moving out for the first time

Shifting to an oblivious city is not an easy thing, especially for the teenagers who are about to part ways with their family, friends, school and all the fun activities they were committed to all their life. It can be tough for them to even imagine things independently, sometimes it can affect them emotionally and even break them apart.

In this tough phase of life, parent’s role becomes even more important, they need to console their children expressively. As a parent how do you make your child understand that moving to a new place and meeting new people is an important part of life; it about time to stay calm, get accustomed to the new city and have a great time ahead? And things alike.


7 Tips To Help A Teen Handle The Emotional Side Of Moving Out For The First Time


1. Give A Heads Up To Your Children

You will need to inform them the moment you get the news about moving to a new city. It is essential to make them mentally prepared for the big move. It is okay to see them upset and you must respect their reaction. Promise and assure them that in this difficult time, you will always be there for them.


2. Give Them Some Liberty

As teens immediately get sad and frustrated with such updates, it is the right time to give them some space and freedom to make decisions during the process of moving out. It can divert them from their emotions and focus on their responsibilities assigned by you.


3. Always Stay in Touch

The whole family gets busy during this transition period. Make sure that you stay in touch with them, don’t make them feel that you are preparing to get rid of him/her. Have small chit-chat sessions and share special moments, also give them some space to do what they like viz. playing games or watching movies. Once they meet new people, their emotions of missing their old friends gradually fades away.


4. Host A Farewell Party

It is the best way to bid adieu to your old beloved home. Invite their close friends, neighbors and have a memorable gala for his/her voyage. Teens would like a get-together and talk about the special moments they shared. It teaches them to be thankful and stay excited for a new journey ahead.


5. Focus On The Positives

Help the teen to emphasize on the positive aspects of moving to a new place. There are going to be a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the new place. It also gives them a chance to explore the new culture, traditions and a different way of life. They need to also know how moving will benefit them and their family as well.


6. Forgive And Forget

There might be instances when either of you was disappointed with each other. You will need to confess why you were mad at them back then and understand their side of the story, they will surely understand if you share your feelings. Burying the hatchet before starting this new journey will surely help you understand them better and them to understand you as well.


7. Be More Open To Them

Be open to listening to anything they say during the transition period. Keep an eye on the progress they are making in adjusting to a new place and communicate with them frequently. You will need to allow them to express their frustration and then calm them down by reminding them that everything will be alright. Let them know that you will always be there for them.




It will be difficult for the family, especially the teenagers, to adjust to a new environment. Parents need to be there for them for support and hear them out. As time passes by, teens will feel better and settle down in their own new world. Remember, its just a phase and it will soon pass away.