How to find a pg in Indiranagar, a place which is famous for nightlife and pubs?
How to find a pg in Indiranagar, a place which is famous for nightlife and pubs?

Indiranagar is one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Bangalore with posh areas, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and other spaces that depict the hip urban lifestyle. This cosmopolitan part of the city is well known for its fine dining and awesome nightlife.

Explore what the place has in store for you, and you would be delighted with the fashionable indie labels, international brands, quirky boutiques offering handicrafts, and funky homeware that would spoil you for your choice. 


Indiranagar portrays the epitome of nightlife in India, with sassy pubs, bars, and clubs that bring out the party animal within you. Bars like Toit, Xtreme Sports Bar, and Bflat Bar are a few which are worth visiting with friends for a lively night. Here are a few must-visit places that would elevate your nights to the next level. 


Famous for its craft beers, exquisite cuisines, and sports theme, vapour is one of the best bars in Bangalore.

Bob’s Bar

Replenish your soul with cheap drinks tasting at Bob’s bar, that allows you to make bonds with friends that may last forever.


This spacious bar offers you just the perfect ambiance to trip on your drinks. If you are planning for a large gathering, this might be the place you are looking for.

Things to do after a hectic day at work

Indiranagar offers you endless options to wind down and relaxes after a rough day at work. Check out things you can do to find your soul and connect with your inner self.


If you wind up working in the afternoon and want to enjoy a soul-soothing activity, pay a visit to the golf club. It would definitely help you to cheer up and relax.


For fitness freaks and body goals enthusiasts, Indiranagar features world-class gymnasiums that help you to exercise your muscles and relieve stress at the same time.


From art exhibitions, plays, comedy shows to live music there are a lot of events you could catch on at Indiranagar, make sure to keep an open eye for events happening around you and you will surely be rewarded.

The overall vibrance and hip vibe of this happening place will make you dwell upon your youth. With spaces tailored for the millennial lifestyle, Indiranagar has much more to offer than one could expect. It also very well bestows upon the corporate and urban culture to offer a lifestyle to opulence. 

Indiranagar also offers a certain serenity to your life, with its vast parks, gardens and greenery. The place has a happening aura that keeps your energy up throughout the day as you seek for new opportunities. The lavish spaces covered with opulent greenery makes it an aspiring place for habitat. 

If you’re new to the city or have to travel long distances for work, you can find numerous PGs in the area and nearby. If you want to find a PG in Indiranagar you can hunt the streets, but the best option is to search online or visit Colive. Colive provides multiple options with shared and personal living arrangements that are loaded with all the essential amenities to make your stay hassle-free. 

There are countless advantages of living in a Colive PG, especially in Indiranagar, a place famous for its nightlife and pubs, as the shared spaces are usually occupied with like-minded millennials who can be your buddies and help you to explore the lavish nightlife. Finding a PG in Indiranagar is easier than ever, thanks to Colive, onboarding into a new space is seamless and convenient. Visit to experience living the exquisite lifestyle of Indiranagar.