Looking for 1BHK flat on rent in Chennai? Check out these awesome spaces on rent
Looking for 1BHK flat on rent in Chennai? Check out these awesome spaces on rent

Looking for a 1BHK flat on rent in Chennai?
Your search ends here, Check out these awesome spaces now available for rent.

So you have landed that job you always wanted to but now you have to move to Chennai.
And you just can’t wrap around your head on where to live.

You must have probably been through numerous rental housing sites and portals online.
And, we are pretty sure the rents and horrid flats must have scared you by now.

What if we told you that we have been waiting for you all this while with the sweetest set of properties there are.

From Prime rental spaces to hostels and Pgs.
We got them all, with Rentals starting from just Rs 5000.

Just click on the following link and browse through some excellent options:


Living Space Galore:

Colive has an array of options to choose from.
Whether you need a single room PG accommodation or an apartment or you want to share the space with your loved ones, friends, and other like-minded people.

The spaces are clean and comfortable with a bed and a designated study area. There are common shared spaces for the co-residents in the apartment. All apartments are done up in a modern minimalist style. You can easily take your pick from the choices available.


We understand it’s hard to settle in from a place away from home, hence we have made efforts towards creating a livable that feels like a home away from home.
At Colive, we provide all the modern amenities that would make one feel right at home.
To name a few our spaces are come fitted with televisions, well-equipped kitchens, etc.

Food and Laundry:

Apart from the pre-equipped kitchens that allow you to cook. Colive also provides places that have the provision of meals. Either way, we got you covered!
For your laundry needs, we have washing machines that can be used in the designated laundry area.
So far so good right?

Safety and Security:

A ensure you are at peace when you live at Colive.
Hence, your safety is our concern indeed. There are so many checks that we take care of to ensure a safe and secure stay.
You can be assured of 24*7 surveillance. Nobody can access the property until and unless they have specific tech-enabled access cards that work with face recognition technology. Even if there is an emergency or any disaster of sorts we have a helpline that is at your service 24*7.


So now that we are finally making sense to you, you must be wondering who will take care of the maintenance of the place? Being single isn’t easy right? Plus, hiring a maid seems like too much money to burn.
Just hear us out, Colive has an in-house maintenance staff that takes care of the cleanliness and keeps everything looking squeaky clean. So that is one less thing to worry about when you head back to your Colive after a tiring day of work.


Finally! Coming to the most important aspect of finding a rental, or maybe the second most important.
To us, WIFI is important AF!
Due to the current situation working from home has become the new normal, so having a working high-speed WIFI connection is a necessity at this point. But WIFI means added expenses right?

Not really, Colive takes care of your WIFI needs so that you can work comfortably. In addition to that, we also have shared spaces where you can brainstorm with your colleagues.
Colive gets it guys, Colive gets it!

Affordable Pricing:

Okay, seriously this is Important.
You certainly need to ask your pocket before you look out for a property to rent.
Plus setting up personal space for a single space in a new city already sounds like a daunting task.
And, we haven’t even started with the costs that you have to bear to actually make a space livable enough.

We know the struggle and we are here to help.
Whatever your requirement maybe we have a suitable renting option for you just log on to www.colive.com and explore great rental places in Chennai. Once you narrow in on a property that you like, you can request a virtual tour. Yes, we are cool like that.
So what are you waiting for?

Ajao Colive!