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“Move In Ready Homes” – Why Is It Important For Millennial Generation

Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

“Millennial Generation” this group of people will buy a ₹2000 pair of jeans after extensive research and try on nearly 60 pairs to find the one that fits them right. Well, this is exactly the way they look for accommodation, there’s not much difference. Millennials are entering the rental housing market in massive numbers. Unlike the older generation, their main priority is to find a home that will demand very less or no work before they can move in.

Simply put, the millennials want move-in ready homes, they want to walk in the house with just one suitcase, cook in the kitchen from day one and access the internet from the moment they enter the house.


“Move In Ready Homes” – What It Means To The Millennial Generation


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation


Decades ago people purchased homes where they planned to live for a very long time, possibly even forever. That just isn’t the case with the Millennials. This gen often looks for starter accommodation that they plan to grow out of in the future. In fact, they are quickly ditching the idea of possession – they smartly RENT. That brings me back to the topic, move-in ready homes what it means to this group of people?


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • “Ready To Go”

Millennials don’t like the idea of home renovations – they just don’t want it. Nope, it’s not about the finances they have enough money at their disposal, it’s because they value “Convenience”. Another really interesting reason for craving “ready-to-go” is that millennials want to spend their free time fine-dining, traveling, or on their hobbies. Ready-to-go allows them to spend time on what they truly love, rather than spending their weekend mornings at the hardware store or catching workmen to get their work done.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Everything Just Right

Instead of eating their meals in restaurants, many millennials choose to cook in their own kitchen. In most of the cases, this is something that isn’t possible on day one, but with move-in ready concept kitchens come fully equipped with gas, burner, and utensils allowing the resident to cook a comforting meal the moment he pops in.

Another thing to note, millennials are a generation of gizmos and gadgets, they practically survive on the internet, hence they are not willing to wait to look for cell receptions and internet service. Move-in-ready in this context means homes that are well connected with internet and have proper accessibility to mobile phone services.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Technologically Equipped

Convenience is most likely one of the main requirements for millennials, but they are willing to pay extra for homes that are technologically equipped. They want homes with 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance, access card entry and similar technologically rich home features. Getting all that on their own demands time and money and millennials aren’t winning to invest that for sure.


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation

  • Ready Access To Community & Society

Millennials move out of their nest and start living all on their own, most of the times they begin their journey as an independent individual in a new city. One of the biggest challenges they face is making new friends and getting along with them. Move-in ready homes also mean ready access to a community of like-minded people. Millennials favour residential accommodation that is more flexible and social. Home is where fun is! Living in a community of like-minded individuals – bonding over breakfast and dinners– makes way to begin meaningful face-to-face conversations with new people – They Kill Boredom indeed.

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“Move In Ready Homes” – Is Co Living The Answer?


Move-In Ready Homes, Millennial Generation, Co living, shared accommodation


Co living is a totally new trend that has hit cities across the globe. When millennials move halfway across the country, to a place unknown – with no solid support system – no home – no friends or family — one needs to no longer worry about the so-called “Settling Process” i.e. buying furniture, gas burner, and connection, refrigerator or setting up an internet connection, in fact even being lonely. Cheers To Co Living.

Co Living helps young people find fully furnished rental spaces along with an access to community – Practically, homes that are “Move-In” ready. Services like housekeeping, utilities, WiFi, DTH Cable, repairs & maintenance, everything is handled by the service provider and you pay just the RENT.

Amenities like smart locks, fully-automatic washing machines, laundry, smart kitchen appliances, tea/coffee machine, etc are also easily accessible. For millennials, living in a co living accommodation is about hassle-free living.

Co Living is making “Move-In Ready” more real. 


Final Thoughts


Millennials are better informed about their housing options than any other generation before them. They prefer, new, shiny and updated places to stay and when its move-in ready it allows them to do what they like most and not worry about settling down.

CoLive understand millennials needs, hence we offer homes that allow you to enter and settle in just no time.

To know more visit us at www.colive.com or call us at 7676000500.

Newbies Guide To Food, Entertainment, Cost Of Living, And Best Place To Live In Chennai

Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

Hyped to be the cultural hub of South India, moving to Chennai city could be an overwhelming feeling for few and unnerving for others. For newbies, the thought process to living in this city begins from notions like – Traditional, Old-Fashioned, Language Problems, Hot and Humid weather, idlis, dosas and much more…. But once you spend a few days in the city you would surely lap yourself up in the mild rhythm and find it one of the best places to live in the country.

The IT industry has entered Chennai in recent years and, like all the other cities in the country, Chennai too has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of migrant population as jobseeker’s land in from all over the country.

