passion for life

Now that you have grown up, it’s high time to take your first step towards fulfilling your dreams. Recall from your school days when you were asked this question “What would you like to become when you grow up?” The answer given then was your very own passion in life, isn’t it? But, many times, your parent’s won’t like your idea of following your passion. Their plan might include studying engineering, joining a medical school, basically have a secure and happy life with no financial troubles.

In this moment of confusion, parent’s might take the command over your career choices. This is because they believe they are qualified enough to decide the best possible path for you based on their knowledge and experiences. Again, parent’s do have their own valid reasons in encouraging their children to pursue a career which has enough job opportunities and financial security.

Choosing between your passion in life and your parent’s advice is a ‘live or die’ kind of situation. However, if you strongly feel for your passion, you need to confess it to them and be reasonable to justify your belief.


Why Follow Your Heart Over Your Parent’s Say On Your Future?


  1. You Will Always Give Your Best – If you choose your dream, you would surely give in everything to accomplish what you desired.


  1. You Will Never Find It Boring – Doing what you love can keep you busy all night and keeps you focused too. There won’t be an inch of disinterest in whatever you do as you can foresee the benefits of sweat and sacrifice you make today; which would reward you tomorrow.


  1. You Are Confident Of The Subject – When you understand your passion and career well enough, you are already familiar with the subject. Knowing a few things before starting the walk can boost confidence and you would appreciate the depth of the knowledge on this subject.


  1. You Will Always Stay Happy – The time you have invested in your passion and dream has made you happy and you would always love to do it again and again, basically forever. Follow this quote: “When you like your work, every day is a holiday.”


  1. You Would Commit Inspire Others – When you follow your dreams, you will eventually reach your goal. You can set yourself as an example to inspire others to follow their dreams. You can be a role model for the ones chasing their dreams. Let your success story do the talking.


Why Parent’s’ Decision Is Not A Bad Idea


Although you would be committed to your passion, there are chances of losing interest in the process of reaching your goal. In realistic terms, you may reach a dead end and it would be a mammoth of a task to come back to square one. This would ultimately end up being a huge gamble in a very important phase of your life. Before pursuing your dreams, it would be a wise to hear and assess parent’s’ opinion on your career decision.


  • They Know You Very Well – You have spent most of your time with your parent’s. Even if they don’t listen to your aspirations and dreams, there are chances that your parent’s could assess your abilities better than anyone else. It would be reasonable for them to be a part of your decision-making process.


  • The Scope Of Future Is Not A Bad Thing – Your parent’s could have made sacrifices to make your happy and they must have thought about your future by making a calculative decision in choosing your career. A good career with an impressive salary and safe future, that your parent’s recommend, is not entirely a bad move.


Best Of Luck


Your content and satisfaction in the career you choose are what matters the most at the end. Always discuss your passion and objectives with your parent’s and try to convince them why it can be the best for you and them as well. As a parent, one needs to understand life is not always about following the crowd, listen to your children, explore the subject of their interest to an extent and then conclude with a perfect decision.