PGs in Bangalore

Hunt for PGs in Bangalore made simpler

New job, new people and of course new PG is what awaits you when you plan to move to the new city i.e., Bangalore. How simple or tough it gets to find PGs in Bangalore completely depends on your approach. If you go by the old school technique of shortlisting PGs i.e., walking around your preferred locality, and then visiting a few to check if it falls within your requirement criteria then believe us you will end up wasting a lot of time with  even no guarantee of finding the perfect one. So, what next?

Technology has made our life simpler. You too would agree with that. Right? So, why not use it in the best possible way to hunt for PGs in Bangalore? Even when stuck with busy schedule; a mobile in your hand and good internet connection is all you need to search a home for yourself in the new city. Just open Google and search “PGs in Bangalore” or you can also search with the name of the desired locality in Bangalore where you wish to find a PG. You can also refine your search further by adding the price range based upon your budget. So simple… Isn’t it?

Now, if you are wondering how to spot the best PG out of so many search results then we have another awesome way to take you through completely refined search results. Instead of sifting through numerous questionable PGs online, a quick visit to Colive app or website will not just show you the list of PGs based on your preferred location and budget but will also let you have a glance at the interiors of the PG via detailed pictures. The whole experience would feel like as if you are directly visiting the different PGs in Bangalore and having a close look at their features.

And when it comes to finalising the PG and completing the formalities; Colive provides you the ease of doing all of that via Colive app. Even when you have settled in a Colive PG and need to get an issue addressed or wish to raise a concern; all you need to do is visit, where a dedicated officer will be available in a video room to listen to your issue, discuss it with our management team and provide a satisfactory resolution on priority. This team is available from 11 AM to 7 PM every day except Mondays.

The search for PGs in Bangalore cannot get any simpler than this. What say?