This blog post is a tour for all you newbies planning to move to Chennai city. Be ready to explore the local food, entertainment options, cost of living, best places to live in Chennai and much more.


Debunked! Food, Language, Entertainment, Cost Of Living, And Best Place To Live In Chennai


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

1. Food – Chennai Isn’t Only About The Idlis & Dosas

Yes! It does serve up the crispiest dosas, light-vadas, fluffiest idlis, and of course the most fragrant sambar. But that isn’t all, Chennai has much more to offer to all the hungry newbies in town.

Head to Mylapore and try Amudha’s spicy bajjis. Go to Sowcarpet precisely Mint Street, and munch on the famous vada pavs at Bhavin Mehta; also head to Kakada Ramprasad to try some lip-smacking Gujarati chaats, sweets, and other savouries, don’t forget their fafda.

Right next to Ramprasad is Anmol Lassi, that serves up huge glasses of chilled lassi, nothing is more satisfying than this glass of bliss. Get off that idly, vada, rasam, rice and sambhar notion, Chennai has something for everyone.


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

2. Get A Hang Of The Language

Ok, this is not something to get scared off. It’s always a great idea to know the local language as people predominantly speak Tamil here. But again, Chennai’s cosmos diversity also means that you can still get along with other languages.

Areas like George Town and Sowcarpet, have heavy North Indian population and these have contributed to the widespread use of Hindi and English. According to statistics from the 2011 Census, Telugu is also a widely spoken language in Chennai.


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

3. Don’t Worry About Your Safety

Chennai is relatively safe as compared to other major cities in India, the city was ranked the safest city to live in India among Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. In fact, when compared to other metros, Police corruption is also seen very less in Chennai and inhabitants abide laws dedicatedly.





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Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

4. Get Ready For Traffic Woes

While living in Chennai wouldn’t hold any other substantial risks —traffic will surely distress you out. Be extra cautious when crossing a road, and also when you are driving as Chennai traffic is truly chaotic. Risky behaviours on the road can be a common scene.



Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

5. Public Transport

As an expat in the city, public transport is one practical issue you are bound to encounter. Getting a bus ride is quite an experience. Well, bus rides are comparatively cheap here, from locals to air-conditioned buses or luxurious express buses, this mode of transport caters to nearly 5 million commuters on a daily basis and runs on thousands of routes around Chennai.

Taxis, auto-rickshaws, and tuk-tuk are other options but barely practical for everyday use in the city.  Price bartering is another challenge, few drivers will try to charge excessively high prices so be careful.

As the head office of the Southern Railway, Chennai has 2 main rail terminals which are well connected to nationwide hubs across India, and to smaller townships in the south of the country. Chennai International Airport has both an international and domestic terminal. Metro rail is active is few areas as of now, well, construction to connect all areas with metros is also happening in full swing.


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

6. Entertainment –Night Life, Parties & The Beaches

Chennai is a conservative city – this is one of the biggest muddles. Well, being culturally rich doesn’t mean the entire population prefers to spend their leisure time watching Bharatanatyam. Chennai has few of the coolest drinking holes and the night-life is amazing with countless activities going on at various pubs!

You can spend entire evenings pub hopping in the city. Illusions, The Velveteen Rabbit, 10 Downing Street, Big Bang Theory, Moon and Six Pence are few of the most popular idiosyncratic pub names for you to explore. Apart from pubs, there are plenty of rooftop restaurants that offer great food and awesome views.

Another most eminent and enjoyable aspect of living in Chennai is the scenery, precisely its beaches, I am talking about the Marina Beach and Elliot’s Beach. When it comes to entertainment, I feel it’s more about the sun, sand and the Sunday morning market by these beautiful beaches.


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

7. Cost Of Living

Chennai has a cost of living index of 25.48 which is 6.96% lower than in Bangalore. Simply put, it means a single person monthly costs could come around 22,000 rupees excluding rent. This cost would coarsely include, Groceries, Utilities, Maid, Gas, Cable, TV and similar expenses… On top of this, if a person has to pay additional rent, it becomes a definite expense affair, isn’t it?

Well, this is exactly where CoLiving makes a lot of sense. CoLive offers a lifestyle that combines personal spaces with a vibrant community living! These modern homes are fashionably furnished & fully managed and built on the premise of safety & security.

Bedroom, bathroom, living, kitchen, amenities, and entertainment are all part of one all-inclusive bill (rent + maintenance) that you pay each month. Facilities like housekeeping, electricity, high-speed wifi internet, security, gas, cable are all taken care of. And Yes! There are no hidden charges.

