7 party ideas perfect for shared accommodation residents

Picking a great party theme that would blow everyone’s mind is undoubtedly one of the toughest steps of party planning. Don’t worry, today you’re in luck because we are here with 7 wonderful party ideas perfect for shared accommodation.

Yeah! Of course, you feel the pressure to make sure that it is cool, unique, fun, and also interesting. But in today’s time of social media, you also need to let everyone look fabulous and take a hell lot of selfies & make videos.

Now if you are thinking that it is next to impossible to arrange all this in a PG, then let us tell you that you can. Co-living spaces can also organize some of the best parties on special occasions. This list of party ideas is focussed on young adults.

Let’s check out the list of these simple yet interesting party ideas for youth that would definitely get you a lot of appreciations from all the attendees as well as those who will see their Instagram and Facebook posts.

Black and White Party

Black and white party theme

Who doesn’t just love adorning with black & white? The combination of black & white is actually something that almost we all usually carry in our closet. So the great thing is you don’t have to go shopping, just to attend a party.

With this cool theme, it becomes really easy to create an elegant yet dramatic evening. Enjoy your style of Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, which was popular as the “party of the century”!

If there is a community room or hall for such gatherings, then, of course, it would be easier to organize it all. Otherwise, you can also pick any common area available where you can accommodate all the attendees. It could be the roof also.

Just order some good snacks and some drinks to start and then the main course. Also, don’t just forget to create some special place with some funny banner or anything where you all can take some memorable pictures to make it party memorable.

Beer Tasting Party

Beer tasting party theme

This kind of fun adult party could be a wonderful idea young millennials and sounds cool and unique too. It could be a great alternative to a wine tasting party too! Shared accommodation could really be the best place for such a cool concept of a party. It is perfect for all those who have a similar interest when it comes to partying. For such a party you just need to order snacks and food matching with the theme. It is totally up to you that if you want to keep the decorations simple or funky.

Cartoon Party

Cartoon party theme

Everyone loves cartoons, so why don’t you pick it as a theme of the party?

Isn’t it unique? No no, we are not talking about getting you dressed like cartoon characters…. We understand that it could be awkward for some, and so we have a different idea with this theme.

Cartoon theme party could be real fun full of positivity, smiles, and laughs. Bring some bright multi-colored balloons. The next thing you need to do is to put some posters of all the popular cartoon characters on the walls of the party venue.

Besides, you can also buy party supplies in diverse cartoon character themes. Be it decorations, napkins, plates, there are plenty of party items available nowadays. Mix and match to get a good assortment of characters from Superheroes to Spongebob to Scooby!

Plan some good party games and activities. You can play cartoon trivia. Not only this you can also have a contest around cartoons and keep prizes too.

Most of us have a t-shirt at least in our wardrobes printed with our favourite cartoon characters. You can request all the attendees to wear such t-shirts to be more sporting. It will be more fun to pass out prizes for the most sporting person!

Decade Party

Decade party theme

Don’t limit yourself to a party themed around the 1970s, or 80s only. Celebrate a number of decades! Works great for any great achievement of your shared accommodation mate. The 70s was the time of Disco! While the 80s remind us of long Hair, huge shoulder pads and big dreams…rejoice the decade of extra with an 80s bash! Doesn’t it feel exciting to you? Your own decade party right at your shared accommodation…. It is one of the most interesting adult party ideas at the moment – really fun!

An 80’s Party is something that asks loud for “costume”! But still, as you are planning for a small party at the PG so we can drop that idea but still we can buy some props matching the theme like some cheap wigs, etc. to complete the look and bring in the feel.

When it comes to decoration as per your chosen decade, you need to purchase some posters of the stars popular at that time and try to create a photo booth as well. Arrange music and food & beverages too related to that time. Fashion and music were really impressive and unique during these decades, and they were very much intermingled.

Play movies on the TV keep it mute but let the visuals give you the actual feel by playing in the background. You can also keep a small contest for the attendees to bring one prop at least with them related to the decade party. Keep prizes for both the best and worst photo of themselves during the party. Proudly display them and announce the winners.

Barbeque Party

Barbeque Theme

A barbeque party is always one of the first choices of the young crowd these days. Also, the perfect way to spend time with your buddies during a weekend celebration. Mostly you don’t need a special occasion for it as guys living in shared accommodation usually await such an opportunity to enjoy. With a never-ending number of barbeque party ideas, here are a few tips to assist you.

Since it is a BBQ party you need an open space and in a co-living space we hope the roof will be the best for you is there is no garden or backyard. For this kind of party, you need not any specific decorations. But if you can arrange some classic, simple and rustic items then it would really add value to it. Keep things simple because the outdoors already provides a lot of the ambiance needed for a great party. Focus on proper lighting, arrange comfortable seats and music. A worthy tip for evening BBQ’s is to put citronella candles around the sitting space to ward off bugs and create an aura.

Now let’s move to the food. Keep a good variety of grilled items, appetizers and salads in the menu along with some snacks like chips, salsa, pasta salad, and fruit salad. After dinner, everyone looks for the desserts and for that matter cookies, ice cream sundaes, and cupcakes could be better options.

Plan some cool party games that everyone can play during the barbeque as per the space you have at your party venue. If space is an issue at your shared accommodation, you can plan activities like marshmallows roasting or karaoke.

Bollywood party

Bollywood party theme

Everyone loves this theme. It could be a great dress-up theme party it is done on a bigger scale! However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with your shared accommodation mates on a small scale. Instead of fancy dresses, you can arrange some masks of famous Bollywood actors. Also, purchase some popular movie posters or take print outs simply to cover the walls with them.

The menu could have Champagne, cold drinks, Popcorn, drama theme cake, etc. Also, don’t forget to collect the best Bollywood music collection.

Games Night Party

Games night party theme

It could really be a great party idea for millennials to celebrate a moment of togetherness with their shared accommodation friends. Some games from our childhood always make us feel that the happiness we used to feel while playing those games back then. Snake and ladder, Ludo, Monopoly, and several card games are some of those. And why do we leave video games like street fighter, Mario and several other classics?

To organize a games night, all you need to arrange some popular board, card, and video games and arrange some good food that’s it. No need to be formal about this kind of party at all. Just arrange comfortable seats like bean bags so that people can sit comfortably for a longer period and play. Some chips with salsa dip, potato fries, and cold drinks would be great in snacks. For dinner, you can plan some Pizzas or Chinese food. After dinner, you can serve ice-cream or any Indian sweets.

Some of these party ideas are based on people living in shared accommodations with fewer party spaces and cooking amenities. Living in co-living spaces mostly does not provide enough space and freedom to a party to its residents, unlike Colive where residents live a totally different lifestyle. Colivers get community kitchens to cook as per their desire and they also get a lot of space to party or community gatherings which keep on happening every now and then.