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Staying alone has its own sets of pros and cons, the major aces being becoming independent and gaining that ultimate freedom to do things your own way and take decisions of your own. Also, you get over with that constant supervision of your parents on what you do and how you do things; yes, staying alone means you wake up on your own and bathe when you want to and there is no one behind you to force you to follow time and routines.  Yet, staying alone also gives you major lessons in life, it makes you appreciate things you never valued, how about checking out few things we comprehend only when we stay alone.


5 Lessons You’ll Learn When You Stay Alone


1. Your Mom Makes The Best Food Ever

A common case for most of the newbies living alone, as soon as they are on their own they realize- “My Mom is the best cook”. It is a known fact that when we are living with our parents we often criticize the food which we get but once you start staying alone you actually start craving for the same food that once you disparaged. It is a proven fact that we humans start taking things for granted when it is easily accessible to us, but once it’s not there we realize its real value.


2. Homemakers Are As Hardworking As You

Staying alone makes you visualize things differently, remember once you criticized homemakers (for instance your mom) for doing nothing? It’s a fact that in our teens most of us think homemakers have no work at home, but when you are independent and all by yourself you understand even the smallest of task involved time and effort which you might have ignored to respect earlier.


3. You Stop Taking Moments For Granted

When you live with your parents you often take moments for granted. You don’t like staying at home and even when you are at home you like spending time on your phone or laptop but once you stay alone you start to miss those precious little moments spent with your family and this realization is, even more, stronger during the time of festivals.


4. Total Freedom

Staying alone is about attaining that total freedom, when you lived with your parents you often ridiculed them mostly because of that typical Indian parent’s mentality where they try to get into children’s life and intervene in most of their decisions. Once you stay alone, nobody questions you – When are you coming back?” or “When will you take a bath?” or “Did you have food on time?” You get the ultimate freedom regarding the decisions you make, and now it’s up to you to decide on how you want to live your life. But again, this has an emotional angle too, that little interference displayed a tinge of care, isn’t it?


5. There is only ‘You’ to take care of ‘Yourself’

Once you stay alone, there is no one to remind you regarding your medicines, there is no one to serve you tea when you are still in bed and there is no one to wake you up for college/school. You have to take care of yourself and you can longer be dependent upon others to do the work – It’s about becoming more responsible. When you live with your parents, whenever you fall ill, your mom looks after every need of yours and make sure you don’t have to leave the bed, but once you stay alone you miss your mother’s care and come to realize the fact that it is you who have to look after yourself now.


It’s Over To You Now


So, when you finally start staying alone, you might stumble but that stumbling will teach you a whole lot of new things that go into the making of a – Better You For A Better Tomorrow.