To Know More Visit – www.colive.com


Chennai, moving to a new city, moving to Chennai, chennai city,best places to live in Chennai, living in Chennai, Chennai live

8. Best Place To Live In Chennai

With the increasing number of IT Parks in the city, Chennai has expanded its boundaries. Today, there are numerous suburbs and neighbourhoods to choose from which equally offer high standards of living. Teynampet, Adyar, Tambaram, Nungambakkam, and Anna Nagar are few of the best place to live in Chennai. Kottivakkam, Injambakkam, Mylapore, Neelankarai, Purasaiwalkam, Chetpet, Besant Nagar and Alwarpet are other equally good locations to live in.

CoLive offers residential hubs that are conveniently located near top IT Hubs. Get in touch.

Few wrong perceptions about the city and south Indians in general that make many migrants scared of moving to a city like Chennai. But, the truth is Chennai is just like any other city in India, it’s wonderful, vibrant and a great place to live in. Hope we have answered most of your apprehensions. 

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Missing Home This Ramadan? Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore At These 7 Awesome Food Festivals

Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

Are you celebrating Ramadan alone? Do you miss your home? If you are saying yes, then welcome to the club. We understand how dismaying staying away from home can be anyways, and when its festival time it sucks even more, isn’t it? It’s that time in your life when your mom is preparing sweets and several delectable delicacies, and you are probably sitting in your room, watching some boloney on Netflix.

But, does it really have to be this way? No, Ramadan is almost halfway through and celebrations in Bangalore are happening in full swing. Check out pots of haleem, aromatic Biriyanis, and sizzling kebabs.Get kicking, this time celebrate Ramadan in Bangalore at these grand food festivals.


Attend These 7 Food Festivals To Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore


Among the innumerable food stalls which pop-up in and around Bangalore, most of the time it becomes difficult to decide where to eat and what to eat. Biryani? Kebabs? Haleem? Sizzling Sheekhs? You might surely get spoilt for choice. Trust me, these food festivals will surely kick your solitude out and make you put on a kilo or two.


Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

1. Koramangala

Koramangala puts up a wide range of stalls serving almost everything – entrees, mains, and desserts!  Make sure you wear some loose tracks with elastic on the waist. The stalls display scrumptious delicacies like bheja fry, liver fry, seek kebabs, seared seafood! You cannot miss out on these at any cost! Do try their Pathar Ghost – it’s a must-try. Hop into the Empire Street in Koramangala to witness this outstanding food mela.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

2. Shivaji Nagar

Another one place that steals the iftar show is the Shivajinagar street, this makes a lot of sense as this area is dominated by the Muslim population. The celebration of Ramadan here is a tradition and is known for its amazing iftar offerings in the city. Like Kormangala, this place too displays a widespread offering almost everything. But, what tops is the Camel meat which is served only during the Ramazans.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

3. Tilak Nagar

For those who fear crowd, Tilak Nagar is one perfect place. Simply, walk into the streets of Tilak Nagar, they have few numbers of stalls (around 20-25) but their Ramadan specials are astounding. Chicken kebabs, paya curry, roasted OX tongue, tangy samosas to puddings, and Pista Haleem this place has it all. Lit up with little stalls this place is known for dishing out some of the most fantastic biriyani’s and kebabs in the city.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

4. Mosque Road

Well, this place doesn’t need any introduction, it is one of the best and major iftar food festivals in the country and has also been featured internationally as well. The only thing that you would need to note is the Mad Traffic, so the best thing would be to park away and walk! Mosque road puts up nearly 50 stalls, so try and explore them all to satisfy your Ramadan cravings. As a food lover, it is highly recommended that you don’t miss out trying their mutton kheema, Haleem, fried eggs, chicken items, and most outstandingly the Brazillian beef.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

5. Johnson Market

This is one place that stays crowded throughout the year, but Ramadan surely offers a special treat for each one of us. Jhonson Market is very popular for its street food, and during the Ramadan new stalls spring up with some of the most delectable kebabs, beef and mutton dishes. Like Shivajinagar, this area is also Muslim dominated. Don’t miss their Seekh rolls, its something to die for.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

6. Albert Bakery – Frazer Town

This is an age-old Bakery located on the busy streets of Frazer town. What makes this place special during Ramadan is their Goat brain puffs, a signature specialty that uses minced meat and that adds a special flavour to the eatery. Other must tries at this bakery are mutton samosas, their special Rooh afza and dry fruit cookies.



