10 hacks to help you live hassle-free in pg rooms
10 hacks to help you live hassle-free in pg rooms

To live with your family, to be served three meals a day, to do little to no household chores and get yelled at with love …. that’s unique and wonderful in a way. What if we tell you that the same experience is possible when you are away from your family, in a new city with a room all for yourself? Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading till you get your answers here!

PG life – is it the OG life as well?

A good number of young adults would be thrilled to experience living alone away from family under the impression that they will be able to chill every hour of the day. But the impression fades away into the not-so-rosy reality and they will find it challenging to live alone in a PG. It may work well for a very small group of people but, for the other lot, they need some pep talk and that’s what we are going to tell in this blog.

Here are some of the hacks that will help you live better and hassle-free in PG:

  1. Start socializing a little more

You may or may not be sharing your room with a stranger but, it’s helpful if you can proactively start a conversation with your fellow PG mates or roommate. That way, you will be able to build trust to an extent that will come in handy at moments you need some help.

For those who are having their first-ever room for themselves, keep in mind that there is a difference between privacy and loneliness.

  1. Eat PG food and save money

The food may not be as tasty as you get at your home, but you are not living in a PG to try out different cuisines, are you? We are not saying to become a monk and let go of your cravings. The point is to live according to your needs and not your wants.

But food in hotels and even street food costs money and will cut into your monthly budget. So, it’s not just about your cravings for tasty food, it is also about not spending unnecessarily. To avoid this situation, choose a PG only after a thorough inquiry.

  1. Be extremely choosy about the stuff you need to have to avoid a mess

Unlike your house, where you can keep your stuff just about anywhere in the house, space is limited in PG. Limited space calls for a limited number of belongings. Therefore, do not carry an entire suitcase as a ‘backup’ for when it rains and there is no sunshine. 

  1. Be mindful of the space you take up

This may not seem that important when you plan to move to a PG. But mark these words – “you will wish you were tidier and more organized”. You can’t help but appreciate an extra square foot of floor space.

  1. Don’t cocoon yourselves up in your room

One of the most important things you need to do when you are in a new place – and especially when it is certain that you will stay there for a year or two – is to get familiar with the neighborhood.

Take a stroll around the block and know where’s what, at least for medical needs for when you fall sick. Knowing where the nearest bus stand to get to places would be helpful as well.

  1. Time management

When you are living in your house, you may not have incentives to be punctual or respect the time. You can wake up whenever you like, bathe as and when you want, and eat your meals as many times as you wish.

Things will be different in a PG. If you don’t wake up in the morning, we mean before 9 am, you may not get your breakfast. Very few PGs would be so generous to keep aside a plate for you till you wake up. So, scheduling your day will be important, and therefore, being mindful of time, necessary.

  1. Maintain a healthy relationship with the owner

What we mean is, every PG, like any hostel, will have a small set of rules. Respect those rules and your stay in the PG will be valued. Of course, paying the rent tops the list in staying the owner’s good books. But following the rules and not creating any problems will add some value for sure.

You never know, it may come into play when you need some sort of help from the owner – a few extra days of time to pay rental dues, permission to allow your buddy to stay for a day or two, and such similar and other unexpected scenarios where you will require a helping hand. 

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Keep these in mind along with every other possible factor that’s unique to you and your stay in a PG will be smooth sailing!