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Top Clubs in Pune for Party and Dance Near You

Pune is well known for more than simply its educational institutions and historical significance. In the dark, the city comes to life. The city is full of lights, excitement, and music, offering a nightlife catering to diverse interests. 

Pune’s nightlife is a gold mine for those who love to party and dance. The top clubs in Pune are its nightlife’s pulsating heart. These are perfect for people looking to escape the grind of everyday life.

Every club adds to a cultural mosaic that honours variety and a shared love of celebration. This makes each one a distinct chapter in the nightlife story. Prepare yourself for a tour of top nightclubs in Pune. 

They offer a fusion of music, dancing, and a vibe that embodies the city’s dynamic nightlife and promises to take your evenings to new heights.

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List of Top night clubs in Pune

Oak Lounge, Mundhwa

The price for Two is Rs. 3000

Nestled in the lively district of Koregaon Park, Oak Lounge in Mundhwa stands out as an example of Pune’s enthusiastic nightlife. While many top clubs in Pune are concentrated in Koregaon Park, Oak Lounge defies the trend. It offers an affordable yet stylish nightclub experience. 

Situated within the Marriott Suites, this establishment blends sophistication with budget-friendly offerings, making it an attractive choice for partygoers in Pune.

Key Features

  • Affordable Luxury: Catering to the college crowd and budget-conscious guests, it opens the doors to an elegant atmosphere without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Hot-Shot Parties: Renowned for hosting hot-shot parties, Oak Lounge is a hotspot for those seeking a pulsating nightlife experience. 
  • Celebrity Encounters: Pune’s nightlife is known for its surprises, and Oak Lounge adds an extra layer of excitement. The possibility of bumping into a celebrity is real.

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Mi-A-Mi Senapati, Bapat Road

Price for Two: Rs 1000-2500

Tucked away on Bapat Road, Mi-A-Mi Senapati emerges as one of the top clubs in Pune, a testament to the adage that appearances can be deceiving. Don’t let the garage-themed interiors fool you—beneath its industrial façade lies a vibrant world where chic design meets unparalleled vibes. 

This club has secured its position among the best in Pune, captivating party enthusiasts with its distinctive charm.

Key Features

Garage-Themed Interiors: Mi-A-Mi Senapati welcomes you with an unconventional garage-themed ambiance. The raw and industrial aesthetics might challenge your expectations initially, but once you settle in, the unique décor adds character to the overall experience.

Lady’s Night Extravaganza: A highlight that sets Mi-A-Mi Senapati apart is its renowned ladies’ night. Every Saturday, the venue transforms into the ultimate #saturdaynight destination for the ladies, offering an exclusive experience that keeps them returning for more.

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Zeleb, Raga Lawn

Price for Two: Rs 1300

Near Raga Lawns, Zeleb stands as the pinnacle of after-party experiences in Pune, offering a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that perfectly complements a night of club-hopping. Zeleb’s magnetic charm and celebratory ambience make it the quintessential conclusion to a night of dancing, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Get ready to bask in the after-party glow at Zeleb!

Key Features

The After-Party Extravaganza: 

Zeleb has earned its reputation as one of Pune’s best after-party destinations. When the night is still young and the desire to keep the celebration alive is strong, Zeleb beckons with open arms. It seamlessly transforms from a regular nightclub into the ultimate after-party haven.

Ideal for Club-Hopping Weekends: 

For those who love the thrill of club-hopping, Zeleb near Raga Lawns is strategically positioned to be the final crescendo in your nightlife adventure. Dance your heart out in different clubs across Pune, and when the night approaches its zenith, Zeleb awaits to elevate your experience.

Apache High Street, Baner

Price for Two: Rs 1300

Situated in Baner, Apache High Street breaks the mould with its inclusive approach and energetic ambience, offering a budget-friendly escape for all party enthusiasts.

Key Features

Inclusive Entry Policy:

Apache High Street embraces inclusivity by offering free entry to everyone, regardless of gender. This progressive approach ensures the vibrant atmosphere is open to all, fostering a sense of community and shared celebration.

Budget-Friendly Pubs with Dance Floor:

Apache High Street stands out as one of Pune’s best pubs with a dance floor, catering to those who appreciate a good dance without breaking the bank. The affordability of the place makes it a favourite among budget-conscious partygoers.

Contrary to the Name, Not “High Street”:

Despite its name suggesting a high-end locale, Apache High Street surprises visitors with its down-to-earth and approachable ambience. The affordability and welcoming atmosphere make it one of the top clubs in Pune for those seeking a great time without the high-end price tag.

The Urban Foundry, Balewadi

Price for Two: Rs 2500

Nestled in Balewadi, The Urban Foundry stands as a unique fusion of design, decor, and dance, creating an ambience that captures the hearts of Pune’s nightlife aficionados. It is one of the top nightclubs in Pune.

Key Features

Industrial Aesthetics with a Twist:

The Urban Foundry takes its name seriously, infusing an industrial vibe reminiscent of a metal factory. Minimal decor, unique metal and wooden furniture, and the display of old mechanical parts create an ambience that starkly contrasts conventional nightclub aesthetics.

Friday Nights: The Ultimate Draw:

Friday nights at The Urban Foundry are legendary. The place comes alive with the weekend’s energy, drawing in a lively crowd eager to revel in the distinctive ambience and dance to the night’s beats.

Insider Tips for the Ultimate Night Out

Plan Ahead

Make a general plan for the evening before heading out to the top clubs in Pune. Pune has many clubs to suit various interests; being aware of your preferences will improve your experience.

Arrive Early

Try to arrive early to avoid the crowd and guarantee a decent spot. This will guarantee faster entrance and let you see the club as it comes to life.

Be Willing to Mingle

Pune’s After-Hours Scene is not just about the music. It’s also a social playground. Engage in conversation with other club patrons, and you may discover you have made new pals.

Dress Codes 

Certain clubs may have a formal or themed dress code, while others are more laid back. Check the club’s website or contact them directly for the dress requirements.

Entry Policies

Understanding entry policies is crucial. Some clubs may have cover charges, and certain events may require bookings. Be aware of age restrictions and make sure to carry a valid ID. Familiarize yourself with any specific entry protocols, especially during special events.


Pune’s nightlife has a rhythm of its own, with each of the top clubs in Pune having its peak nights. While weekends are generally lively, some clubs may have specific themed nights or host special events midweek. Research the schedule of your chosen clubs to align your visit with the nights that best suit your preferences.

Plan your ultimate night out in Pune and discover the city’s electrifying nightlife. And when it’s time to unwind after a night of dancing, consider exploring Colive’s app for convenient and affordable rental accommodation options in Pune.