Ramadan In Bangalore, Food Festivals In Bangalore, Celebrate Ramadan In Bangalore, Iftar Food In Bangalore

7. Rahamat Nagar

This one is quite similar to the Shivajinagar and Mosque Road stalls. An evening at this place would be filled with aromas of grilled meat and charcoal. This area is a treat for those who love grilled meats and yummy kebabs. Their Samosas are the yummiest, do try them without a miss. Rahamat Nagar is bound to break all your fitness and weight loss goals for the evening.



So, this was our list of the popular places to celebrate Ramadan in Bangalore. I believe that you found this read informative, interesting, and yes DELICIOUS. So, don’t be a Couch Potato this Ramadan, get off the couch and explore the festivities of these places, I am sure you will come back home with a happy face.

CoLive Wishes You All A Very Happy & Prosperous Ramadan!


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7 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Help You Beat The Summer Heat

refreshing summer drinks, summer drinks, summer drink recipes, summer cocktails, refreshing drinks

Summer has arrived and so has the thirst to guzzle down cold drinks by your gallon, isn’t it? It’s that time of the year when our body badly needs some real flavorful hydration. But, before gulping down those unhealthy bottled beverages from the market, try stirring and squeezing up these drinks made from fresh seasonal fruits, spices, and herbs.


7 Refreshing Summer Drinks Perfect To Quench Your Thirst This Summer


Here is a list of 7 incredibly refreshing Indian coolers to celebrate the sun-kissed summery days.


refreshing summer drinks, summer drinks, summer drink recipes, summer cocktails, refreshing drinks


1. Desi Imli Water

The mere mention of tamarind makes anyone’s mouth water, isn’t it? This summer, do try out a glass full of tamarind juice to give your taste buds that much needed twist.  This Desi Imli Ka Paani is a perfect summer thirst quencher and helps in keeping you healthy and hydrated.


2. Tender Coconut Water

One miraculous natural and refreshing drink. Tender Coconut as we all know is chemical free, 100% natural and delicious health drink that not only quenches your thirst but is also fat-free and great for your body. It’s so much better than your regular sugary sodas and beer cans, don’t hesitate to grab one every day.


3. Shikanji

Shikanji is one of North India’s favorite summer lemonade with a twist. And who doesn’t like Nimboo Pani, as we call it? Very easy to make, delightful, and healthy, Shikanji is surely the drink you must devour during this summer season.


4. Spiced Buttermilk

Goes well with each and every meal keeps you well hydrated and helps with digestion too. Chaach as we call it, is low fat and one of the best thirst quenchers for the scorching summer months.


5. Lassi

Who doesn’t love this Punjabi Gem? Lassi, as we know, is one drink Punjabis cannot do without, apart from Punjab, this drink is equally loved across the country and even abroad. Just grab some curd and mix it up with sugar and its ready. You can make variations of it too, add some RoohAfza or Mango and see the magic.


6. Sugarcane Juice

This super-duper drink not only helps in beating sweltering heat but also keeps diseases at bay. Sugarcane juice or Ganne Ka Raas as many of us call it, gives you that boost of energy and also helps in keeping your body cool even when it’s all heated up outside.


7. Aam Panna

This tangy and tasty drink is one perfect summer thirst quencher. Sadly, it is available only during the summer season. Aam Panna is very easy to make and is totally perfect to beat the summer heat. Made from raw mangoes, this drink is tangy yet sweet. Make a bottle of this super delicious drink and store it in your refrigerator for the rest of the week.


Final Thoughts


Ditch those unhealthy aerated drinks, sodas and over sweetened bottled drinks and try making these desi thirst quenchers at home this summer. So, which of these drinks are you planning to try your hands on? Do you have favourites of your own? Tell us, in the comments section below.

7 Different Species Of Humans That Exist When It Comes To Eating

Eating, different species of humans , Food Lovers, Foodie

Eating in itself is one phenomenal experience, isn’t it? But, not everyone who gobbles food down is a foodie, few people need a platter full of different varieties, others might stick to one dish throughout their entire meal. From people who eat to subsist to the picky eaters, and to the street food gobblers, there are many different species of humans when it comes to consumption of food. Let us explore 7 types of people that exist when it comes to eating.


7 Different Species Of Humans That Exist When It Comes To Eating


1. The Survivors

For this set of humans, food isn’t about experience but is bare essential for their survival. Gulping food down the food pipe is a crime, they wish there was some food pill which could save them from the awful experience of biting, chewing and then swallowing food. They will never value the efforts you put into cooking them a meal, they can gulp down the worst of food and even an uncooked chapati. Irritating isn’t it?


