if they are not married, is considered taboo and too much criticism is directed towards them unnecessarily.


Affordability of PG in Bengaluru, in BTM

Though the cost of living in Bengaluru may seem to be at par with other metro cities in terms of food and travel, you will be surprised that the property rental rates are way more affordable! You will get value out of every penny you pay for rent in Bengaluru and the comfort of living at your own house if you are at Colive!

Save your time looking for a suitable place

Like in any big city, finding a place to live is a lengthy process, and to find one which suits your needs and comfort, is called luck. Thankfully, you don’t have to put in much effort and time to find yourself and your partner home when you have Colive Cuddle.

Proximity to metro and bus stations

If there is one thing you will appreciate about Bengaluru’s public transportation it’s because of how close you will find yourselves to a bus stand or a metro station. Walk-in any direction for two minutes and you will find a bus or a metro to hop into. BTM Layout is no different. The nearest metro stations (Rashtreeya Vidyalaya and Banashankari) are only 1.6km – 2km from BTM Layout.

Live-in relationships won’t be a struggle anymore

If you and your bae are Bollywood freaks and crave drama, you may go out seeking it in a hostile environment surrounded by judgmental elders and peers, and still manage to live through all that rubble. Since most of us are not like that and prefer living peacefully and carefree without worrying about our safety, Colive Cuddle homes are the best solution.

Live-in, enjoy, and cuddle at Colive Cuddle homes!