Check out these top rated pg in whitefield bangalore
Check out these top rated pg in whitefield bangalore

Known for its tech parks and upmarket apartment complexes, Whitefield is also a shopping and entertainment hub. Posh malls like phoenix market city, movie theatres, and hip bars. Beyond all the limelight Whitefield is a great place to live and attracts a lot of young crowds.
Just like it attracts you!

So planning to find a PG in Whitefield?
Well, you don’t have to worry Colive hai na!!

We are guessing you have been through the World Wide Web already trying to find the best place and have been through numerous PGs and still can’t find the perfect place to settle in.

Well, look at what destiny has brought us to.
You plus Colive are a match made in heaven.

Why Colive you may ask?
Colive is a standalone concept for living arrangements. It combines PG, Hostels, Standard Leases, and Airbnb’s to provide the best of everything.

Are we making sense?
Check out Colive here:

If not, let us go in more detail as to why a Colive in Whitefield is the best option for you.
Benefits of Colive PGs in Whitefield

Starting from as low as Rs. 7000 a month Colive PGs in Whitefield are affordable and give you access to the most modern amenities.

Amazing Co-Living Experience:
Get a chance to live among amazing individuals from all walks of life who share similar community-minded beliefs from India and all over the world.
It can also be counted as a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals to network without having to pay for networking events.

No-Fuss Living Experience:
Since the operation is run by a company rather than individuals who care about supporting the community they serve foremost, You are bound to have a great stay at Colive.

Soap, toilet paper, instant coffee, video games, daily cleaning, lockers, and other basic amenities are provided throughout all Colive properties.

All Colive properties stay under a 247 surveillance system with proper security staff.
With an added benefit of the 24*7 Colive Helpline in case of any distress.

With the help of a trained staff that takes care of your PG’s cleanliness every day, we ensure that your stays are never short of comfort.

Access to WiFi:
WiFi is a necessity in today’s world.
We ensure a fast and secure WiFi connection at all our PG facilities.
But WiFi means expenses right?
No! Colive got you covered!

That brings us to the next most important thing to consider while looking for a PG in Whitefield.


While Whitefield may come in as a pricier part of the town.
We at Colive ensure that your rentals stay down low with PGs starting from 7K a month, we also try to add more value to your stay with free meals in most properties.

The best option is determined by your needs and at Colive we have multiple properties to choose from.
Colive, the world’s largest verified co-living platform, Is the gold standard for PGs.
For people who are new to the city, a PG in Whitefield is a great place to start from.
We make it simple to choose your ideal co-living place in the location of your choice.

So why wait?
Ajao Colive!