Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates

Every single individual who has ever lived in a hostel, PG or a shared apartment has several stories about their strange, irritating or crazy roommates. Well, living with people who come from different walks of life that too in a typical roommate situation can be challenging, and can get even tenser with time. Sometimes we try to fight the situation and work out the differences, but many times things don’t work the way we want it to; hence parting ways is the best solution. For those who don’t try, they wish their bad roommate would just pack up and leave; but wake up things isn’t that simple.

Getting stuck with a bad roommate is one serious problem, so, how do you persuade such people to depart?

When facing difficulties with roommates, it’s essential to approach the situation with respect and open communication. Instead of focusing on “getting rid” of roommates, consider discussing the issues you’re experiencing. Try talking about your concerns, setting boundaries, and finding potential solutions together. If the problems persist and become unmanageable, involving a resident advisor or housing management could help mediate the situation. Remember, fostering a healthy living environment often involves compromise and understanding from all parties involved.Envisage if you could try these extreme funny ways to get a bad roommate to move out …


A Bad Roommate – Few Annoying Things This Creature Does


Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates

Living together with other people in a roommate state is exciting, but this situation doesn’t stay fresh for long. Whether your roommate is a faultlessly respectable human or a demon from hell, living in complete harmony always is pretty much impossible. Roommate relationships are often beyond complicated, but what is actually so complicating? Try and spot if your roommate has revealed a difficult-to-deal-with side of their personality, things like:

  • They Don’t Clean Up After Themselves
  • They Eat All Your Food & Are Never Sorry
  • They Bring In Other Irritating People Without Informing You
  • They Use & Damage Your Things
  • Give You ‘0’ Personal Space

Now since you realize it has gotten to a point where it is no longer possible to share your living space with such a vile, excruciating person. The only possible answer is – ACTION.


Funny Ways To Get Rid Of A Bad Roommate


Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates


We have all had that one roommate who drives us absolutely crazy. Nope, we aren’t asking you to send them court notice as it’s not that serious, to end up in a healthy way try these 5 funny ways:


1. Start Irritating Them More

One of the best ways to get into that revenge or as we call it “Badla” mode. Get even more annoying and irritating than they are. Do exactly what they have been doing to you, go a step ahead to irritate them and don’t bother if they start venting out stories about you to others; remember your mission is to throw them out of the house.


2. Activate Sleep Troubles

Sleep is indispensable to enjoying life and cannot be done without. Activating sleep troubles is a great trick and trust me, your roommates will produce speedy, and wonderful results. I would recommend you to set alarms at 5.00 A.M and press snooze until you get finally decide to get up or put on some good devotional numbers on your speakers at full volume.


3. Leave No Room For Peace

The place you live is a sanctuary where you feel at ease and secure. Steal away this notion from that bad roommate. Scare your roommate that you’re stuck in some problem, tell them stories like “If some bad people come by asking for you or for money, just tell them I’m not there”. Don’t answer their queries any further, they will get bizarre in such a situation. And who like to live with unwanted troubles? They will surely run out.


4. Eat All Your Roommates Food

All this while they have been keeping you starved, now it’s your turn. Eat all the food in the house or hide it so that he/she feels the real hunger. If they keep food for themselves, eat it without their permission to irritate them more. Nothing can be more maddening than hunger.?


5. Fart!!

If you eat unduly more, you will surely have stomach troubles; don’t mind farting near your roommate. In fact, fart as much as you can, so that he/she needs to move out to breathe some fresh air. The idea is to make it impossible for them to breathe – “Saas Lena Mushkil Kar Do


Final Thoughts


These were few funny yet proven ways to get rid of a bad roommate. Well, living with anyone has its challenges and its benefits. But if you are clear about what you will and won’t stand for, you have a better chance of cleansing your living condition. And if not, change is always respectable and maybe your next roommate will be a better person.