When you move to a new city what is the first thing you would seek? Safe living space in a decent neighbourhood, isn’t it? How easy or difficult is it to find an appropriate PG accommodation in a comfortable residential area? Would you check with locals or that family friend who has been in the city for years or that distant cousin who shifted a couple of years back? They would recommend a couple of places in their neighbourhood in case they see “To let” boards or they could introduce you to the local real estate agent.

The agent would quickly take you on a house-hunting trip hopping from one apartment to another trying to close the deal in a hurry. Of course, his haste is justified since he needs to collect his commission from both parties. Whether he has done the groundwork or not remains to be seen! Many a time a lot of freebies are promised but they never see the light of day. Verbal agreements are a strict no-no when it comes to rental properties. It is best to have the agreement in writing and get it registered. That way, the interests of both parties are protected.

You may find your Dream PG accommodation through these traditional channels and things move smoothly. Well, in that case, you are lucky and you can thank your stars. On the other hand, things could go wrong because proper background checks were not completed. In that event, you will not be able to hold anyone responsible.

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In today’s technologically advanced world, the dependence on people has been replaced by the dependence on data. If sufficient data is presented it becomes easy to analyze the same, compare the options available, and arrive at a prudent decision.

Ever been in a situation where you are moving to a new city and check with the locals about the safe and best residential areas? The struggle becomes real when you go house hunting and travel across the city to look for that one perfect place that is pretty and affordable yet closer to your workplace or collagen but find yourself disappointed towards the end of the day for multiple reasons. Sometimes the security deposits are too high, or the area is not peaceful, or it is very hard to find a daily commute. Well, we all have been there and are well-versed with the pain and struggles behind house hunting.

If you are planning to move to Bangalore, we have got you all covered. Colive brings to you the best PG in Bangalore in the best residential areas where you can find comfort and peace after a hectic day at work. Be it a single room PG or flat for rent in Bangalore for bachelors, Colive is here to cater to all your needs in the best possible ways.

Now let us look at what factors you would consider to judge the safety of a PG accommodation?

They would be

  • Nature of Property
  • Security Provisions
  • Neighbourhood History
  • Daily Commute

What would satisfy you that this is a safe place to live in? How can Colive help you in this regard? Let us explore each point in detail.

Nature of the property

It would be important to consider the nature of the property i.e whether it is a stand-alone building, an independent house or a gated community. The security provisions and access to the property would be dependent on this. An independent house in the middle of nowhere offers no safety. A gated community, on the other hand, is safer.

The Colive Advantage

Colive has a wide range of properties from stand-alone buildings and gated communities to independent villas. However, all properties are properly secured to ensure a safe and secure stay for the residents.

Security Provisions

A building without a security guard is risk-prone. Unless the entry and exit of visitors are tracked and vehicles checked before entry, the safety of residents is at stake and can be breached at any time. These days, some buildings use access cards to allow access from the basement parking. This is to ensure that no unauthorized person can breach security and enter the building.

24* 7 security at Colive

All Colive properties have 24*7 surveillance systems that can track all movements. Colive Residents can access the property using an access card based on facial recognition. Apart from Colive residents, their guests and the Colive Staff nobody else has access to the property. The properties have 24-hour power backup. Colive has set up an Emergency Response team with a helpline number that residents can call in case of an emergency caused by fire, intruders, assault or accidents. At Colive, we try to make the residents feel as safe as possible. For women who are not comfortable with unisex spaces. Colive has created all ladies PG accommodations keeping their needs in mind. These properties are safe for young girls and single women who are living away from home for their academics or work reasons.

Neighbourhood History

Some areas in every city are always in the news for the wrong reasons. They may be volatile and easily incited. Such neighbourhoods would have low rentals but are best avoided if you are a single newcomer in the city. You can check neighbourhood reviews on the internet to make sure that the neighbourhood you are moving into is safe and trouble-free. This may sound trivial at first but is a very important factor to be considered while finding PG accommodation. The last thing you need is a sleazy neighbourhood to find your living space.

Distinct Colive properties

Colive properties are spread out across the city in the safest residential areas. A lot of research goes in before a suitable property is identified for this purpose. The quality of the neighbourhood is researched before developing into a Colive property with its inbuilt advantages.

Daily Commute

Remember, you cannot be staying in your PG accommodation all day. You would need to commute to and from your place of work. So it is important to assess the ease and safety of the commute before selecting a place to live. It is important to check out the safest routes and mode of transport to use. This is another reason why you should check out the quality of the neighbourhood to ensure that you don’t face issues while leaving your home at early hours or returning late at night.

Easy Access to transport at Colive

Colive endeavours to pick the most convenient locations for its properties. It ensures that Colive residents are either at walking distance from important business districts or IT parks or have convenient access to public transport. This makes it easy for Colive residents to manage their daily commute safely.

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The Colive Brand

Colive has redefined the concept of shared living spaces. It has taken into account every need that a single would have in a new city and made an honest attempt to fulfil it in the best possible way. Colive understands the stress and pressure of finding a suitable, safe and comfortable living space in a new city. Most homeowners are not willing to let out their properties to singles which create a difficult situation in a new city. Moreover, the spate of crimes against women makes it extremely risky for young women to live independently on their own. Colive offers exclusive ladies properties where independent young women can have a safe and comfortable stay. There are some issues on which there is no compromise and safety is one of them. Colive leaves no stone unturned to assure its residents of the highest safety standards which makes the brand stand apart when it comes to selecting the best PG accommodation for singles in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune. It is important to walk the talk and that is the reason why Colive has used technology-enabled solutions to secure its properties and provide its residents with a safe haven where safety and security are assured granting peace of mind and a sound night’s sleep.

Our fully furnished rooms with minimal modern interiors and all the amenities are all you need to make your stay a comfortable one. Talking about safety, it is our utmost priority as Colive accommodations come with smart locks, which even has a Facial Recognition Access Management Engine. Every Colive property is under CCTV and video surveillance 24X7. We have an emergency response team as well. So if you are ever stuck in an unfortunate incident, we are right here for you. Of course, you can count on us!

We also cater to branded corporate stays to all the employees and wow them during the times of recruitment or even during the relocation as we have a zero lock-in period, so you are free to move out or even take an internal transfer to another Colive property as per the need.

Colive is the one-stop solution for the bachelor accommodation in Bangalore where we have separate PG for ladies as well if they are not comfortable in sharing a unisex Colive building.

That’s just not it folks, we have a lot more to offer. We all hate house chores, don’t we? Well, who wants to clean the apartment in the middle of a hectic day? At Colive, we have the very best professional housekeeping staff to ensure the place is all tidy for the residents to enjoy their stay in a cleaner ambience. So now you can tick the chores off the list for we got your back!

Did someone say power back up? Well, you are in luck because that is what Colive properties offer to all the residents. After all, life is too short to sit around waiting for the electricity to finish your task list for the day. All our housekeeping staff are housed at the respective Colive properties, hence all the hassle-free services are guaranteed. We also ensure clean drinking water for all our Colive residents, hence RO is available at all the Colive Properties.

Now say goodbye to all the struggles and look forward to the good times and let’s make your stay a stay-cation at Colive.

What are you waiting for? Log into our website today and let the good times begin because you deserve all the comforts and little joy in life! See you on board, folks! Don’t lose sleep over it! We have you covered!