Co-living spaces - The most flexible rental option for newbies in Bangalore
Co-living spaces - The most flexible rental option for newbies in Bangalore

Relocating used to be a tedious and tiring task until the introduction of co-living spaces. This flexible rental option has made life in a new city easy for so many reasons. Here are the top 6 reasons that have made Co-living the most sought after rental accommodation option for the newcomers in Bangalore:

  1. Easy on pocket

Co-living spaces bring down the average cost of living for the consumer as the rent and other living costs are split equally among the roommates. Apart from this, sharing of the lower utilization areas like kitchen, utility area, living room, etc – with a larger community increases the per sq. ft. utilization of residential space.

  1. Community touch

Moving to a new city separates you from the family but co-living environment gives the feeling of general togetherness. With smart blend of private and communal spaces, co-living makes it effortless to bond with like-minded people.

  1. Plug-and-play Model

Unlike other rental options, co-living saves the residents from the stress of dealing with everyday household chores.The monthly rent includes everything – from maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and furnishing to water, electricity, Wi-Fi and entertainment. Hence, you just need to pay the rent and all facilities are at your disposal.

  1. Lease tenure flexibility

The present day young professionals are traveling and relocating frequently. Hence, the traditional leasing commitments don’t work for this always-on-the-move generation. Co-living comes as the best solution by offering flexible living arrangement that not only keeps the costs under control, but also makes the logistics easier. You can lease an accommodation for as long as you require. At colive, it’s even easier as there is a strict app-based notice-period interface. All you need to do is raise a service ticket for vacating the currently occupied property before the last working day of the current month if you wish to vacate the property in the upcoming month.

  1. Women-friendly Environment

Safety and comfort are a top priority when choosing rental accommodation especially in present times when increasing number of women too are shifting to new cities for study and career opportunities. Factors such as access card entry and background verification as well as screening process of the staff and residents make co-living a safer residential option.

  1. Lifestyle Choice

Unlike PG accommodation, co-living spaces are created according to the lifestyle choice of millennials. Higher emphasis is put on design and service. It provides the desired standard of living and feels more like home.

Hence, co-living is the new age rental accommodation that offers an agile living arrangement keeping the costs under control and providing the much desired flexibility.