Community living for seniors

Though old age homes and community living for seniors; both are the accommodation options meant to cater to the needs of old age people yet both facilities differ on parameters like infrastructure, facilities, privacy, meals provision, healthcare etc. And based upon the comparison between old age homes and community living options for seniors, one can analyse which the best suited option is depending upon their needs as well as personal choice.

Difference between Old age homes and community living for seniors:

1. Infrastructure

While an old age home provides you shared living spaces with basic infrastructure; the Community living for seniors provides individual unit well equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure utmost comfort.

2. Facilities

The facilities that a basic old age home offers include nothing more than dormitories, shared washrooms and lounge area. But are these enough keeping in mind the comfort factor? Definitely not! Hence, senior community living spaces come with facilities like 24*7 medical assistance, fun activities, senior friendly furniture & washrooms, walking paths, meditation rooms, library and much more.

3. Privacy

Privacy is important for all age groups. Old age homes generally have shared living spaces so there is no chance of getting any privacy. However, community living for seniors offer individual units for stay; hence one gets the required privacy.

4. Meals

Daily meals are provided at the Old age homes. But is that all that one desires? Definitely not! Keeping in mind the fact that all have different food tastes; the senior community living spaces provide the option to cook your own meals or place order in the kitchen based upon your particular dietary requirements. So, you get both taste as well as nutrition.

5. Healthcare

Old age requires extra medical attention. Hence, old age homes have experienced medical staff to take care if the senior’s health. However, the community living for seniors not only has medical staff on the premises but also has tie-ups with hospitals in case of emergencies. The Colive powered community living for seniors in Bangalore, Colive Vanaprastha has tie up with Portea medical to ensure that the residents have necessary first aid, primary care, and golden hour treatment available.

6. Entertainment

In the name of entertainment, the old age homes just have a TV. But if you are looking for more entertainment options then opt for community living for seniors as there you get access to range of amenities like regular functions, fun activities, games etc.

So, this was the basic difference between the old age homes and community living for seniors. The senior community living spaces definitely offer better facilities and are more fun to be at. If you are looking for senior community living spaces in Bangalore then do consider Colive Vanaprastha where luxury and comfort are the way of life for seniors.