2. Anything Types – “Kuch Bhi Chalega”

Yes, you do know them, these people are unfussy about food but can be annoying sometimes. Every single time you ask them what they’d like to eat, the answer unvaryingly is, “anything will do“. Well, might sound great but sometimes irritating and makes you feel they don’t have any opinion of their own. Wonder, if such people ever have any particular cravings for food.


3. Choosy Eaters

Choosy or the picky eaters are not the ones who are allergic to food but are fussy. No matter how delicious the food served before them is, they are never impressed. They behave awfully judgy and are very cautious about experimenting with food. They are rude and never appreciate food, this can be quite hurting for the food lovers.


4. Occasional Non-Vegetarian

The On and Off meat eater, these people are confused fellows between being vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Most often they eat meat under the pressure of others, but is that really needed? For such people here is an advice, be a foodie by choice, if you like it, then go ahead and if you don’t, choose not to.


5. Street Food Maniac

One of the best people to be with, in fact, I feel every individual should have one street food maniac buddy. This is one typical foodie category who loves to eat on the go, especially on those local food carts. Food is about fun and experience to them; hence they always try anything that comes along their way.


6. Sweets Lover

Sweet lover or the desert fanatic are the ones born with a sweet tooth. These people are no less than a small kid, the moment they see sweets they get the same glow like the kids get when they see chocolates. Sweet lovers are truly sweet, be the traditional Indian sweets or those rich and creamy desserts they can eat all in one go.

7. Nagger

The nagger foodie will always nag. No one makes them happy, these people will always regret his/her meal decisions. And they will always complain about the amount of sugar and salt in a meal. These people always manage to find faults, in any good meal. Heaven knows what will satisfy their taste buds!


Eat On!!!!


Different species of humans when it comes to eating, these were few distinct categories, which one do you think you fall into? Let us know in the comment section below.

What To Do In Holidays? Here Are 6 Interesting Things To Do In A Holiday Break

what to do in holidays, Holiday break, holiday deals, holiday

So, it’s a long holiday break and you are all excited. But do you have any plan on how you want to spend it? Note, its very easy to get into a lazy mode where you can simply sit down and do nothing with these days, or even celebrate a nap fest. I feel holiday breaks are both boom and bane, boom because you get a break from that regular routine and bane because you are often perplexed on what to do with all that extra time. This again brings us back to the question, “What To Do In Holidays?” Well, fret no more, as I have the perfect answer to your question.


What To Do In Holidays? – Here Are 6 Cool Things


1. Exercise

While most the commonly adopted trend is Lazing around, I would recommend to totally ditch it. Take a step towards staying healthy, also one of the best ways to combat that holiday lethargy is by keeping up with a regular exercise routine. This will make you more confident, you will look and more importantly, feel better.

Book Now – PG In Gachibowli

2. Redesign Your Room

Since your room is the place where you spend most of your time, why not redesign it? Nope, I am not asking you to call up an interior designer for this. Its time for you to add a bit of personalization to your room, paste printouts of your favourite books, movies, TV shows, and bands, make a huge collage of your favourite photos, you can even try your hands-on wall art. The idea is to contemplate yourself as an artist and treat your room as your canvas.


3. Volunteer For A Good Cause

Life has given you so much to appreciate, why not spread some happiness. Holidays are a great time to volunteer, and when it’s for a good cause, believe me, the options are endless. The benefits of volunteering in your free time are many, not only you get a chance to help the needy, but you also learn valuable life skills like working in a team and taking directions. And, don’t mix up volunteering with teaching kids how to read and write, there are NGOs which deal with a multitude of activities like sports, dance, music, animal welfare – choose a cause that’s most close to your heart.


4. Learn Some New Skill

Playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, dancing, baking, there are so many new skills you can add to your knowledge. Today learning new skills is even easier, you really don’t need to join courses with heavy fees– you can simply rely on YouTube videos and other free, online courses and forums.


5. Spend Time With Family & Friends

As you grow older, you get to spend very less time with your family and friends. What’s even more ironic is the fact that you realize the importance of family and friends only when you’re older and live all by your own. Soon, you might have to move away for studies or a job, so make the most of this time and spend it with your near and dear ones.


6. Bring Out The Chef In You

What better to get you in the holiday spirit than cooking? I feel cooking is truly therapeutic, it can de-stress you in no time. Think of the delicious aromas your home will be filled with and its surely going to be a great gift for your family and guest that stop by. Alert, aroma thing is applicable only for good cooks, for those who are novice into cooking the house can even be filled with smoke, be careful.

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Final Thoughts

This is from our end on what to do in holidays. If you have any new, innovative ways of spending time during the holiday breaks do let us know in the comments section below!

