Living away from home for the first time? Well for most of you, your parents would want you to live in a hostel as in their knowledge ‘Hostels’ are one ultimate safe zone and a perfect solution to keep you disciplined in their absence. Yet you definitely feel the excitement of the new free life awaiting you. But, the hostels, where you expect life to be fun and exciting with new friends and peers, there could actually be a huge shock waiting for you.


‘Hostels’ – Time For A Reality Check


Today ‘Living in Hostels’ needs a reality check, gone are the days when hostels taught true discipline, today it can give experiences that can adversely affect your life.  Yes, a hostel life experience can make or break your future, there are high possibilities of getting influenced by the naughty heads and getting into wrong companies. Drug Abuse/Addiction is the 5th leading cause of suicide among the Indian youth, and hostels are a place where chances of catching this bad habit are the highest.

Living in a hostel can give you a nerve-racking experience, still not convinced read on.


5 Downsides of Staying In A Hostel


Staying in a hostel can be a mildly annoying experience for some while there are cases where a student has experienced some of the worst time in their lives while living in a hostel. These are just the common problems that are faced by students in hostel life:


1. ‘Mess’y Food

When you get your first taste of food in your hostel mess, you begin to wonder whether the uncanny name is not meant literally. The bland and sloppy food tends to not only make you, even more, hungrier but is not always sufficiently nutritious too. You won’t be surprised to see undercooked veggies floating in water like gravies and rotis that are round yet rubbery. Food in hostels are a nightmare, it will make you long for the simple dal-chawal-sabzi your mother made at home.


2. Toilet Troubles

One of the first problems you face early in the morning as soon as you wake up in the hostel is the rush in front of the bathrooms. It takes massive experience and patience to time your morning schedule exactly so that you are lucky to get into the bathroom on time. Even when you somehow manage to enter the bathroom you will still have to bear the mess and stink left behind by the people who used it before.


3. Brain Boggling Restrictions

Restrictions and hostel go hand in hand, they will surely get you irritated. No extra food, no late-night lights, no mobile phones, once in a day showers and curfews are just a few disadvantages of staying in a hostel.


4. Keeping Things Clean? Forget it

This is a rare thing to find in a hostel. You can walk in any time into any hostel room and find books piled everywhere amongst the clothes strewn about on the floor and hanging from every possible hook and nail. To make matters worse – Messy Roommates, not all people like to stay clean and hygienic like you.


5. Lack Of Space More Of Noise

Forget comfort, as living in a hostel is going to be one crowded experience, basically, it’s like “living a life in a shoe”. Also, be ready with some cotton ear plugs as the noise around can get on your nerves.

You begin to realize the true value of every coin when you start your life in hostels.


Can Co Living Be The Answer To Hostel Woes?


So, what is Co Living? In simple terms, coliving is a modern form of housing where residents share living space and a set of interests, values, and/or intentions. It is a comparatively new concept of shared accommodation which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially with the young millennials.

Living in such accommodations ensure youngsters like you concentrate on the most important things in life. Coliving accommodations offer:

  • Furnished Private Room
  • Modern Equipped Kitchen
  • Communal Space
  • Basic Utilities & Supplies

As compared to staying in a hostel, a co living accommodation is remarkably more comfortable, efficient and peaceful to stay in and enjoy the days of your youth to the full. Find out more at