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Moving to a new city is not an easy decision to make, be it a student, a working professional, or a young couple. There are several things to take into account before one actually decides to make a move. From a better income to a new place to learn and explore, reasons for choosing to live in a different city can be sundry. Also, it does take a good amount of courage to leave your beloved city, friends, family, and make a move to a place that is an absolute stranger. One may even face anxiety and stress in moving into a new city, but again, such decisions are definitely for some good.

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Few Good Things About Moving Into A New City


While we cannot ignore the several challenges one can face by moving to a new city, there are few benefits as well. A new city in your life can be a new beginning for you, this liberty can let you discover more about yourself and preempt the things you don’t want in your life without any distractions. Building a new network of friends, it can tricky at first to establish the best social circle, but once you establish one, you can repeat this again. A new place can bring out the “new you”: a fun, self-reliant “you”.


Now Comes The Challenges


The challenges you might face in a new city can trigger fear with a pinch of excitement. Here are seven hurdles you would have to tackle in your new place:


1. Finding That Perfect Home
Hunting for a new place will be the biggest challenge at the beginning of your new journey. Deciding where to live (a hostel, a PG, a shared accommodation or CoLiving) can be daunting. Again, searching for and shortlisting a home of your preference and then moving in with the right people can cost you a lot of time and efforts and also involves risk.

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2. Dealing With Brokers & Landlords
Renting a house of your choice and have a good impression with your landlord will be great or else, it would hard tussle to overcome. Your landlord would randomly visit your house after a couple of weeks to inspect the way you keep the house. For you, it means cooperating with them and this can be often very frustrating.

Another thing getting cheated by brokers is a common experience many newbies face. Brokers show a lot of fake concern when they help you find homes but remember they do it for their own good (One-month rent/Commission) and not yours.

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3. Getting A Hang On Local Language and Environment

If you don’t know the local language of the city you are moving in, you might face language barriers. You will need to adapt to the city and language to understand. Your colleagues or your roommates will come handy to help you learn the city in no time.


4. Packing/Unpacking

One of the most tiring jobs to do before moving is packing all the necessary stuff that you really require. You would realize the essential and unimportant things you need during packing. Unpacking and rearranging your items is another problem to overcome.


5. Food & Transport

If you are moving to a new city, you will then miss the homemade food. Newbies spend a good amount of money in eating outside, also it takes some time to get adjusted to the local cuisine. Learning cooking in advance will be beneficial.

Finding the right transport is a big problem as different cities operate differently. Also, since one is new, they aren’t aware of the roads resulting in getting cheated by drivers (Cars/Auto). Thanks to Google Maps, it does make life a lot easier today.


6. Hunting For Domestic Help

To find a domestic help to clean your rooms, kitchen and wash your dishes can also be a tough nut to crack. It will not be easy to find a loyal person about the care of the daily chores. It will be much easier to find a professional from your neighbors, to just hire them and clean your place as well. CoLiving takes care of all mundane tasks like home cleaning, so it means you concentrate on things that matter most in life.


7. Homesickness

It would surely take some time to recover from homesickness. Moving to a new place can be exciting, but you would surely miss the usual people and things around you. Getting more social with the new people around and getting busy in life will surely help recover from homesickness. CoLiving is a great way to get over homesickness as you get to be a part of a large community of like-minded people.



Moving to a new city ultimately serves as a testimonial to your adaptability and willingness to approach the unfamiliar with an open mind. Your tale, which is one of transformation, resiliency, and the never-ending chase of new horizons, is shaped in large part by the difficulties you face and the feelings you experience. Therefore, accept the difficulties because they are stepping stones leading to your own special adventure in this city of dreams.

Moving to a new city can be challenging for sure. But as time prevails, you will do well in the new place without much hassle. Just don’t get lost in that hustle bustle – Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You!