Live with Your Siblings

So, you have finally decided to leave your hometown. It is that big moment in your life you had been eagerly awaiting for years. And believe us, this is the wisest decision you would have taken for the first time on your own to start a new life, leaving behind your loved ones to achieve your goals and aspirations. But, wouldn’t your life be better if you live with your siblings?

Living alone is difficult — there’s no doubt about it. When living alone, you are surrounded by vague thoughts and emotions that you can’t easily get away from. Though the main reason behind staying outside your hometown is to stay independent and become responsible which mainly people called ‘adulting’, it can be full of challenges. But, are you truly prepared for staying outside your hometown all alone?

This question may seem discouraging to most youngsters but believe us, this is a major decision that has the potential to disrupt your entire life. You have stayed with your parents and family members for long, who have provided you with everything you need throughout your life. But can you imagine how what it would be like to live with your siblings even when you are staying outside your hometown? 

Once you start staying outside your hometown, things in and around you will change drastically. You will have to consider thinking about every step you take going ahead in every walk of your life. Once you start staying outside your hometown, your life will be different, being surrounded in unknown places by unknown faces. You will need to start making mature decisions on your own and every mistake you make will have its own consequence and also will be an important lesson going ahead. 

And even if you are sure that you are prepared for staying outside your hometown, you might be surrounded by many challenges. The first challenge will be to look for a place to stay. You will need to consider factors such as budget, location, and many others. The next challenge is to think about food. What will you be eating and where will you be eating? Budgeting too will be a challenge you will surely come across once you decide on staying outside your hometown. But if you live with your siblings, things can surely get easier for you. 

Still don’t believe us? Let’s give you a few reasons why you should live with your siblings even outside your hometown. 

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Why should you live with your siblings?

1. Home outside Hometown

Home outside Hometown

Like we discussed above, living outside your hometown can be full of challenges. But when you live with your siblings, things can get a lot easier. While looking for a suitable roommate, you can be surrounded by many challenges like a mismatch of likes and dislikes, you should know that your sibling can understand you the best.

Thus, you can easily make yourself a home outside your hometown when you live with your siblings. You can even call your relatives and other family members home as well.

2. Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

When you live with a roommate, even when it’s your friend whom you have known for long, you need to abide by certain rules. These rules not only apply to compatibility and likes and dislikes, but also sharing. And, you can’t expect to share everything freely with your roommate as you do with a family member. 

And, why worry when that family member is your brother or sister? Thus sharing becomes caring for you when you live with your siblings outside your hometown.

3. A Built-in Trust

A Built-in Trust

When you start living with a roommate, trusting each other isn’t completely possible and even if it is, it takes time to build one. On the other hand, when you live with your siblings, the value of trust is inbuilt or in other words, comes right from your hometown. 

You have lived with them for a long and even if small quarrels arise, you never stop loving each other. Thus, when you live with your siblings, trust is one of the values that you do not need to worry about.

4. Creating a space you both love

Creating a space you both love

When you live with your siblings, your likes and dislikes align well. And, when you rent a space together, staging it becomes easier. While on one hand, this process would become complex depending on the preferences of your roommate and what you both agree on, two siblings can create a space they both love with ease. 

5. Compromises are Always Easy

Choosing a roommate always revolves around some compromises. This is because you can’t keep on changing your apartment if your roommate and preferences do not align. But you have little to no compromises at all when you live with your siblings. And even if you have to do certain compromises, these are more flexible and easier. 

6. Saving a Ton

Saving a Ton when living with your siblings

Believe it or not, our siblings in India always are there to watch each other’s back. Even when you do not earn well, you always have a brother or sister to back you up when you live with your siblings. This way you will have someone to help you out in all ways and can even save a ton in times of financial hardship. 

Living with a roommate, on the other hand, can be an expensive affair overall.

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7. Enjoying Common Festivities Together

Enjoying Common Festivities Together, Living with your siblings

You have lived with your siblings for a long and have shared common values in the process of upbringing as children. You have lived in the same culture and have shared all festivals and family events together. Thus, when you live with your siblings even as adults, you can surely share all festivities together, which roommates coming from cultures can truly enjoy. 

Thus, when you live with your siblings outside your hometown, it surely is awesome. Growing together as children and then becoming roommates can be the best thing a sibling can hope for. We are sure you would love living with a like-minded roommate like your brother or sister for the reasons stated above. 

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