Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore

Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore – The best choice for newcomers

If given a choice between rented apartment and PG, what would be your preferred accommodation option? While opinions would vary depending upon personal requirement yet most people choose PGs over other accommodations facilities owing to various factors. In this blog post, Colive team lists some of the benefits that make Paying Guest accommodation one of the most sought after accommodation option in Bangalore. Read on:

1. Budget Friendly

PG accommodation is undoubtedly more affordable as compared to rental-house.Especially when we talk about a city like Bangalore where the cost of living is already high; hence selecting a budget friendly accommodation helps save some amount from monthly expenses. The monthly rent of Colive powered Paying Guest accommodation in Bangalore starts from 8k/month inclusive of all the facilities and amenities that would make your stay super comfortable.

2. Accessibility

You don’t need to find PGs rather PGs find you! Yes, finding a Paying Guest accommodation in Bangalore is that simple owing to their availability at every corner of the city. However, finding hostels or flats for rent often requires more time and effort.

3. PG Mates

In PGs, you not only get to befriend like-minded people but also have the opportunity to connect with them for career growth. In PGs,maximum people are either job seekers or working professionals;this makes it very obvious that they can be a good source of information related to walk-ins, openings, etc.

4. Amenities

Living in a Colive PG, you get access to all the facilities that you enjoyed back at home. These include AC, Refrigerator, washing machine, CCTV camera, 24/7 guard, TV, Wi-Fi, purifiers, parking spaces and much more so you have a comfortable life even in a new city.

5. Daily meals

Staying in a PG guarantees you daily meals. Hence, there is no hassle of cooking, grocery shopping or cleaning the mess. Though the taste of food would vary in different PGs and hence it’s suggested to have a look at PG reviews before finalising one for yourself.

6. Safety

Paying Guest accommodation ensures safety of its residents and their belongings by installing CCTV cameras and allocating security guards on the premises. Even the entry of outsiders is restricted unless they have a prior permission.

So, this was all about the benefits that you can reap when staying at a paying guest accommodation in Bangalore. And we do hope that you get the PG of your dreams that comforts you no less than home.