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Did you think that living alone will always be an adventure for you? Experienced people, who have been living away from home for quite some time will surely understand how the fantasy of living an independent life, away from the strict watch of your parents quickly fades away and the negatives of living alone quickly takes over.


Handling ‘I Live Alone’


Living alone might seem fun and exciting in the beginning but the harsh reality does not take much time to set in. Yes, handling the truth ‘I Live Alone’ many times takes an emotional toll on the people, leaving them depressed and homesick. Here are the top reasons that might make one miss home even more:

  • Facilities Are Fantasy – Living in a hostel/PG might teach you that the facilities, such as clean bathroom, ample living space, independent use of lights and fans, etc., were luxuries that you could only enjoy when living at home.
  • Privacy Problems – Forget about getting the amount of privacy you are used to at home, when you start living alone at a hostel, or shared accommodation. Personal space will become extremely restricted and might even seem negligible at times.
  • Restrictions, Restrictions And More Restrictions – One of the worst let downs of living alone, especially in a hostel or as a PG, is the mind-boggling variations of restrictions that you one faces. From using electricity to even the amount of food that you can eat, the restrictions seem endless sometimes.
  • Food Woes – The healthy and plain food often prepared at home, which you once despise, might seem a feast, compared to the drivel served in most hostels. No amount of arguing or fighting will make the hostel management change their taste or menu.


7 Foods That Will Make You Sentimental When Living Alone


One of the most prominent issues faced by people living alone is good “Food”. While cravings do vary from one individual to another, there are certain types of Indian food that inherently makes one feel nostalgic and will remind you of home, instantly. Check out these top 7 foods that will make you sentimental about home, when you live alone:


1. Chai (Tea)

The seemingly bland tea you rarely used to have when living at home suddenly becomes a vital part of your staple diet. It is the perfect remedy to successfully pull off all-nighters during exam times or when you need to work late at the office. A steaming glass of chai often tempts one when living alone, however, when you make your own tea or buy it at a hangout, the taste and aroma of homemade tea will always linger in your thoughts and make you nostalgic each time.


2. Daal Chawal Sabzi

The simple, yet nostalgia-inducing, the taste of homemade dishes is simply incomparable. The fantastic aroma of spice vegetables, coupled with the sumptuous daal and rice, was once a wholesome and excellent meal for you. Sadly, when you live alone, this homemade trio platter with a dollop of Ghee is something that most of us living alone crave for.


3. Soft & Round Roti

It is a struggle to break apart the roti usually served in canteens and hostel mess. And when you try to make it on your own, it looks more like some weird country’s map. Only Mom seems to be able to make the perfect, hot, soft, and round chapattis you ate ever since you were a little kid.


4. Jhal Muri

This is the perfect snack for those living in hostels and PGs where the food is more of an excuse for stale and bland meals. Jhal Muri is an excellent solution to satiate those hunger pangs you feel within a few hours of eating your hostel meal. Easy to make, and can be done in so many different ways, the puffed rice is a savior and perfect for those knick-knack moments. But the sad part is that it is nothing compared to the one that ‘Muri Wala Bhaiya’ used to make.


5. Puchka/Gol Gappa

You remember the excitement felt when you smelled the distinct aroma of gol gappa being prepared by that roadside vendor near your home? Also known as puchka, this was a treat for all good and bad times and to top it all was the perfect ‘Papdi’.


6. Mom-Made Kheer

The simple, yet sumptuous, Kheer is revered by one only when you don’t get it anymore. As I started to live alone one of the top home-made food missed was my Mom-Made Kheer.


7. Homemade Chicken/Mutton Curry

The special occasion that calls for celebration often resulted in you getting to eat the mouth-watering chicken or mutton curry your mother makes. No amount of eating out in restaurants or dhaba will help you find the distinctly delicious taste which mother managed to put in her dishes.


An Add-On Surprise Homemade Food In Your Luggage


It is always saddening to return back from home leaving your parents and siblings behind. But, in all that depressing moments you face alone, the gloom instantly dissipates when you find that your favorite food has been packed in your bag without you even knowing about it. From dry fruits to juicy fruits and even homemade snacks, you will be surprised at the tasty treats that have been packed in your luggage lovingly.


Final Thoughts


Living alone is a struggle for singles and young couples, but it does give us the experience to handle things alone and cooking is one of them. No matter what, try to eat healthily and stay away from eating junk as much as you can. Remember, a healthy you mean a healthy family living away from you.