The Ultimate Checklist To Find Best PG In Bangalore
The Ultimate Checklist To Find Best PG In Bangalore

Bangalore is a city of people having distinguished cultures, thoughts, vision, ideas, and practices. Bangalore has always been a very accepting city gifting people with opportunities and experiences.

But when it comes to finding a home away from home, most people get stuck in that. Home is a space that speaks the language of sheer comfort and safety.

A perfect home is a space delivering both emotional and psychological satisfaction with the luxury of ease in living. This article will provide you with an insight into the checklist one should keep in mind to find the best PG in Bangalore.

Checklist for best PG in Bangalore

PGs aligning with your requirements and needs are hard to find. From locations to necessities, safety and security everything needs to be covered while looking for a space one can call home. Listing down pointers for one should consider while deciding on PGs.

1.    Location

Location is one of the most essential aspects to consider while looking for a PG in Bangalore. Location defines your whole lifestyle while living in that PG. It structures your schedule for the day.

Firstly, your PG should be near your working space. The majority of your time will be spent commuting between your office/college and home. The ideal place is one that is located within walking distance from the place of your work/study.

But the budget can be a constraint, as a place consolidating professional spaces and universities will have high rise rents eating up half of your salary. So one should lookup for a space that is the perfect balance of residential and professional areas supporting less rent.

2.    Transportation

Transportation is an important aspect of leading life. Your PG locality should support easy commuting for you to have a connection with other places.

There must be a chance of not finding a space fitting in all the columns of your requirements. Then you have to adjust according to the availability of a space that supports connectivity with easy access to transportation.

3.    Neighbourhood

While looking for a PG room in Bangalore, the neighborhood plays an essential role in living and shaping your life. The neighborhood includes the facilities, stores, and people around living your locality.

The neighborhood should be a priority while looking for a place, should be safe and secure, support ease of living, and align with your lifestyle.

4.    Basic Amenities

The ideal locality should be surrounded by basic utility stores and marts. The residential area ensures you with some basic amenities like grocery shops, chemists, departmental stores, dry cleaners, a  salon, and a gym are available in the vicinity.

The ideal location is the one that covers all the basic utilities and amenities you require to lead a life of ease and comfort.

5.    Budgeting

A perfect PG should adhere to your budget requirements. Budgeting is important as it frames the financial facet of your life.

You will plan your monthly budget in accordance with your salary, helping you understand your affordability power providing you with a clearer vision of the suitability of the budget of renting your place.

6.    Security Deposit

Most of the Bangalore house owners charge 6 months to 10 months of security deposit for an 11-month lease.

Blocking a huge amount of 6 months’ rent is an important issue of concern, so you should go through every available option and alternative before signing the lease. Deciding on your PG room in Bangalore, you should discuss the security deposit and the terms and conditions that your leasing paper holds.


A place of living is an essential aspect of leading your life, so your place should provide you with a homely and comfortable feeling.

Finding a PG in Bangalore is a difficult task, but adhering to all these aspects of your living into your search for the best PG in Bangalore will make it easy and fun. Also, while experiencing and exploring a new city a place to call home should be the definition of cozy and relaxing.

The perfect home is not what you own is what owns you with its comfort and vibes. One such place that redefines living for people is Colive. Own a shelter that speaks the language of a perfect home.