The Tips, Tricks, And Etiquette’s To Survive In Co Living Communities

Co living, co living communities, communal living, shared space, shared living, shared accommodation

Recent years have witnessed a substantial upsurge in the number of young professionals moving to new cities for studies and work, the emerging concept of community living is really enticing takers. Co-living, as we know, is a very new trend that has hit the Indian metropolitan cities. It’s like, when you move far away from your hometown, to places with no support system, no friends or family; today you don’t need to worry about settling in a new place, things like buying yourself a refrigerator or washing machine or setting up an internet connection and guess what – even being lonely, courtesy co-living communities.


Living In Co Living Communities With Strangers


One of the best things about becoming independent and living all on your own in Co living communities is that you get to know people from different walks of life. Well, at the core these people are strangers to you, hence connecting and building a rapport does take some time. Taking into considering an individual’s own personality (introvert or extrovert), figuring out everyone’s personalities for him/her can be one challenge.

On the other hand, living with Liked-minded people is one huge opportunity offered by co living communities, hence chances of connecting does increase. Living in a community ensures you are never lonely and you always have someone to talk to and share your thoughts.

Living with strangers isn’t difficult when it’s in co living communities. If you want to be by yourself, it’s completely fine, you can always hang out in your room and if you want to hang out with people, it’s even easier.

Book Now – Pg Rooms In Bangalore

Tips, Tricks, & Etiquettes To Survive In Co Living Communities

Co living, co living communities, communal living, shared space, shared living, shared accommodation


Here are some tips, tricks, and etiquettes to help you recognize what you need to do – and avoid in co living communities.


1. Don’t Disconnect But Connect

Moving out of home can make you homesick. Don’t turn into a wallflower but move out and try to connect with people. No, I am not asking you to become a social animal but avoiding and escaping people around you will not help. When living in a co living space, a simple “Hi” or even a little smile can become a beginning of a healthy friendship that can keep out of loneliness and boredom.


2. Be An Active Member Of The Community

Co Living gives you access to a huge community, now being active or dead is completely in your hands. I would recommend being as active as possible, join events, meet your roommates and fellow residents. Basically, take an active role in linking with those you’re living with.

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3. Respect Rules

Always respect house rules about noise, privacy, and guests. It’s not about restrictions, but about being considerate to your fellow residents. Breaking rules agreed upon move-in might sound cool to you, but remember, this isn’t your home – it’s everybody’s, and you should respect that fact.


4. Pledge to Keep Common Spaces Tidy

If keeping your space tidy is tough, then opt for a single room accommodation and restrict your mess to your personal surroundings. Be the resident everyone loves to pick – always do your part in keeping the co living space neat, tidy, and nice to live in. Also, respect dining spaces and kitchen, everyone need to use them, so clean-up after you use it. These little things will keep you in everyone’s good books.


Final Thoughts


Every co living space is unique and has its own appeal and community, but the above tips, tricks, and etiquettes are the basics to survive in co living communities. Make sure you follow them to become a resident everyone loves and has a bone to pick with.

Funny Ways To Get Rid Of A Bad Roommate

Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates

Every single individual who has ever lived in a hostel, PG or a shared apartment has several stories about their strange, irritating or crazy roommates. Well, living with people who come from different walks of life that too in a typical roommate situation can be challenging, and can get even tenser with time. Sometimes we try to fight the situation and work out the differences, but many times things don’t work the way we want it to; hence parting ways is the best solution. For those who don’t try, they wish their bad roommate would just pack up and leave; but wake up things isn’t that simple.

Getting stuck with a bad roommate is one serious problem, so, how do you persuade such people to depart?

When facing difficulties with roommates, it’s essential to approach the situation with respect and open communication. Instead of focusing on “getting rid” of roommates, consider discussing the issues you’re experiencing. Try talking about your concerns, setting boundaries, and finding potential solutions together. If the problems persist and become unmanageable, involving a resident advisor or housing management could help mediate the situation. Remember, fostering a healthy living environment often involves compromise and understanding from all parties involved.Envisage if you could try these extreme funny ways to get a bad roommate to move out …


A Bad Roommate – Few Annoying Things This Creature Does


Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates

Living together with other people in a roommate state is exciting, but this situation doesn’t stay fresh for long. Whether your roommate is a faultlessly respectable human or a demon from hell, living in complete harmony always is pretty much impossible. Roommate relationships are often beyond complicated, but what is actually so complicating? Try and spot if your roommate has revealed a difficult-to-deal-with side of their personality, things like:

  • They Don’t Clean Up After Themselves
  • They Eat All Your Food & Are Never Sorry
  • They Bring In Other Irritating People Without Informing You
  • They Use & Damage Your Things
  • Give You ‘0’ Personal Space

Now since you realize it has gotten to a point where it is no longer possible to share your living space with such a vile, excruciating person. The only possible answer is – ACTION.


