Moving to a new city, what is loneliness, loneliness

With the world becoming common ground for the young millennials, moving to a new city or even a new country for study or job is a very common thing these days. Though the idea of moving to a new city is very enthralling, it is quite challenging too. Coming to a new city and experiencing a whole new culture means learning new terms and conditions and a lot of bureaucratic processes. Newbies often don’t know, where to go, whom to ask and what to do. Most of their time goes in finding answers to these questions which often puts them in a weak position.

Isolation and solitude are two aspects that accompany a move, and loneliness is a very common aftereffect of relocation. What is loneliness? No one can answer this question better than a Newbie in a modern city.


Beating Loneliness One of The Biggest Challenges


Moving from one place to another uproots you from your basics and takes you to something that is totally new and unexplored. As a novice, you simply lack the know-hows on how to do things right in the new city and trust me this can be way too demotivating. Loneliness can even lead to depression, in fact for many people, moving to an unknown location triggers fear of knowing the new community or not knowing the locals. When you get introduced to a community and culture which is different from “home” you feel perplexed.

Taking time to settle and having less time or no time to know new people and culture can be awful. Also, even if you manage some time, less city knowledge and expertise can make it challenging. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, newbies, are often in a weak spot when in a new city and this can cause a lot of negative consequences in their lives.


What Is Loneliness For A Newbie?


Yes, this is the real world; you have to do everything on your own.  You have to arrange all things, right from spices, utensils in the kitchen to brooms, dustbins, furniture and the most important finding a maid to help you out with housekeeping. While all this might keep you busy, loneliness doesn’t spare you, it silently creeps. Doing everything on your own, yet you do miss your home and family, right? Here are few newbie challenges in a new city.


  • Learning New Culture & New Rules

It’s a new city, with a new culture and new people. The smell in the air, weather, temperature, everything is new here. While you might have expected all this beforehand, yet experiencing it is a different ball game and often imposes new challenges. To survive and connect with new communities and culture one needs to know well and learn more about them.


  • Being A Stranger To The New City

Gone are the days when you had that big gang and many connections. This is a new place and you are a stranger to this city, it is a very common thing to feel alone in a crowd of thousands of unknown faces. Also, gaining trust takes time, you cannot simply catch a random person and ask for help.


  • Homesickness

And this is the time start missing your loved ones back at home and understand their true value, exactly now homesickness storms in.  You wish that your parents could come with you and helped you out as they always do for you. After a certain time struggling to survive in the new city, you wish to visit home at least once for a few days.


  • Hard To Build New Relationships

Loneliness damages productivity and even breaks an individual apart, being alone entices them to build relationships. But is that easy in this new city? Having less city knowledge and not knowing people make building new relationship difficult.


CoLiving A Solution To Combat Loneliness


The place you choose to stay can make a lot of difference in a new city. Heard of CoLiving? It gives you access to a huge community of like-minded people to connect to. Hence loneliness is not welcomed.

Added benefits of CoLiving is that you don’t need to waste your energy and attention to mundane tasks like housekeeping and extra services like security, gas, electricity, high-speed wifi internet, cable, etc.  This means you can concentrate on more important things in life.

CoLiving essentially is for those people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in a community that understands, encourages and assists in personal growth and development.

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Moving to a new city is challenging, but as time passes, you will do well in the new place without much hassle. And with CoLive, life gets even better. The idea is to always be strong and confident.