Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in expensive areas sounds like an oxymoron, right? How can you possibly get lower rentals in pricey neighborhoods? Don’t scratch your head too hard. It is possible in the New Age. Welcome to the concept of Co-living.

Suppose you are a newbie planning to shift to a new city for your job or academics. In that case, you will need to spend considerable time finding the right accommodation- something which is close to your workplace/ college, safe with all amenities, maintenance, etc. Sure, why not but won’t that cost a bomb?

What are you looking for in a perfect PG accommodation?

Proximity to workplace 

Safe Neighbourhood

Good transport



Let us examine each one in detail.

Proximity to workplace 

Anyone would love to get a PG accommodation close to their workplace/ college within walking distance. Life would be so perfect, especially when you are new to the city. You wouldn’t need to worry about the commute or long hours. Keep in mind that finding suitable PG accommodation in the Central Business District is not easy in any city.

Safe Neighbourhood

Finding suitable PG accommodation in a safe neighborhood would be anyone’s ideal preference. The rates in such neighborhoods are higher, precisely for this reason. This is a simple demand-supply equation. So, these are the first properties that get let out. Especially for women, safety is the most critical factor when it comes to finding a PG accommodation. If you are working odd hours, it becomes even more important to live in a safe neighborhood where you can commute early in the morning or late at night. This is especially for those working in BPO centers that have several shifts.

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Good transport

Even if you choose a good neighborhood at a distance from your workplace/college, you will need it to be well connected to other parts of the city. Accessibility to public transport is a very important parameter to judge a PG accommodation. There is simply no point in finding beautiful accommodation in the middle of nowhere. It makes no sense since you would spend hours on the daily commute, which could suck the joy out of life.


Getting a bare unfurnished room at a low rental may be easy, but that doesn’t serve any purpose. You will need to spend a tidy sum to furnish it with basic amenities and make it livable. 

Cooking, cleaning, washing, doing the dishes and taking out the trash would form part of your daily chores. If you are someone who doesn’t like doing all this, may God help you! Plus you would need some entertainment and have a social life too. Making decent acquaintances in a new city takes time, and these are not times when you can trust strangers blindly.


Ahh, now we get to the most important part. Suppose you find the perfect PG accommodation in the safest neighborhood, close to your workplace, and have all the amenities. What about the rent? And the all-important security deposit? You may have to shell out anywhere between 6-10 months rental as the security deposit in cities like Bangalore. That can be a handsome sum to shell out. You will have to sign an eleven-month lease agreement, and any premature termination will require two-month notice. So . you have to be ultra-careful in zeroing in on the right property.

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Okay, so how do you find affordable PG accommodation in expensive areas?

Now that we have discussed the parameters to find the right PG accommodation let us see if any existing options tick all the boxes. Welcome to Co-living, the new age concept of communal living that can give you the best of both worlds, privacy combined with shared amenities at prices that won’t break your bank account.

Colive provides very good PG accommodation options in the preferred residential areas of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. If you are looking for a living space in these cities, it will make tremendous sense to check out the website.

Colive has developed several properties in key residential areas close to the IT parks and the Central Business District, keeping in mind the needs of newcomers to the city who may search for PG accommodation. 

They are the safest neighborhoods in the city and just perfect for singles new to the city. All properties are well connected via public transport to the other parts of the city.

You can have your pick of single/double/triple occupancy rooms, depending on your budget. A fully furnished private space is provided with a bed and a study space. The common living areas and kitchen are shared. Done up in modern style, the living room is fitted with a television for entertainment if you want to stay in. The kitchen is equipped with appliances if you want to try your hand at cooking. 

Every Colive property has a dedicated housekeeping staff to handle your cleaning needs. A designated washing area is provided with industrial washing machines. Every property comes with a community kitchen, stocked up with bread, jam, milk, eggs, etc. Dinner is provided at most properties, and in some properties, breakfast is available too, depending on the residents’ demand. Big Bazaar vending machines are available in some properties for residents to buy provisions or snacks.

Coming to social life, you can find professionals from all fields, and you can easily find room partners with shared interests. In case you are a single woman apprehensive about unisex accommodation, you can look at the All Women PG accommodation exclusive for women.

All Colive properties have Wifi connectivity, so work from home is never an issue. Again, this is a big plus where Covid-19 is considered.

As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a Cinema Room if you want to catch a flick. You can even have a special screening for your friends by booking the room. The starlit lounge on the terrace is the perfect setting for a rendezvous. If you want to sweat it out, you can use the fitness room. If you are a game addict, you can try your hand at the Playstation in the Game Room. You can also play Foosball or Table Tennis or enjoy some board games.

All Colive properties are fitted with cameras for 24*7 surveillance. They have power backup for 24-hours. Residents are provided with a tech-enabled Access Card that uses facial recognition to allow entry. This ensures that no unauthorized entry is possible, which is a big relief. Also, Colive has an Emergency Response team and a dedicated round-the-clock helpline to manage emergencies of any kind, be it medical, accidents, assault, intrusion, or the like.

Now, let us look at the ease of booking a Colive Property. You can browse through the website and identify the properties that are nearest to your workplace. Once you shortlist a few properties, you can request a virtual tour. Yeah, you heard it right. You no longer need to visit properties. Isn’t it convenient in these Covid times when you can minimize travel and make decisions sitting at home? Once you have completed the tour, you can book the property by paying a nominal sum of Rs 4000. This is adjusted against the security deposit when you check in. The booking amount is non-refundable in case you cancel the booking before checking in.

At Colive, you have the flexibility of taking a one-month lease which is as good as it gets; it gives you complete flexibility to check out your options and then decide what is best for you. If you have a job that involves frequent relocation, this is the best option you could have. 

While normal properties require you to cough up 6-10 months’ rent as a security deposit, at Colive, it is just two months’ rent. The payment is online and stress-free.

You can move in with your luggage. Everything else is taken care of. You can even choose to talk to your colleagues or friends and book an entire apartment. Your electricity bills, Wifi, maintenance, etc., are all included in the price. There are no extra charges and no nasty surprises.

Unlike private arrangements, you will not have your landlord breathing down your neck at all times. You will have the flexibility to switch to other Colive properties if space is available.

Don’t you think this is as good as it gets? All your personal needs are taken care of in the best possible way without costing an arm and a leg. You have the flexibility of opting for the shortest lease period. The entire process is completed online, leaving you stress-free.

The concept of Co-living is fast catching on among the young generation as it removes the pain points linked to normal PG accommodation. It gives people a modern upscale living option that does not cramp one’s lifestyle. It can easily be a home away from home as it comes with all the modern comforts you may use. It gives you a sense of feeling and belonging. This is especially important when you are in a new place exploring a new life on your own.

It gives you a rare combination of quality and comfort at a reasonable price that doesn’t pinch simply because it passes on the economies of scale to the consumer, that is you. So go ahead, explore job/ study options in other cities without sweating over the small stuff. House hunting will be a breeze. With all the options we provide, finding decent PG accommodation will no longer be a nightmare. Instead, it will be a dream come true as you find your feet in a new city on your own.

It will remove the dependence on family and friends and be the gateway to independence in the right sense of the term.

At Colive, we can provide you with the perfect PG accommodation in the right areas at the right price. If you are looking for a place in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, or Pune, browse through our website, and you will indeed find something that ticks all your boxes. It will be your perfect haven in a new city, and we will be ready to welcome you.