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“See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor”– are the “5S” of Wine Tasting. To experience the real beauty of wine, begin with smelling its extinctual aroma, so swirl it vigorously for about 10-15 seconds and breathe in the plethora of aromas coming out.

Now take a tiny sip, but before swallowing it bring it to the front of your mouth for let it rest for around 5 seconds. Now, roll the wine in the upper palate for around 8 seconds and finally swallow it. Next, draw some air from your mouth and distillate on your brain when exhaling it. Well, if you concentrate well enough, you will surely smell the beautiful aromas of the wine.


Surely, tasting wine is an art and mastering it requires experience. But where do you gain this experience? By heading to the right place. Looking for wine tasting Bangalore? Head to these top-notch places for the perfect wine tasting experience.

Go Wine Tasting Bangalore!

Namma Bengaluru along with its global plea has taken up the wine culture with absolute style. It has grabbed the world’s attention for serving the most superior quality wine. The city also boasts of popular vineyards which are located at a short driving distance and offers thrilled wine tours in Bangalore. Coming to wine tasting Bangalore restaurants are not far behind, the city restaurants now serves beautiful wines for you to taste. Let’s check them out!

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7 Top Places For Wine Tasting Bangalore

1. Nandi Valley Winery – Yelahanka


Nandi Valley Winery - Yelahanka

Nandi Valley Winery offers some of the prime collections of exquisite wines. This is a city-based winery which is also quite popular for its wine tours. The inns set up on the site doubles one’s love for wines and it all adds up with a tempting food menu. This winery also runs a wine education session for introducing people to the finer parts of wine making and tasting. They have a collection of some of the fanciest red and white wines, our recommendation is to try – The Fizzo, this is a sparkling wine with a bubbly and lemony taste, perfect for some instant refreshment.

2. Olive Beach Restaurant – Castle Street

Olive Beach Restaurant - Castle Street

Located at just a few blocks away from the busy Junction of Vellara, Olive Beach Restaurant is a perfect place for those looking for some peace and tranquillity. A beautiful old villa transformed into a marvelous Mediterranean dining place. Olive is all about celebrating richness with sobriety. Along with scrumptious meals from the Mediterranean coastline, their menu perfectly integrates a long list of sophisticated and aromatic collection of rich wines from all across the globe. Olive makes wine tasting a global experience under one roof.

3. Bangalore Wine Club

Bangalore Wine Club

Wine evenings with friends, yes this is exactly how Bangalore wine club came into existence. Today this club is a totally extensive group, just like diverse flavours of wine the members here range from different professions and different walks of life, with one thing in common – their undying love for wine. The members of this club actively engage in the art of wine making, wine appreciation, and are also exposed to the finer gradations of food which matches perfectly with a beautiful glass of wine.

4. Grover Vineyards – Nandi Hills

Grover Vineyards - Nandi Hills

One of the first vineyards in Bangalore that opened its gates for wine tours. As an established brand, Grover Vineyards has a phenomenal collection of wines that are available world over. We cannot go without mentioning the exquisite location of this place, spread over 400 acres of land, a wine tour here is a journey from grapes to bottles. You can spend some peaceful time at this winery and learn about crushing, filtering, processing, and packaging of wines. Also, the wine tasting setup here is amidst a lovely ambiance with music, you can enjoy five different varieties of wine accompanied by a wide spread lunch.

5. Myra Vineyards – Victoria Road

Myra Vineyards - Victoria Road

While most of the vineyards are located at some distance from the city, Myra Vineyards is a perfect location for those who are looking for a splendid and gratifying wine tour within Bangalore. The vines here are all about the heart, mostly more appealing to the vine enthusiast but doesn’t really scare the beginners. The vineyard offers both white and red wines, but they specialize in stylised wines in regular and vintage modes.

6. Caperberry Restaurant – MG Road

Caperberry Restaurant - MG Road

Located in UB City- Bangalore’s high style arcade, Caperberry is one awesome place to thoroughly enjoy a glass of wine and a perfect meal. With a fine dine set up, caperberry has a very creative menu with wisely selected Spanish wine options. Their service and hospitality are bang on. Wine tasting at caperberry is bound to touch your sensory chords for wines.

7. Toscano Restaurant – Orion Mall

Toscano Restaurant - Orion Mall

Another fine dine restaurant that tops the list of every foodie who has lived in Bangalore. Combining the authentic charm of Italian cuisine, Toscana also serves an extensive range of Italian vines from their own wine cabinet. Serving over 32 different varieties of wines, Toscano can with no trouble spoil you with its heavenly range of wines.

Feeling a little tipsy with piles of information on wine tasting Bangalore? Think no further, head to any one of these and you won’t regret it! And don’t forget to See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, & Savor.

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