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So, you are looking for an accommodation? One option that quickly grabs most of the eyeballs is to house share with friends. Well, these arrangements are believed to work out cheaper than renting all by yourself, BUT wait situations can go haywire and difficult if things go wrong. Confused? Sharing accommodation even with the best of your friends imposes some unspoken demands, let’s unveil them right here:


7 Unspoken Demands Of Living In A House Share


House Share, living in a shared house, shared accommodation,


Living in a house share as we said is one great way to reduce your cost of renting and making new friends, but that’s quite a rosy picture to believe in. In reality, even the most competent minds find the first few months of living in a share house a bit of a shock. This is even more prominent for those people who have always lived in comfortable circumstances earlier. Trust us, this housemate situation is tough to handle.

With time, house share living forces every individual to behave maturely and not confer to emotional ties. In fact, it would not be wrong to say, sharing a house is a good way to learn how to deal with tough situations, as they are bound to occur. Also, such living arrangements are not forever, they keep changing as housemates come and go. Basically, how structured or unstructured your living arrangement will be, highly depends on the group of people living together.

Well, before you move in, it’s important to think how well you will fit in. But before then here are the 7 unspoken demands of living in a house share.


1. When Toilet Is Contamination

Ever thought why public toilets are cleaned several times in a single day? Well, it’s because so many people use them. So, when you house share, you live with 5 or sometimes 7 other people. All of these people are more or less your friends, and each of them has their own group of partners/friends who might also use your facilities regularly. SO!!!?

Well with so many people using these shared facilities, things will surely get dirty really quickly. Well, for you it means, either Clean, or Ignore, or pay to get it clean, or FIGHT with your housemates over who is going to clean it.


2. Pay Your Share

So, all this while you lived with your parents where they used to take care of all the household expenses and you easily spent all your money on frolicsome things. Well, when you house share, you also have to pay for your share. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are using the facility or not, all expenses in most cases are equally divided between the housemates.

Well, initially if your housemates paid your share of the internet bill doesn’t mean, they will do it forever. So, pay your share or be ready to deal with those cranky adults.


3. Moving With Bestie- Not So Good Life Choice

Moving in with your bestie might look like one excellent life choice, but that’s only in philosophy. In reality, it is the opposite.

Heard of this? “Distance between two persons is the bridge to closeness, but too much closeness between two becomes the bridge of distance”.


4. What’s Yours Is Mine

One of the most obvious ones. The moment you move into a house share your things will go missing every now and then. Nope, it’s not robbed, but it’s the “What’s Yours Is Mine” funda. Taking your things without asking is what you might think is a part of friendship initially, but when it comes to invading your personal life, it’s a totally different deal, isn’t it?

Well, you can always explain it to your housemates that you are not OK with this, but the consequences of this can be both negative and positive.


5. Spending On Boring Stuffs

This is exactly when you have to spend your hard-earned money on boring stuff like tissues and bulbs. Well, welcome to adulthood. Spending 1000 bucks at the supermarket on cleaning supplies instead of spending it at the pub is quite evident now. And, along with your housemates, you too have to act like a grown up and take up responsibilities like these.

In simple terms, living in such settings forces you to grow up.


6. No Food

So, this can happen mainly for two reasons, one you didn’t buy any, second, your housemates ate it.

Gone are the days when there was enough food stored in the kitchen cabinets and fridge, now it’s your turn to stock food in there. Also, the chances that your food will be eaten by your housemates is quite high. So, what to do? buy or not to buy and starve. Dilemma indeed!


7. Choosing The Wrong Housemate

Well, not all choices can be 100% right in life. Some decisions that we make are often to trick ourselves into thinking that everything will be good, but the reality is different.

You might think, living with your cool fitness instructor will be good and they might help you get healthy, but, in reality, they might irritate you by waking you up at 5 am every morning by shooting up the blender. To make matters worse, such people can also constantly guilt you for watching movies on the couch.


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Well, these were just a few problems in-house sharing, there are many more like paying for high electricity and grocery bills, sacrificing personal hygiene, and paying for your friend who’s tight on finances.

The solution to all these is to choose the right accommodation options, heard of Coliving? Well, it’s the new way to rent smartly. Stay in accommodations that are fully furnished and include your personal space and shared spaces too. Bedroom, bathroom, living, kitchen, amenities, and entertainment are all part of one all-inclusive monthly rent. Facilities like housekeeping, electricity, high-speed WiFi internet, security, gas, cable are all taken care of. And the best part is, there are no hidden charges. So, why choose nerd options like house share, choose CoLive.

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