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Deciding to stay alone is one of the most pivotal choices in anybody’s life. Leaving the comfort of your home and family behind to seek greener pastures is among the biggest decisions of life. You need to know all you can about the up and downsides of staying on your own before you take that jump.

When you say “I want to stay alone and enjoy my independence”, then it is time to learn some of the most important and basic rules of beginning this free and independent journey. If you follow these rules, your life, when living by yourself can be a lot easier.


11 Basic Rules Of Living Alone


These are the eleven most basic rules you need to follow when staying alone:


1. Be Busy

Loneliness is one of the most common moans of living alone. To ward away loneliness, you need to keep yourself busy. One of the best ways to do this is to make a weekly timetable of doing simple things at the place you stay. Cooking, cleaning, washing laundry or taking up some interesting hobby can keep you busy and away from getting homesick.


2. Eat Well

One of the most common problems while staying on your own is having access to good food, as you had when living at home. Hiring a ‘tiffinwala’ or cooking for your self is a great choice, don’t be lazy enough and start surviving on unhealthy junks. Remember, eating out on a regular basis is ill-advised and harmful to health in many ways also you can save that money for better things.


3. Spend Safely

If you imagined that living by yourself will magically allow you to party and have fun all the time then take a reality check now. From the rent, to the grocery expenses and the regular maintenance of your accommodation, there are numerous expenses which you will need to bear with responsibility. So, when it comes to spending, BE WISE and buy only those things you really need.


4. Always Aware

When you stay alone, you will need to be extra cautious, not only at home, but also outside. Having no close relatives to provide help in case of emergencies is one of the biggest drawbacks. However, with efficient planning you can easily take care. Be aware and alert of your surroundings especially when walking on the street or taking a public transportation.


5. Safety & Security

Don’t think twice when it comes to paying for seemingly expensive home security features. Your accommodation provides more than just a roof over your head. It is also the shelter you have from all kinds of threats. So, ensuring that your place has good quality safety features is a smart investment to ensure better security of your belongings and yourself. CoLive Homes Offer You TechAdvantage when it comes to security, find out more at


6. Constant Companions

Even though you may be a warm and extrovert person who has a knack for making friends wherever you go, there are times when you are alone at home. These are the moments when you wish to have simple, uncomplicated companionship. Think about having some pets, cats, dogs, fishes and birds are known to have therapeutic effects on people’s moods and can prevent you from dwelling into loneliness.


7. No To Nostalgia

No matter how hard you try, there are moments when you tend to get nostalgic. It could be a taste, a smell, a color or even a phrase. All this could make you miss home and your family even more. To get over this, you need to develop a positive attitude. Things that make you nostalgic can be seen in a positive light when they ensure that you have a loving family and warm home awaiting you, when you get back.


8. Initiate Interests & Hobbies

Discover new hobbies, or rejuvenate the old ones, when living alone. This is one of the best ways to keep boredom away.


9. Let There be Light

When you are staying alone it gives you an immense opportunity for introspection too. Instead of getting nostalgic about things, you can choose to analyze the changes that have occurred in you, since you started living alone. Open your window and sit in front of it, gaze out at the vista and try to analyze your growth as a person in your present condition. These self-motivation doses are crucial for self-realization.


10. Never Forget Family

Last, but definitely not the least, always keep your family and loved ones in thought and prayers. It always pays well to remember your roots, even when you are climbing the steps of success in your life. Don’t want for them to call you, call them at least once in a day to give them a feeling that you miss them.


Final Thoughts


Living alone need not be a torture anymore, with these basic rules you can surely make this experience worthwhile. Integrate these rules steadily into your life and you will notice a remarkable improvement in, not only your comfort level but also in your personality.