Man/Woman Looking For Flats To Rent
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Bachelor’s phase of your life is probably the best phase of your life because it is only during this time that you don’t need to worry about your wife/husband’s needs, children’s education, and other similar responsibilities. However, like it is said that everything comes at a price. If you are a bachelor and move into a new city to work, the biggest problem you would probably face is renting a flat. As a bachelor, you have your career as your priority and a permanent roof over your shoulder is not your primary objective.

However, you will still need a temporary place to live in and rest; but finding a flat is not so easy if you are a bachelor these are the challenges you might face if you are looking for flats to rent: –

High Rents

You might wonder that if you are a single man/woman why is it that I have to pay higher rent as compared to other people? Well, landlords claim that regulations forbid them to allow single man/woman to rent their flats as a result of which you end up paying more than the floating market price.

Huge Deposits

Well, as a bachelor if you do not like a particular place then it is very easy for you to shift from one flat to another. This is a nightmare for the landlords, therefore they ask you to pay huge deposits. Huge deposits ensure the landlords that the concerned person won’t leave their flats anytime soon.

Oops, You Eat Non-Veg!

Yes! You might not be given a flat if you eat non-veg. It may sound ridiculous but it is true, people have reported that when the landlords question you about your family and background they also cross verify so as to whether you eat non-veg or not. If you say a ‘Yes’ and you might not be granted a roof to live in.

Landlords Think You Stay Dirty

This is a very common perception that the landlords have about bachelors. The landlords feel that if you are single; you have a tendency to stay dirty and unorganized. Well, I cannot deny the fact that bachelors are more lethargic as compared to married people but it does not mean that you stay dirty.

Singles Create Nuisance and Disruptions

Again, a very common bias found among the landlords. Landlords feel that as a single man/woman, it is a tendency to listen to loud music or stay up late in the night watching movies which in turn creates a problem for other people in the society. This is one of the major reasons why they resist giving flats on rent to bachelors.

Single Woman Interrogation

For a single woman, it is literally a nightmare to get a flat. The kind of questions the landlords ask will make you feel like, “God, why am I single?”. The landlords literally ask whether you have a boyfriend or not; and if you say a ‘Yes’ they will warn you before that you are not supposed to bring any guy into the flat and draw similar boundaries.

Home Owners Demand Stability

This is one particular point which I might side up with the landlords. If you are a single man/woman, you really don’t have stability in your life. One moment, you are in a company; and the other day if a company offers you a better package you shift to their company. The reason is pretty simple, that you want growth in your life and the fact that you don’t have a family to feed; you are hasty at taking decisions. This is one reason why the landlords don’t want to give their flats on rent to bachelors.

No Parties

As a bachelor, it a perception that you are a party animal and you like to spend a majority of your spare time in boozing or calling your friends for night stays. This is not true in the case of every individual but a common reason for landlords to reject your proposal for renting out their flats.

Watch Out For Your Looks

Tattoos, ripped jeans, spikes are fashion trends of our generation but imagine you with your ripped jeans, spikes and tattoos approaching a conservative landlord; do you think that the landlord would rent out his flat to you? Believe it or not; there have been cases where bachelors have been rejected by landlords due to long hair or tattoos.

Deep Rooted Biases

Snap judgments are the most common form of biasness when it comes to landlords. They look at you and without even a word of interaction; they become very judgmental. This is one of the major reasons why single man/woman faces problem in looking for an apartment.

Are Singles Losing Out In The Game Of House Hunting?

I will have to agree to this to a very large extent that yes; singles are losing out in the game because to-date a married couple would always be given preference over a single man/woman due to above-mentioned reasons.

Like I said right at the beginning of this article that a bachelor’s life is pretty amazing but due to a few pitfalls sometimes it becomes very difficult. So, if you are a single man/woman looking for a flat, then make sure you are patient; Companies like Colive have a network of branded service homes located near your college or office. It offers stylish, serviced and smart homes for single man/woman, students which will save you a lot of time and effort which you waste on house hunting and breaking your head with landlords.