16 Best Street Food in Hyderabad to try out with your friends

hyderabad street food

Best Street Food in Hyderabad: Recommended Places

The alluring scent of street cuisine calls to people’s hearts and palates everywhere, captivating visitors and residents. Hyderabad, a South Indian metropolis that proudly displays a wide variety of regional culinary delights, is the place to witness this most vividly.

The street food in Hyderabad takes you on a culinary and historical voyage in addition to being a pleasurable experience. With a history spanning several centuries, the city is a mosaic of elegant eateries and storied food carts on the streets. 

Some of these undiscovered treasures have been serving delicious treats since the middle of the eighteenth century, giving each meal a distinct taste from the past.

The air is heavy with the perfume of filter coffee and the tantalizing crispiness of wadas as you go through Hyderabad’s winding lanes. These historically significant lanes are home to gastronomic gems that have endured. Accompany Colive on this culinary journey as we discover Hyderabad’s most cherished and best street food.

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Chaat Delights

Let’s discuss the mouthwatering chaat you can get in Hyderabad’s busy streets now! This wonderful snack will tantalize your palette with its delightful blend of acidic, spicy, and sweet flavors. It’s not your average snack. 

Gokul Chat   

Gokul Chat is famous for its creative and tasty chaat. Every plate at Gokul Chat is like a piece of art, and each bite celebrates delicious chaat.

Where: 4-5-158/4, Women’s College Road

Famous for: Pav bhaji samosa, bhel puri and kachori. Local delicacies such as masala puri (crushed paani puri with ragada), hot mirchi bajji, papdi ragada, and missal.

Timings: 9 am to 10:45 pm

Must try: Ragda samosa, and pista kulfi

Sindhi Colony’s Famous Chaat Corners

The real gem of the Sindhi Colony lies along PG Road, where every street corner becomes a stage for a culinary performance. Sindhi Colony caters to all tastes: spicy delicacies, crispy nibbles, and sweet desserts. This night’s street food in Hyderabad’s Sindhi colony is a mashup of tastes, satisfying any urge for a roadside snack.

Must try to chat corners in the Sindhi colony

  1. Bombay Chaat House
  2. Famous Raju Chaat Bhandar
  3. Shiv Ling Chaat Bhandar

Maharaja Chaat

Maharaja Chaat is the perfect place to hang out with family and friends in the posh Kavuri Hills neighborhood while enjoying delectable munchies. After the well-known Gokul Chaat, this lovely restaurant serves a range of street food that will compete for the title of greatest street food in Hyderabad.

Where: Near home mart, Kavuri Hills

Famous for: Pani puri, aloo ragada, and bhel puri

Timings: 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Must try: Masala pav bhaji

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The Best Biryani Joints in Hyderabad

The distinctive cooking technique of Hyderabadi biryani is what makes it special. It blends several spices, partially cooked rice, and marinated meat. The result is a symphony of aromas, with each grain of rice steeped in the essence of the spices and each piece of meat tender and succulent. 

It can be a pleasant struggle to discern the spectacular from the ordinary in a city where a biryani joint seems to be located on every corner. 

Paradise Biryani

Where: Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

Timings: 7 am – 12midnight

Popular Dishes

Mutton Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Paneer Lollipop, Supreme Biryani, Paneer Fry, Chicken Garlic Kebab, Kheema Roti

Average Cost

₹1,000 for two people (approx.)


Where: RTC X roads, Hyderabad

Timings: 11 am – 11:30 pm

Popular Dishes

Tender Lamb, Bawarchi Biryani, Mutton Dum, Fry Prawns, Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton Briyani

Average Cost

₹300 for two people (approx.)

Popular dessert places

Hyderabad offers a delicious world of desserts that are nothing short of absolute delight when it comes to sating your sweet craving. Popular sweets like Double Ka Meetha, Qubani Ka Meetha, and the renowned Osmania Biscuits are among the sweet treats offered in Hyderabad. 