Funny Ways To Get Rid Of A Bad Roommate


Bad roommate, roommate, living with roommates


We have all had that one roommate who drives us absolutely crazy. Nope, we aren’t asking you to send them court notice as it’s not that serious, to end up in a healthy way try these 5 funny ways:


1. Start Irritating Them More

One of the best ways to get into that revenge or as we call it “Badla” mode. Get even more annoying and irritating than they are. Do exactly what they have been doing to you, go a step ahead to irritate them and don’t bother if they start venting out stories about you to others; remember your mission is to throw them out of the house.


2. Activate Sleep Troubles

Sleep is indispensable to enjoying life and cannot be done without. Activating sleep troubles is a great trick and trust me, your roommates will produce speedy, and wonderful results. I would recommend you to set alarms at 5.00 A.M and press snooze until you get finally decide to get up or put on some good devotional numbers on your speakers at full volume.


3. Leave No Room For Peace

The place you live is a sanctuary where you feel at ease and secure. Steal away this notion from that bad roommate. Scare your roommate that you’re stuck in some problem, tell them stories like “If some bad people come by asking for you or for money, just tell them I’m not there”. Don’t answer their queries any further, they will get bizarre in such a situation. And who like to live with unwanted troubles? They will surely run out.


4. Eat All Your Roommates Food

All this while they have been keeping you starved, now it’s your turn. Eat all the food in the house or hide it so that he/she feels the real hunger. If they keep food for themselves, eat it without their permission to irritate them more. Nothing can be more maddening than hunger.?


5. Fart!!

If you eat unduly more, you will surely have stomach troubles; don’t mind farting near your roommate. In fact, fart as much as you can, so that he/she needs to move out to breathe some fresh air. The idea is to make it impossible for them to breathe – “Saas Lena Mushkil Kar Do


Final Thoughts


These were few funny yet proven ways to get rid of a bad roommate. Well, living with anyone has its challenges and its benefits. But if you are clear about what you will and won’t stand for, you have a better chance of cleansing your living condition. And if not, change is always respectable and maybe your next roommate will be a better person.

Newbies Guide to Living in Vellore

Vellore, vit university, CMC vellore, college life, vit life.

Vellore is one of the most scenic cities in South India, it is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, more precisely on the banks of the river Palar. This region has an interesting and rich historical past, as the city has been ruled by different leaders at different times, the Pallavas, Vijaynagar Empire, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, the Rashtrakutas, the Carnatic Kingdom, and then even the British.

Located only around 135 kilometers from Chennai, the state capital metropolitan is one of the most happening cities on the Bengaluru-Chennai Highway. Vellore is also very close to Bangalore, at only 210 kilometers, and can be reached within 5 hours by road. Hundreds of students from all parts of the country are seen migrating to this beautiful city, mainly for the VIT University, or CMC (Christian Medical College) Vellore.

This blog aims to discuss how it is to live in this Smart City, basically, it’s a guide for the newbies living in Vellore.

Living in Vellore


Vellore, vit university, CMC vellore, college life, vit life.


College life in Vellore, especially the VIT life, is reported to be one of the most memorable and learning experiences for the students. The region has an agreeable climate and makes for serene surroundings, nestled amidst vast swathes of greenery.

If you are considering applying for VIT University, or the CMC Vellore, then these are the 6 main things you will need to know about college life in this quaint South Indian city:

1. Climate

The region around Vellore is at around 220 meters above MSL (Mean Sea Level), in the Palar River basin, which gives it a generally semi-arid climate. The temperatures are mostly in the mid-range mild but it only gets hot between the months of April to June.

2. Public Transport

The municipality of the city maintains around 105 kilometers of roads, with over 50 km of concrete roads within its jurisdiction. There are 3 national highways which connect the city to numerous other large cities, including Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Tirupathi, Salem, Hyderabad, Mangalore, etc. The rail connectivity is also excellent from here as it has 3 main railway stations – Vellore Town, Vellore Cantonment and Katpadi Junction. Apart from road and railways, the city is also having a small airport with chartered flights being operated by Air India Airlines between Vellore and Chennai.

3. Eating & Shopping

When it comes to shopping, any college life does not allow you to splurge. Well, shopping options are quite limited and for those who love malls, the Annapoorna Complex and the AGS Mall are few budget shopping destinations for students.

