Best Residential area in pune

Best Residential Areas in Pune

Pune has grown into a dynamic metropolis that successfully combines tradition and modernity. Pune has become an appealing destination for individuals seeking professional prospects and a high quality of life, thanks to its rich historical history and booming IT sector. As the city grows, the necessity of choosing the right residential area grows for people and families alike. 

Pune has a wide choice of communities to suit your needs. Join us as we tour the best residential areas in Pune, uncovering the main features that distinguish each residential sector and the greatest spots to call home in 2024.

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Below is the list of Best Residential Areas in Pune


Hinjawadi has seen a spectacular metamorphosis, growing into the city’s leading IT cluster. In the last decade, this once-sleepy neighbourhood has become linked with technical innovation and corporate prowess. The skyline is now ornamented with the offices of major IT businesses, making it one of the best residential areas in Pune.

The attractiveness of Hinjawadi stems from its proximity to big IT corporations and huge business parks. Giants in the tech industry have established headquarters here, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration. 

Key Features

  • Average Property Price: Rs. 12,690 per sqft.
  • Best Cafes: Pune Baking Company, Cafe Goodluck, PagDandi Books Chai Cafe, The Cafe Dream.
  • Nearby Hospitals: Hinjawadi Hospital, Ayushree Hospital.
  • Educational Institutions:  Blossom Public School, Mahindra International School (mis), The Good Samaritan School, Indira College Of Commerce & Science.

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Kothrud, once a sleepy suburb, has seen tremendous alterations over the years, becoming one of the best residential areas in Pune. It keeps its traditional core while embracing modern projects. 

Kothrud’s most notable characteristic is its importance as an educational hub. Renowned schools, colleges, and educational institutions have settled in this area, attracting kids and families looking for a good education. 

Key Features

  • Average Property Price: INR 10,200 per sqft.
  • Best Restaurants and Cafes: Jalsa Restaurant & Bar, Hippie @Heart, Code The Speakeasy Bar, Fusion Kitchen, Sailor’s And Co, Granny Cake’s & Cafe, Community Cafe, Yorkshire.
  • Nearby Hospitals: Krishna Hospital, Suryaprabha Nursing Home, Vinayak Hospital, Sahyadri Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions: Saraswati Mandir Sanstha, Fort International Academy, Mit World Peace University, Mit College Of Engineering.

Viman Nagar 

Viman Nagar, located on Pune’s eastern outskirts, is a booming neighbourhood noted for its strategic location and unequal connectivity. This thriving area has been a draw for residents looking for a seamless blend of urban life and convenience. 

Viman Nagar’s superb networking infrastructure is one of its most notable aspects. The Pune International Airport is a short distance away, ensuring convenient access for frequent flyers. Furthermore, the proximity to major train terminals and well-connected highways allows for convenient transportation inside the city.

Key Features

  • Average property price: ₹ 10,650 per sq ft
  • Best cafes and Restaurants: The Poppa Cafe, Madeline, Cafe Deja Vu, La Mesa Cafe, British Brewing Company, POP TATE’S, Tales & Spirits, Shizusan, The Guilty Pleasures
  • Nearby Hospitals: Shree Ayurveda and Panchakarma Hospital, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Jeewan Jyot Multispeciality Medicare Centre.
  • Educational Institutions:  Hem Gurukool, New TIMES International School, Silver Bell Tree School, Dhole Patil Junior College Of Arts Commerce and Science, Marathon International School And Junior College, Symbiosis Institute of Design.

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Once a vast area of fields, this area is growing, and today, it offers a mix of suburban peace and convenience and urban living. Wakad’s ascent as one of the best residential areas in Pune is propelled by its advantageous position and the well-considered incorporation of necessary facilities. The existence of shops and commercial buildings has been essential in forming Wakad’s character. 

For inhabitants to satisfy their everyday requirements and engage in retail therapy, Wakad offers a variety of possibilities, from busy shopping centres to neighbourhood markets.

Key Features

  • Average property price: ₹ 7,200 per sq ft. 
  • Best cafes and Restaurants: Cafe Food Culture, Wakad Call, The Lands End Cafe Call, Cafe Java Call, Egg Cafe Call, Orchid Cafe, Cafe Of Thrones, Odia Dalma.
  • Nearby Hospitals: Manipal Hospitals, NRS Hospital, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital · Spandan Hospital ICU & Multispeciality
  • Educational Institutions: The Good Samaritan School, IndusChamps School · EuroSchool, Akshara International School, Suryadatta College Of Management Information Research and Technology, Angels Public School and Junior College.


