Thanjavur, student accommodation, Co living, hostels

Change is the only permanent thing in life!” Change challenges us, pushes and most importantly inspires us.

Every year thousands of students from all across the country pack their suitcases, say bye to mom, and move to a new city to attend reputed universities. Firstly congratulations, this is surely going to be a memorable journey and is going to teach you how to be independent and add more responsibilities to your back.

Relocating to a new city can be strenuous, and when it’s moving to a city which is totally diverse in terms of the kind of people and their culture, it becomes even more challenging. One city in the list which often flummoxes the newbies is Thanjavur.


Land of Cholas, Thanjavur: The Historical Background


Thanjavur, student accommodation, Co living, hostels

Thanjavur is an ancient city that was founded over two thousand years ago. The city rose to prominence during the Chola era in the 13th century, who made Thanjavur the capital of their massive empire that even included parts of modern-day Indonesia.

The town was subsequently ruled by the Pandyas and after the advent of the British in India, the city had lost its importance as they established new towns in the surrounding districts. Nevertheless, Thanjavur is now considered an important city in Tamil Nadu, as it is part of the fertile Cauvery belt that produces a lot of rice.

Moreover, the city has garnered more attention owing to the presence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Brihadeeshwara Temple.


What Is It Like To Live In Thanjavur


Thanjavur, despite being a small city, has most of the basic amenities you would need to live a comfortable life, including good transportation in and out of the city. Life in Thanjavur moves at a leisurely pace as the city lacks the hustle & bustle of most industrial cities. However, the local residents are known to be very gentle & kind-hearted people who generously welcome newbies from other regions.

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Moving To Thanjavur? 5 Things To Keep In Mind


Thanjavur, student accommodation, Co living, hostels

1. Gain Some City Knowledge

This one shouldn’t be hard. Being one of India’s decorated cultural jewels, learning about Thanjavur is going to be easy. Some basic information about its great Cholan past and the current layout should be a place to start. Ultimately, it is going to be your city and your abode for a while so it is imperative to learn more about the city in order to feel at home. Also, keep a handy list about the location of the various amenities so that you don’t fret at the last minute for any service.


2. Learn The Local Language

Tamil is the most widely spoken language in the city. Even though a good majority of locals can understand & communicate in Basic English, it is ideal if you learn at least the common phrases of the local language or if your accommodation option is a co-living facility, at least make sure you tag on to a Tamil speaking roomie.


3. Ask Your Friends & Acquaintances If They Know Someone In The Area

It would be ideal to start your preparation at home by asking people you know to acquaint you with someone they know in Thanjavur. This would be of immense help in finding accommodation and navigating the city. Also, in any unfortunate case of emergencies, local contacts can come in super-handy.


4. Research Food Options

If you are looking to move into a hostel, this wouldn’t be an issue as most hostels include food with their accommodation. However, if you are looking for student accommodation outside your college campus it is very important that you research your neighborhood for places to eat. While the city mostly offers South Indian cuisine, there are many new fast food joints that perfectly cater to student’s requirements.


5. Accommodation

The most important aspect you must finalize before shifting is your accommodation. Be it a hostel, PG or a co-living facility make sure that the facility is well maintained, secure and has good transportation options nearby.


CoLive Accommodations


Thanjavur, student accommodation, Co living, hostels

With Colive, students can rent Stylish, Safe, Serviced & Smart Homes in the most hassle-free manner.  Live together with like-minded people, no creepy landlord experiences, secured and controlled homes, access to community and jaw-dropping features like:


  • Bed with pillows and bedsheets
  • Cupboard
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • TV with DTH connection
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Cooking Essentials (Gas, utensils etc.)
  • Housekeeping


CoLive ensures that your move into your new home is smooth and you have to make minimal preparations to live in this shared house.


Final Thoughts


Go through the above checklist and get your bags packed. These handy tips will ensure that your move to this historically rich city for learning is as seamless as possible, totally bereft of stress. To make the phase comforting make sure you choose CoLive as your accommodation partner.

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