Colive - Top choice of millennials migrating to metro cities
Colive - Top choice of millennials migrating to metro cities


Millennials are constantly on the move; be it for higher education or a new job. They are ready to shift cities and homes but do not wish to compromise on their lifestyle needs. Hence, their rental space has to be a home away from home so they can focus on their academic and personal pursuits. Keeping this in view, Colive has created service-led and professionally-managed rental homes that take end-to-end care of daily living needs.

Below are some of the features that have made Colive the top choice of millennials migrating to metro cities:

Ease of Search

It’s not easy to search an accommodation in a new city; more so when people shift for a short-term project. One needs to select the suitable location, visit a few properties, negotiate with landlords, and arrange for high security deposits and so on. But with Colive, the desired accommodation is just a few clicks away, thus avoiding the unnecessary hassles.

Strategic Location

All Colive properties are located in close proximity to IT hubs and Institutional areas. This makes commuting easy and less time consuming.

Pocket Friendly Option

Millennials demand newly-furnished spaces with a range of amenities at an affordable cost. Colive provides all this and much more without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, co-living significantly cuts down the cost of living as people share the rent and at the same time enjoy add on services such as daily housekeeping, laundry, on-call resident facility management, daily meals, among others.

Safety features

Safety of tenants is top priority. The safety aspects are taken care of via Technology enabled system. Going beyond the traditional background checks and verifications, Colive properties are well-equipped with CCTV & Video Surveillance. All the events happening across the locations are closely monitored by the CSM team (Central Security Monitoring team). Further, the biometric and facial recognition systems are installed to keep non-residents from entering the premises.

Sense of Community 

Colive provides a community living environment that allows the youth to interact, relax, learn and grow with peers. This not only keeps people from feeling a sense of loneliness after moving away from home but also offers them a company of like-minded individuals in a comfortable setting.

Co-living at Colive is all about community and collaboration rather than just isolation and competition. By creating an environment of sharing resources, Colive homes are not just pocket-friendly but also environment friendly. Happy Co-living!