Erandwane, located in the heart of Pune, is a dynamic neighbourhood recognized as a hub of education, particularly in film. With good cause, Erandwane is known as among the best residential areas in Pune. The neighbourhood has grown significantly over the previous three to five years, and lavish homes that redefine luxury living have started to appear.

Erandwane’s home landscape is as diverse as it is luxurious. This location offers a wide range of tastes, with vast and elegant villas, expansive bungalows, high-end flats, and well-planned housing complexes available. 

Key Features

  • Average Property Price: INR 13,769 per sqft.
  • Best Restaurants and Cafes: Origins Oriental, Classico Kitchen & Bar, On The Woods, Coffee And Bread Art Cafe, Cafe Creamy Day, Cafe Bread N Butter,
  • Nearby Hospitals: Sahyadri Speciality Hospital
  • Colleges and Schools: Sir Parashurambhau College Of Science Commerce & Arts, Abhinav Vidyalaya English Medium School

Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is dotted with exclusive housing societies that raise the bar on elegance and sophistication. Each house is a monument to architectural brilliance and exquisite facilities, attracting an elite demographic seeking unprecedented refinement.

Boat Club Road has been a magnet for successful entrepreneurs, especially those in the startup community.

Key Features

  • Average Property Price: INR 12,372 per sqft.
  • Best Restaurants and Cafes: Sweet Bengal, The Place To Be Restaurant, Vohuman Cafe, The TTMM Cafe, Friends Cafe
  • Nearby Hospitals: Jehangir Hospital, Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, KEM Hospital, Matru Seva Hospital.
  • Educational Institutions: Fort International Academy, Arham College, The Lexicon International School, St Mary’s School, Indian School Of Business Management and Administration, Nowrosjee Wadia College 

New Kalyani Nagar

New Kalyani Nagar, an extension of the well-established Kalyani Nagar, is experiencing a rise in residential and commercial construction. The neighbourhood has proven popular among individuals looking for a mix of modern living and economic vitality. Adding new infrastructure, housing projects, and commercial spaces is converting this Pune district into a vibrant and sought-after community.

Its strategic position and ongoing development make it an excellent alternative for individuals seeking a smooth transition into city life. 

Key Features

  • Average Property Price: INR 10,984 per sq. ft.
  • Best Restaurants and Cafes: Barbeque Nation, HAPAA- Asian Stir, Café Columbia, Le Flemington, The Flour Works, 27 Deli, Sorted. Delicatessen, Scossa
  • Nearby Hospitals: Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Dr Prashant Deshmukh
  • Educational Institutions: Siddhant College, Arihant College Of Arts, Commerce And Science, Symbiosis Society’s College Of Arts And Commerce, C P Goenka International School, Cube Montessori.

Certainly Below is a tabular column outlining some of the best residential areas in Pune.  This list highlights some popular and well-regarded residential neighborhoods in Pune.

Area Key Features Highlights
Kalyani Nagar – Proximity to IT hubs – Upscale neighborhood
– Green spaces and parks – Trendy cafes and restaurants
– Good connectivity – Suitable for professionals and families
– Shopping malls and entertainment options
Koregaon Park – Luxury housing options – Vibrant nightlife
– Cultural and artistic hub – Osho Ashram and German Bakery
– Boutique stores and cafes
Baner – IT and business parks nearby – Growing residential and commercial hub
– Good schools and healthcare facilities – Well-planned infrastructure
– Variety of dining options
Wakad – Proximity to Hinjewadi IT Park – Affordable housing options
– Developing infrastructure – Close to educational institutions
– Shopping centers and malls
Aundh – Established residential area – Good schools and colleges
– Shopping streets and markets – Well-connected to the city center
– Green spaces and recreational areas
Viman Nagar – Close to Pune Airport – Educational institutions and IT companies
– Shopping complexes and restaurants – Growing real estate market
– Good public transport connectivity
Hadapsar – IT and industrial development – Upcoming residential projects
– Access to malls and shopping centers – Educational institutions nearby
– Affordable housing options


As you contemplate your next move, we encourage you to explore these best residential areas in Pune based on your preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize proximity to work, upscale living, cultural richness, connectivity, or emerging hubs, Pune has a residential gem waiting for you. Take the time to delve into the nuances of each neighbourhood, envisioning how it aligns with your aspirations and daily life.

Each of these neighborhoods has its own unique charm and amenities, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Explore Colive’s rental app for convenient and affordable housing options in Pune’s best residential areas.