Roommate Chronicles: How to deal with conflict with roommates?

Roommate Chronicles: How to deal with conflict with roommates?
Roommate Chronicles: How to deal with conflict with roommates?

Living with a roomie/homie has a lot of perks and some baggage. Life is colorful and so are people, nothing is black and white, people can be both a boon and a bane to your life.

At times we resonate like soulmates and at times we become each other’s worst enemies. There might be events that might turn the hard rock companionship with your roomie into a hatred-filled conflict.

For example, you might not like to share food whereas your roomie knows no boundaries; you might be obsessive about cleanliness whereas your roomie likes to raise mess and havoc, or sometimes your stuff goes missing or “it’s borrowed” and your genius intellect could only deduct one suspect ‘your roommate’.

Apart from these instances, there are usually elements like different sleep schedules, lack of privacy, partying, inviting friends, hygiene, etc., which could turn into a conflict.

I have personally faced a few of these issues while living in a co-living room. Especially if your roomie is of the opposite gender, things can escalate from 0 to disaster in an instance.

Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect. We are all guilty of committing annoying or ridiculous acts that might bother those who are around us.

A relationship with your roomie can turn into one of the best experiences of your lifetime if it works out. If not, here are a few suggestions about how to deal with roommate conflicts

  1. Face-to-Face Interactions

Snitches get stitches, well that’s not true but the only way to find a resolution for the conflict is to deal with the issue face-to-face.

Have a heart-to-heart talk with your roomie, you should let your roommate know what action bothered you and why to address the issue straight up.

Be concise about what’s in your mind and convince them to speak up as well, remember that communication is the key.

2. Negotiate or Make Compromises

Every relationship sustains on what you can compromise for the other person, so is your relationship with your roommate.

This might be the most effective strategy to resolve and stop conflicts from occurring. Whether it might be concerning sleeping or eating schedule, work timings, hygiene, or inviting new faces to your place, inform your roomie beforehand and know if the same is convenient for them, if not then figure out a way to make a compromise.

3. Listen To What They Have To Say

To enjoy a conflict-free stay, it is also important to keep an open ear and respect your roomies’ opinions or requests, also make sure that you know the difference between just hearing and really listening.

If they prefer to do things in a certain way, then it would be beneficial for both to know, as the art of living is an extension of an individual’s persona. The lines of communication must stay open, good listening skills are paramount to solving a problem.

4. Establish Boundaries

Make sure to establish and respect boundaries with your roommate. Whether it may be an unoccupied space or home essentials, make sure that your roomie is fine with sharing.

Know the limits! just because you’re not great friends doesn’t mean you can’t be great roommates. Understand that you might have to change some of your actions in order for the other person to do the same.

5. Don’t Keep Milk In Front Of The Cat

In hindsight don’t be careless about your stuff and valuables, because if you lose things, you would eventually doubt your roomie.

So it would be wise to keep your valuables locked up and secured. Believe me, carelessness can be the root of evil intentions.

6. Go The Extra Mile, If You Wish To

Be a good roommate, as all relationships are two-way streets. Sinking into the nostalgia of the T.V. show ‘FRIENDS’, I do adore the moment when Rachel mentions all the little things Monica did for her, like leaving tiny sticky notes on the mirror.

Sometimes conflicts are inevitable, a few small gestures of good intentions can deepen your bond whilst outweighing the conflicts.

These are a few tips that could help you to have a harmonious relationship and prevent conflict with your roommate.

You could also get a mediator if you hesitate to communicate or the conflict has escalated to the worst scenario. To experience a blissful and exciting co-living experience, visit colive.