Karachi Bakery  

On Taste Atlas’ list of the “150 Most Legendary Dessert Places in the World,” the city’s well-known Karachi Bakery has won a slot. The bakery’s ‘Fruit Biscuits’ have been praised as an iconic treat by Taste Atlas, a prominent online resource for experiencing travel.

Shreeji Sweets

If you’re looking for classic Indian sweets, Shreeji Sweets has them all, including the delicious Qubani Ka Meetha. Shreeji Sweets guarantees that every mouthful explores the core of Indian dessert tradition by emphasizing authenticity.

Hameedi Confectioners

Take this as a lovely reminder that you must stop at Hameedi Confectioners if you navigate the bustling stalls of Mozamjahi Market in Hyderabad! This tiny shop may be modest, but it makes delicious treats that make you crave more.

The lads at Hameedi Confectioners are among the best things to visit. These aren’t just any leads; they’re as large as those in Tirupati! For those who do not know, North Indians love these ladoos and frequently present them as a spiritual sacrifice. 

Where: 5-5-513, M.J. Market, Wallaee Street, Mozamjahi Market

Famous for: Jauzi Halwa

Timings: 8 am to 1 am, all days

Must try: Badam Ka Halwa, Jouzi Ka Halwa

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Whether you’re craving the irresistible flavors of chaat at Gokul Chat or indulging in a steaming plate of Hyderabadi biryani at Paradise Biryani, Colive has you covered. Download the Colive app now and let your taste buds lead the way to unforgettable culinary experiences in Hyderabad.

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Exploring South Indian Delicacies in Hyderabad: 

Govind’s Bandi, Gulzar Hauz

Location: Gulzar Hauz, Opposite Agra Sweets, Ghansi Bazaar

While the fluffy idlis take center stage, Govind’s Bandi doesn’t stop there. The menu satisfies Every foodie’s needs, which is a veritable gold mine of spicy South Indian treats. 

A true food lover’s delight, the variety offered here ranges from the crunchy goodness of dosas to the savory delight of vadas and the soothing warmth of upma.

Minerva Coffee Shop: A South Indian Brew

Location: SD Road, Secunderabad

Known for its filter coffee, Minerva Coffee Shop is a South Indian haven. Pair your aromatic coffee with delectable South Indian snacks like vada and Pongal.

Sri Kanya Comforts

 Location: Kondapur

Sri Kanya Comforts is a hidden gem offering authentic Andhra cuisine. Dive into spicy Andhra meals, including biryanis and traditional vegetarian dishes.

Kakatiya Deluxe Mess: 

Location: Kachiguda

For a homely experience, Kakatiya Deluxe Mess is the go-to spot. Their simple yet authentic South Indian fare, including curries and thalis, brings a taste of home to every plate.

Sarvi Bakers

Location: Banjara Hills

While not exclusively South Indian, Sarvi Bakers is a must-visit for its Irani Chai and Osmania biscuits. The blend of Hyderabad’s cultural influences is evident in every sip and bite.

Irani Chai and More

The city of Hyderabad awakens to a distinct tea culture that attracts locals and tourists as the sun sets over the busy streets. Irani Chai goes beyond simple tea. Irani cafes, which were quite popular during the Nizam dynasty in Hyderabad, are where this cultural symbol first appeared.

Best Places to Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Nimrah Café and Bakery

Location: Charminar

Nimrah Café and Bakery, nestled near the historic Charminar, is a timeless Irani café where the aroma of brewing tea mingles with the city’s rich heritage. Savor your cup of Irani Chai amidst the architectural splendor.

  • Chai Kahani

 Location: Multiple Outlets

Chai Kahani is a modern ode to traditional tea culture. It has several locations throughout the city and serves various teas, including the well-known Irani Chai.


A culinary journey takes place in the streets, in the alleys, around the corners, and in the colorful pandemonium. The street food in Hyderabad is a celebration of flavors, history, and tradition, from the famous Biryani havens like Paradise and Bawarchi to the chaat delights at Gokul Chat and Sindhi Colony’s Pani Puri legend.