Safety at Colive

Safety at Colive is top priority!

Parents are always concerned about the safety of their kids. Right from the time when a child is ready for first day at school to their first job and so on; parents always make sure that their kids are safe. So, one can definitely imagine the level of concern that parents must be having when their grown up child plans to move to a new city for higher studies or job. A recent call from a prospective colive resident’s parent enquiring about the safety assurance at Colive insisted us to reinstate the high tech safety features that we have installed to ensure safety at Colive PGs.

Firstly, it’s very important to note that PG or Coliving accommodations are always the safest accommodation options in a new city owing to the fact that you get to reside in a community of like-minded and same age people. Apart from the community, there are staff members available for any help or assistance. Hence, even when you are away from home; you are never away from desired support, care and help in case of any emergency.

Now, if we talk about the safety at Colive then the safety features are very well evident of the fact that the safety of residents is top priority at Colive. Let’s give you a quick tour of the advanced safety features installed in all Colive properties:

  • Facial Recognition Access Management Engine

Colive has installed FRAME (Facial Recognition Access Management Engine) across all the properties to shield the residents from non-residents as well as from any undesired risk.

  • Emergency Response Team

We have an Emergency Response Team available 24/7 to assist the residents in case of any emergency.

  • CCTV & Video Surveillance

CCTV cameras are installed at all Colive properties to keep a check on activities in and around the property premises. The CSM team (Central Security Monitoring Team) actively monitors all the events happening across the locations and reports any untoward incidents to the security to act on the situation immediately.

  • Digital Door Locks

All the colive properties are installed with the digital smart locks for the easy usage & effective security within the premises.

The above mentioned features are a proof that Colive cares and provides the maximum security to ensure the safety of each resident. So, you can choose any Colive property based upon the preferred location and quickly schedule a visit to have a sneak peek into the available features and amenities. Happy Coliving!!