Coming to eating in Vellore, well sadly there aren’t a lot of options. There are very limited number of “Good” food joints in the city. While the number of food joints is limited, the food here is very cheap here irrespective of the cuisine (south Indian, north Indian or Chinese). Well, shopping malls do offer some decent food, but again don’t expect too much. The advice is to learn a bit of basic cooking before you move in here.

4. Total Cost Of Living

When you are a student, your basic habits and necessities, such as meals at cheap restaurants, along with a bottle of water, would cost around INR 110 – INR 120. For those living independently, the daily cost-of-living in Vellore would come to around INR 150 (includes milk, bread, and sundry grocery), apart from a monthly expense of around INR 6,000 – INR 8,000 (includes rent, entertainment, and transport).

5. Places to See

Some of the most visited sites in the region include Sripuram Golden Temple, Vellore Fort, Jalakandeshwar Temple, Vallimalai Subramanyar Temple, Delhi Gate, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Yelagiri, and the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) Museum.

6. Best Places To Stay

If you are looking for student accommodations near the VIT University or CMC Vellore, then your best options to live in, with respect to convenience and affordability, are Senur, Sevur, Modur or Perumugai.

CoLive offers student accommodation at affordable rates across all the prime locations in Vellore. We are a technology-powered network of Branded Serviced Homes which are conveniently located near all educational institutions & workplaces in Vellore.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have good knowledge about living in Vellore, you can easily decide how it is going to be to stay in this beautiful and scenic city. Well, on the whole, living in Vellore will not be that bad if you ignore few things, like food and shopping. Yet again, from the education perspective, this is surely one of the most perfect choices you can make.

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7 Interesting Things You Should Know About VIT University, Vellore

vit university, college life, vit life

College life is, for most, a once in a lifetime experience where one makes some of their most cherished memories and also learns the skills that will help them survive in their workplace for the rest of their lives. The college environment should be nurturing and at the same time allow you to explore yourself and your skills. Vellore Institute of Technology, better known as VIT offers this exact blend.


Life At VIT


vit university, college life, vit life


VIT is a prestigious institute that offers courses in Engineering, Management, Medicine, Law among others. The University’s original campus is located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, which is a couple of hundred kilometers from Chennai. The campus is lush green and is home to a beautiful Lake. The university has subsequently opened campuses in Chennai, Bhopal, and Amaravati. Students and alumni from the university often speak well about their college life at VIT University. Their college life is characterized by the experience of qualified staff and modern facilities, which provide you with the perfect experience for your college life.

However, it must be stated that the university is very strict when it comes to interaction between boys & girls. In this respect, the rules laid out for girls are way stricter than those for boys. This applies to both hostel rules as well as dress codes. And yet the facilities and the friendly atmosphere of the university leaves most students enjoying VIT life. While Vellore might be a small-time town with little amenities, the university campus is pretty much self-contained.


VIT University – 7 Interesting Things


Before you make the move to the campus, here are 7 things to know about VIT University, Vellore:


1. Highly Qualified Campus Members

The university boasts a wide array of well-qualified staff including teachers, HODs and lab technicians. The university places rigorous filters on their search for staff and always look to hire and nurture staff with great technical & subject knowledge. Apart from this they also ought to have great communication skills, as it is imperative that they are able to pass on their knowledge to the students without any difficulties.


2. 100% Placements:

The university virtually guarantees 100% placements for students who successfully complete courses here. They do hold records in the Limca Book of Records, thrice, for most number of students recruited from a single institution. The university attracts both core companies and IT companies to recruit students.


3. Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms: Free For Students

VIT’s tie-up with Dreamstore means that students can avail Microsoft’s developer’s tools, platforms & servers for free. This also includes a licensed copy of Windows OS. This offers a significant saving in cost for students plus it would help them to fight against piracy as well.


4. Free Internet

The university also offers Free Internet connectivity to students, which is a boon for both research and entertainment purposes. However, data usage is limited to 5 GB per month.


5. Too many Chinese around

VIT’s tie-ups with 10 Chinese Universities have resulted in numerous student exchange programs, which means that there is a deluge of Chinese students in the VIT Campus.


6. Watch out for the black crows

The campus is filled with plenty of crows. So, watch out for these birds who can swoop down at you and take away your snacks.


7. Maggie – Not Available

One of the stock food for most students – Maggi, which is easy to cook and is delicious, is not available on campus. The campus has banned the sale of Maggi on campus, which may be disappointing news for many students.

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So, we hope you’ve got a good idea about VIT and we wish you immense success and fun-filled times in your college life.

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