Book a PG in Hebbal in advance
Book a PG in Hebbal in advance

Are you new to Bangalore city? Are you a working professional looking for a place to live? Then it is the best idea to look for a PG in Jayanagar. The area has many paying guest facilities and will make you love the calm atmosphere. People who work in the corporate sector live in the locality. Some bachelors are there, and some families live here with their kids. The aura of the place is excellent. 

There are several features to seek in a Jayanagar PG, including large rooms, contemporary amenities, and services. Even if you go into great detail, you’re certain to overlook a few key points. It would not be easy to check every accommodation. The list is extensive, and you must review each in Bangalore. Simply save the effort by staying at paying guest accommodation in Jayanagar; you won’t need to bring your checklist with you. Everything you own will suffice. Every item on your list is familiar to the owners. And you can count on them never running out of any of them.

Is living in a PG better than a flat in Jayanagar?

Yes, living in a paying guest facility is far better than living in a flat. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages:


You pay less rent in a PG than in a flat, yet flats are more expensive since they are larger. Furthermore, families like flats whereas bachelors prefer paying guest since the expense is shared when they live together.

Social Security

It is preferable to live in a PG if you are single and you are in good hands in the event of an emergency. You also have more time for study or other hobbies because you are not responsible for domestic tasks. 


The owners provide essential amenities such Wi-Fi, air conditioning, refrigerator, and tv set in PG. That implies you won’t have to spend any money on things. You need to buy furnishings and other items for the flat. If you want to live in the best, then you must look for Colive Club services. Colive helps you enjoy a comfortable life with luxuries and facilities you can enjoy without pinching your pocket. Also, Colive offers free 24×7 access to meeting rooms & coworking spaces/lounges, and fitness rooms in 10+ Club Colive Hubs.


Most paying guest accommodations will include breakfast and supper, which means you don’t have to bother about cooking or cleaning. But, in a flat, you need to hire a cook, and this only adds to monthly costs. So, it is the best idea to look for paying guest accommodation with food. 

Paying Payments

If you stay as a paying guest, you will not be responsible for any bills. It is included in the rent; however, if you live in an apartment, you are responsible for paying your costs.


All these benefits make it a good idea to look for a PG in Jayanagar and live in it. When you are a working professional, you generally do not get time to cook or go for laundry, but in a PG, all these facilities are taken care of. All you need to do is eat and relax when you return from a long and tiring day.